Is Frankie Grande Crushing On Justin Bieber?: Hashtags 'FRUSTIN' On Instagram

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He might be the brother of Ariana Grande but Frankie Grande may have his eye on another pop star, Justin Bieber, as he takes to Twitter and Instagram to show Bieber some love.

Yesterday Grande took to Twitter and Instagram to share of a photo of him wearing a customized Justin Bieber snapback with the brim super low.

The selfie has had over 51 thousand likes on Instagram and the hashtag is what makes it all that more interesting.

The photo was simply captioned with "#FRUSTIN" on Instagram which combines the first letters of his name with the last of Biebers first name.

This is a similar ploy used to shorten the names of celebrity couples such as Brangelina or Kimye.

So does this mean that Grande is crushing on Bieber and while crushing on him attempting to fuse their names in the process?

Well his Twitter suppose that may be a little farfetched but he is a going to be a Bieber fan forever. The Twitter post read, "#frustin forever," as Grande shows his support for the pop star who is constantly in the news this year.

Grand has over 1 million followers on Instagram and 900 thousand on Twitter all of whom are now aware of his affection for Bieber if they didn't already know.

Meanwhile, Bieber may be a little to busy being a "sex panther" as he refers to himself in his most recent tweet to his over 55 million followers on Twitter.