Fox News - Trump has horrifying physical and behavioral resemblances to Hitler?

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It's a Fox News story: Harvard Law Prof: Trump has 'horrifying' 'physical and behavioral resemblances' to Hitler

A horrifying physical and behavioral resemblance to Hitler? We live, seemingly, in a different context than pre-War, hyper-antisemitic Germany.

And Trump doesn't have a funny mustache, true, just an embarrassing hair style. And, yes, he works alongside Stephen Miller, not Joseph Goebbels.

But is there something uniquely similar in the way he prances and gestures?  Doesn't he appeal to the most desperate and least educated?  Doesn't he ignore every important norm of decent democratic governments?  Doesn't he just suck? 

They say we've gone to the Hitler analogy too many times over the last 70 years--probably right.  Hitler is a poor analogy to nearly anyone, at least anyone west of Stalin. 

Who can't imagine Trump and his cohorts impulsively killing a million Iranians? Who can't imagine Trump separating desperate and hungry children from their parents at our border? Well, that one requires no imagination.

Nor does it take imagination to see what he's doing to our Constitutional balance of power and the press.

It's not that he is Hitler or even Hitler-lite, at this moment, it's simply that he has the potential to be Hitler-lite--a possibility we've never seen in this country.

Dick Nixon and Dick Cheney were both dicks, but that's different, right?