Former NRL Player Ben Ross Breaks His Arm In A Horrible Arm Wrestling Accident

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Arm wrestling participants are often guys who want to show off their strength but the video below shows what happens when things go wrong.

Former National Rugby League player Ben Ross breaks his arm during an arm wrestling match on "The Footy Show."

(Video Below/Caution Not For The Squeamish)

The video is going viral all over as Ross geared up for an arm wrestling match against another former NRL star Wendell Sailor. The video has now surfaced on Reddit and could be one of the worst breaks since Anderson Silva's injury.

The match started off as any other arm wrestling competition would be things went very wrong. Ross' arm torqued and left him screaming in pain after the break as "The Footy Show" cuts to commercial break.

"Ross and Sailor were facing off in The Footy Show's first Iron Arm Challenge to raise money for charity when Ross yelled out seconds after the challenge began," according to ABC News Australia.

"The Nine Network cut to an advertisement following the incident, which was broadcast on live television. In a Facebook update, the show said: 'Ben's on his way to hospital and is in good spirits.'"

The video footage below was uploaded to the Cats NARP YouTube Channel. It's not in any nature too graphic but if you are squeamish you might not want to view the video. Check out the terrible accident below.

Watch Ben Ross' Horrible Arm Wrestling Injury Below