Former American Idol Singer Jennifer Hudson Says WWE's David Otunga Does Not Have A Job

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Former American Idol singer and "The Voice" coach Jennifer Hudson is in the middle of a breakup with her WWE commentator husband David Otunga.

Things have gotten so ugly between the two, Hudson is even lying to the judge claiming that Otunga currently has no job.

As reported by TMZ, David Otunga says Jennifer Hudson is lying to the judge when she says he has no job to pay for child support.

If you did not know already, the pair are currently in a custody battle of their young son.

Otunga has fired back saying that he is employed by the WWE. He was a commentator in the WWE and now he can be seen as a pre-show panelist before each WWE PPV.

Otunga has also acted in some movies and TV shows in 2017 so he does have some type of employment.

Otunga feels this is unfair because Hudson was the one that convinced him not to wrestle in the WWE full time because she wanted him at home with the family.

Full time WWE wrestlers have a hectic schedule mainly because they travel the world a lot and rarely see their families.

Hudson may have previously wanted Otunga to stay at home with their son while she goes out and does her own entertainment ventures.

Otunga also feels Hudson should not talk about money because she earns a lot of money herself getting between $8 million to $13 million each season while she is on The Voice.

Otunga says Hudson is more interested in money while he is more focused on taking care of their son.

It's pretty unfortunate these two have broken up in such an ugly manner. That said, they never got married so they did not have to file for divorce.

Still, both of them want to take care of their son so it might take a while for this issue to be resolved.

Otunga is likely to be back on WWE television this Sunday to talk about the company's Royal Rumble PPV.

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