'Forever' Series Premiere Recap

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On ABC's new series "Forever" New York City medical examiner Dr. Henry Morgan investigates a deadly subway collision, while also trying to uncover the truth of his inexplicable immortality.

Dr. Morgan, played by Ioan Gruffudd, is not your typical medical examiner. He has remarkable observational skills that would naturally come with years of practice; however Morgan has centuries of experience, as he possess the power of immortality. Viewers are quickly informed of his story.

He first learned he was immortal 200 years in the past, when he was shot working on a ship. He narrates to viewers that every time he dies he emerges out of the water completely naked.

His friend Abe (Judd Hirsch) is the only one who knows his secret. Alana de la Garza plays Detective Jo Martinez, who works with Morgan to solve the criminal cases.

The episode begins with a fatal subway accident, one which killed 15 people including Dr. Morgan.

Of course that day he arrives at work at the medical examiners' office, and Morgan and Martinez quickly begin their business and personal relationship.

He receives a mysterious call from someone knowing that he didn't die in the crash and that he is onto his secret; it seems pretty obvious that this person was also behind the subway crash.

While Henry thinks they should run, Abe says all he does is run and the two agree they should fight back.

Henry received a package at his office from the anonymous caller, and inside is a picture of Henry and his former wife and only true love, Abigail, from an event in the past, and an article about the subway crash. Henry thinks the subway driver was poisoned, and he thinks that the killer poisoned the driver just to prove that Henry couldn't die.

He took matters into his own hands and used the subway driver's blood to poison himself to see if he would actually "die," and of course he was right.

Martinez sees a surveillance video that shows Henry getting onto the same subway that crashed, and she is quickly intrigued. The same night Henry poisoned himself and after he comes back to life he and Abe return to their place only to find the police there, and it is obvious that Martinez believes he may be behind the accident. During questioning he tries to convince her that he is not their suspect, despite what they may think.

Dr. Morgan and his coworker, Lucas, find the point on the subway driver where he was poisoned, and they raise a fingerprint and give it to Martinez to run.

Martinez and Henry visit the owner of the fingerprint's home and fine a science lab in the garage, and when he arrives home she tries to apprehend him but he gets away after poisoning her with the same poison used on the subway driver. Henry is able to quickly neutralize the poison and save her.

The motives of the killer are now in question as the hunt for him is now on.

Henry and Jo go out for a drink after their incident and the two share personal information, with the obvious exception of Henry's secret. Viewers learn that Jo's husband died, but their conversation is quickly cut short as they are called to the killer's home after they police learn details.

They go to Grand Central to continue their investigation and Jo is shot on the roof of the building by the subway train killer.

The killer than calls Henry over he two tangle and Henry gets shot, and the two end up going over the side of the building, where obviously one of them was killed.

Jo wakes up in the hospital to find Henry there, where he tells her that the killer took his own life instead of telling her the truth. However the real killer than calls him at the hospital, so the man who just died wasn't the actual subway killer. The killer says they are going to have fun dealing with each other.

The episode concludes with Henry narrating his life while an event from his past is shown.

He was a doctor in World War II and helps to save a Jewish baby, which would later be revealed as Abe.

Jo then stops by her place and returns his old pocket watch, and then asks his help to solve another criminal case.

The next episode of "Forever" airs Monday, Sept. 23rd at 10 p.m. on ABC.