Footlocker Hits the Nail on the Head with their new Commercial

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Footlocker is known for their humorous commercials featuring current basketball players and ones whose playing days are up but are still remember for the mark they made while they were in the NBA.

The newest commercial features James Harden taking advice from Charles Barkley on having a short memory.

Barkley is able to show his funny side and laugh at his past mistakes and we even get to see Scottie Pippen join in on the fun.

Check out Harden and Barkley's routine:

Footlocker and other notable companies like Pepsi seem to be following the trend of comedic endorsements for product advertising.

Although its not a new method its tried and true, and really who is complaining? Consumers and fans alike love to see their favorite athletes show their personalities and thus it provides a great way for athletes to connect with their fans.