'Food Truck Face Off' Ep. 3: Brawl in Miami

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On tonight's new episode of "Food Truck Face Off" four chef teams competed against each other in Miami for the chance to win their own customized food truck to use for a year.

The catch is: none of these chefs have experience working in a food truck.

Each team of two chefs shared their specialty dishes and reasons why they want to own a food truck to the three judges before the judges decided which two teams would compete head-to-head in two different trucks for two days.The judges had to choose between four different, yet equally unique, cuisine styles.

After deliberating over the meals and the presentations their decisions were in: Big Papa's Country Kitchen, and Caribbean Soul Fusion.

Big Papa's Country Kitchen was formed by husband and wife Dana and Jan, BBQ competition chefs who have won countless awards with their food. Carribean Soul Fusion is made up of lovebirds Jessica and David, whose cuisine is a fusion of their native Caribbean styles.

Each team got their own truck with their logos displayed big and clear on the side. Whichever team made the most money after two days of cooking in different trucks in Miami would keep their truck.

On day one of the challenge each team was only allowed thirty minutes to gather ingredients. This proved to be tough for both teams as they each thought they were missing essential ingredients for their signature meals.

They had two hours to sell as much food as they could side-by-side in Bayfront Park with the judges assessing their food, their presentation, and their customer service.

Big Papa' won the first day challenge and were given an elite parking spot for the second day, which could make a huge difference in the success of a truck.

The second day the trucks were parked in Margaret Pace Park, where not only they competed with each other, but also against other very successful trucks. Another challenge was that they had to cook entirely different dishes than the ones they did the day before.

After restocking and, this time, gathering the proper ingredients the second day of competition fired up.

The second day was even more stressful than the first for both teams. Again the judges came to give their opinions about the food, presentation, and customer service.

After two days of selling Big Papa's Country Kitchen sold $739 worth of food , while Caribbean Soul Fusion sold $657.50 . Thus Dana and Jan would be going home with their own customized food truck for future use.

The next episode of "Food Truck Face Off" airs Thursday, Oct. 16th at 8 p.m. on Food Network.