'Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl Delivers An Exceptional Perfomance of 'Best of You'

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During a session at Cannes Lions, Dave Grohl told an awesome story about hanging out at a party with Paul McCartney and how Taylor Swift saved him. After the awesome story, Grohl delivered an exceptional performance of "Best of You."

Before he broke into the performance of the Foo Fighters' hit song "Best of You," Grohl told the fans a story about being at a party with Paul McCartney and watching him perform a song on the piano in a room full of other musicians.

The entire story was capture on video and posted to the Oliver van Bilsen YouTube channel.

After being captivated by McCartney, people were looking around and asking Grohl to perform, he recounted in the story, Grohl says he was nervous a pretty high.

Grohl couldn't play the piano and all of the guitars were left handed because McCartney was left-handed. That's when Taylor Swift saved his life.

She decided that she would sing a song but Grohl still had the job of helping her by strumming along on the guitar.

The singer said she started singing then he looked at his wife knowing that the song was familiar. Swift was singing his song "Best of You."

So, naturally he joined her in the performance and thus kicked off his present day performance of "Best of You" at the Cannes Lions.

The performance was pretty exceptional and the acoustic version allowed Grohl to tap into a natural unhinged version of the song. You can check out Dave Grohl's performance of "Best of You" at Cannes Lions in the video below.

Watch Dave Grohl Perform "Best of You" At Cannes Lions