Flower Toss Wedding Fail Leads To Falling Baby

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Normally the ring bearer is the guy associated with dropping things from time to time, even some grooms have dropped brides on occasion, however, this video proves why you probably don't want the flower girl carrying your baby.

(Video Below)

The video below was posted to the LivTheGinjaNinja YouTube Channel and shows what happens when you give the flower girl a job other than her designated flower tossing duties.

As per custom, the bridesmaids and all single women at the wedding gather around and wait patiently for the bride to toss the bouquet back.

Now, some of these have gotten pretty rowdy before but this seemed like a smaller crowd, so no room for error right? Wrong.

The flower girl happens to be holding a baby but she's in the thick of the toss, in fact, she's front row with a baby in her hand. When the bride tosses the bouquet, the girl is taken up in all of the excitement and drops the baby in order to catch the bouquet.

This sends the infant hitting the ground pretty hard in her yellow dress. According to the caption of the video it doesn't appear that the child was harmed in any way. Check out the video below.

Watch the "Flower Toss Fail Below"