Flashback Friday: Where Are They Now?

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Ever think about what happened to those bands you used to listen to in high school, aka the ones that you don't hear much about these days? Don't worry, they're still around.

Take a look and see what some of those bands have been up to over the last several years:

AFI: Did you know that AFI stands for A Fire Inside? Did you also know that the band is in fact still around, even though it may seem like they fell off the face of the Earth? Although it has been some time since songs like "Silver and Cold," "Miss Murder," and "Love Like Winter," AFI didn't stop there. They released Crash Love in 2009, followed by Burials in 2013.

The band has also been recognized as a musical influence while evolving with each song and album they create.

Yellowcard: Their hit "Ocean Avenue" is one of those songs that just doesn't get old, no matter what. The single was the band's breakthrough hit, soon followed by another success, "Only One." After, they released two albums, Lights and Sounds and Paper Walls. In 2008, Yellowcard announced they would be taking a hiatus, but also made it clear to fans that they were not breaking up.

Fortunately, they stuck to their word.

Since then, they've toured with bands such as Good Charlotte, All Time Low, Memphis May Fire, and played on the entire 2014 Vans Warped Tour.

With their most recent album not even a year old, Yellowcard fans await new material while still rockin' out to "Ocean Avenue."

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus: The band's sophomore album Don't You Fake It became a success after its release in 2006, along with the hit single "Face Down." So what have the guys of RJA been up to ever since? They have created more music, which include three albums and two EPs. They've also toured with bands such as Seether, The Used, and Taking Back Sunday.

There have been several member replacements, but Ronnie Winter still remains RJA's lead vocalist, since the bands formation in 2003.

For those who enjoyed "Face Down" and the rest of "Don't You Fake It," the guys have released songs like "You Better Pray" and "Reap" that won't disappoint.

Motion City Soundtrack: Anyone remember the catchy tune "Everything is Alright"? The track off of Motion City Soundtrack's second album, Commit to this Memory, earned success on the radio, as well as a video on MTV and Fuse. After the success of Commit, the guys went on to record their third album and landed on the cover of Alternative Press magazine under the Most Anticipated Albums of 2007 category. Even If It Kills Me proved to be worth the anticipation with the positive reviews it received.

Following, Motion City Soundtrack released My Dinosaur Life in 2009. The band is presently with The Boombox Generation, a label they created to self-release their music. Their most recent album Go, was released from this label in collaboration with Epitaph Records.

30 Seconds to Mars: With lead singer Jared Leto stepping into the role as the Joker for the upcoming film Suicide Squad, it makes you wonder what the rest of 30 Seconds to Mars is up to. The band has remained active ever since their song "The Kill" became a national hit back in 2006. They've released two other albums, This Is War and their most recent Love, Lust, Faith, and Dreams, and also spent a few years on the road.

The band has received a number of awards, such as Video of the Year at the MTV Music Awards in 2010. And although Leto has taken on an incredibly significant role, there are no signs of stopping for 30 Seconds to Mars.

Hawthorne Heights: Who could forget the emo days of "Ohio is For Lovers?" The members of Ohio-native band Hawthorne Heights gained a significant amount of success with their first two albums, The Silence in Black and White and If Only You Were Lonely. However, in late 2007, the band experienced the unexpected death of their rhythm guitarist Casey Calvert, who passed in his sleep.

With no intention of finding a replacement, Hawthorne Heights kept moving forward with the release of their third album, Fragile Future, which features a song written in memory of Calvert ("Four Become One").

And while the band is still continuing with new material, two of the original members, drummer Eron Bucciarelli and guitarist Micah Carli have parted ways.

Boys Like Girls: The quartet's self-titled debut album carried the free-spirited song "The Great Escape," along with "Hero/Heroine," which delivered a more love song-type sound. As their career kept moving forward, the band created more hits such as "Love Drunk" and "Two is Better Than One," which also featured Taylor Swift.

Between a brief hiatus and the departure of bassist Bryan Donahue (replaced by Morgan Dorr), Boys Like Girls is still plugging along as fans await to hear any news of a fourth album.