The Flash 'The Sound and the Fury' Recap, Season 1 Episode 11, 'The Flash V.S. The Pied Piper'

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As "The Flash" resumed last week, Captain Cold and Heat wave proved to be a test for Barry.

This week in "The Sound and the Fury," the eleventh episode of the shows first season, Flash faces with a villain by the name of the Pied Piper.

Dr. Wells' has to face an old understudy, Hartley Rathaway, as he returns seeking vengeance from his former mentor as like Barry, he was also affected by the particle accelerator explosion. Iris is finally hired as a cub reporter which means she will only bring herself closer to covering "The Flash." Cisco reminisces about his initial year at S.T.A.R. Labs. He, Hartley and Caitlin know each other well but he isn't a big fan of Hartley at all. Joe turns to Eddie for a favor and what's more interesting is the fact that the favor is supposed to be kept secret from Barry.

The action kicks off as The Flash speeds through the city to catch a bunch of evil doers on bikes. Caitlin, Cisco and Dr. Wells lead him in the proper direction so that he can trap the robbers (The Royal Flush Gang) and to their surprise it was done very fast and efficient.

The team takes a group photo and Barry uses the speed to help capture the moment without being left out. He and Wells seems to be on good terms and when he returns home, he finds Iris and his dad.

Iris leaves but before she does Joe tells her that someone from Central City News called her with a job opportunity. Wells listens to some Opera music peacefully when his phone starts going off, when he answers, a voice on the other end says, "we both know what you did." The Pied Piper makes his entrance and Wells uses his speed to move out of the way.

He tries to break it off as a prank to Joe and Barry but they don't buy it.

Wells remembers he and Hartley playing a game of chess when Cisco walks in. Hartley doesn't really like Cisco from the start and judges him based on his clothing choice on the first day. Hartley seemed jealous of Wells' admiration for Cisco but Wells informs him that he is still the guy.

Meanwhile, in present day, Barry analyzes the windows and realizes that they had shattered themselves thus revealing the truth about it not being a prank. Dr. Wells already knows that Hartley is behind the attack.

Wells says that Hartley possesses one of the greatest scientific mind he has ever known.

Cisco already begins stating his detest for Hartley and says he could have gone his whole life without seeing him again.

In another flashback, Cisco and Hartley test each other on his first day and Hartley gives him a week before he gets sent packing.

Meanwhile, Iris is on her first day of the job and she is already being asked to write about The Flash. Barry tries to explain the scientific aspect behind the glass being shattered by a sonic wave.

Joe is worried about the fact that Wells hasn't mentioned any of his past foe.

Hartley's parents company is under attack by the sonic destructor that is the Pied Piper and Barry has to assume the role of the Flash to get the job done.

Hartley can pick up the radio waves on Barry's suit and names all the member of his team. After a short showdown Barry has him by the collar, that's when he let's him know that he knows Wells' secret.

Hartley is brought back to the lab and no one is happy to see him.

He is very smart and knows exactly what buttons to push to get a rise out of Cisco and Wells asks for some time alone with Hartley.

Hartley traced The Flash back to the home base and that's how he knew where to find Wells. Hartley tells Barry who is watching their conversation that he is better off dead than he is alive. He also tells everyone that Wells has a secret and that he hasn't been honest with anyone.

Hartley warned Wells that the reactor could explode and immediately Caitlin is saddened by the news.

She asks for a warning the next time Wells decides to put everyone's lives at risk. Barry tells Wells that he owes Cisco and Caitlin much more than an apology and that the trust between them has been broken.

Iris' new boss asks her to take a look into the disruption downtown that The Flash stopped. Iris says that she has real interest in being a reporter but her shadow seems to be a bit of a hard ass. She meets with Barry and tells him the reason she got hired is because of her ties to The Flash.

Barry assures her that she is great writer and not to let anyone tell her otherwise. Cisco and Caitlin analyze Hartley's weaponry and realize that he actually wanted to be caught.

When Cisco alerts Wells of the breach, Wells speeds off, but somethings is wrong, he is handicapped for some reason. Cisco rushes to stop Hartley but an explosion by the villain knocks Cisco out completely.

Hartley knocks out Caitlin and grabs his weapon, meanwhile, Wells is still struggling to get along without his wheelchair. Barry is called to the facility and rushes over to Wells who was placed back into his chair unharmed while Hartley has escaped.

Cisco begins taking the fault but Wells says the fault is all his and leaves to try to earn back the trust of his team.

In a flashback, Wells found Hartley in the accelerator and when he threatens to expose the dangers, Wells fires him on the spot.

Wells publicly apologizes for the reactor explosion in the present day and denies any future plans to rebuild the particle accelerator. Wells tells Cisco that there was no chosen one, there was always just the team. Hartley isn't satisfied with the apology and says that there is one last game of chess left between he, The Flash and Wells.

Hartley begins a path of destruction. Barry hustles to figure out where Hartley is in order to stop the destructive path and Cisco manages to be of some help.

Barry receives a warning from Wells as he speeds off to save a woman from a car that has been thrown off the dam by Hartley. As The Flash battles Hartley, it appears as if he is winning but then the team realizes that Hartley tapped into his frequency and is using his sonic powers to cripple Barry.

Wells manages to remedy the situation by switching the frequencies and destroying his weapon before he could destroy Barry.

Barry returns to his team and thanks them for helping him take down Hartley. Wells and Barry have their usual meeting where he tells Barry that it is hard for him to admit when he is wrong. Barry assures him that his trust has been restored after his actions today. Barry presents him with the framed team photo and heads off to see Joe.

Barry tells Joe that he could never be replaced by anyone, not even Dr. Wells.

Just then Eddie walks into the office after searching Wells' house but reveals that he found nothing as he and Joe's investigation continues.

Cisco pays Hartley one last visit and Hartley reveals that he knows what happened to Ronnie and where he is, even more important, how to save him.

Meanwhile, Wells is preparing himself for the real end game.

The Pied Piper challenged The Flash but ultimately he prevails as he always does except for that one villain, the Reverse Flash. With saving Dr.

Wells from the wrath of the Pied Piper does that bring Barry further away from his search for the Reverse Flash? All of the battles seem to prove to be a learning experience as Barry continues to tap into his super sonic power.

The first season of "The Flash" has been non-stop action fans will need to tune in next week on The CW to find out what happens next.