The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Review: 'Nora'

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The Flash Season 4 was pretty bad as it featured too much goofy humor and the main bad guy was lackluster.

I did not have a lot of hope for Season 5, but I'm glad my assumption was wrong because the first episode is promising.

Not to mention the main storyline is intriguing and makes me want to watch the rest of the season.

The main storyline is Nora Allen from the future going back to the past to see her parents alive and well.

At first she tells the team that she's stranded in the past and cannot get home, but there's a real reason why she always likes to go back to the past.

She tells nobody aside from Barry Allen himself that The Flash goes missing in her timeline.

He disappears for over 25 years and he never comes back for any reason. That's why she appeared randomly in Season 4 because she never saw her dad growing up in her timeline.

I actually like Nora Allen as she's a breath of fresh air and far more likable than Ralph Dibny.

Speaking of Ralph Dibny, he actually wasn't bad in this first episode because he was actually funny this time and his presence on the show was minimal.

I didn't like Season 4 when they tried to make Ralph Dibny seem like the main character of the show!

I also think the mystery of why The Flash disappears for so long makes for a very intriguing storyline.

It's unknown yet why The Flash is missing, but something big must happen for him to miss the majority of Nora's young life. Nora isn't an orphan though because she grows up being taken care of by Iris West.

The episode also teased that we should know more about Caitlin Snow's past since she had her Killer Frost powers when she was only a kid. This is something that will be explored further on in Season 5.

Harrison Wells is still not featured in today's episode, but a new version of Harry could be coming later in the season. Hopefully it's a useful version of the character and he doesn't bring back the "Council of Wells" again...

In terms of the main bad guy, we only see Cicada (Chris Klein) at the very end of the episode.

It appears he wants to kill meta-humans because at the end he threatens to kill a low level criminal that goes by the name of Gridlock.

Anyway, episode 1 of Season 5 is off to a great start in my opinion. The humor was actually funny and the episode featured a good mix of drama and action.

This is far from the annoying episodes that featured in the majority of Season 4. Let's hope the season stays like this for all of the future episodes!

Verdict: 8.0/10

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