The Flash 'Revenge Of The Rogues' Recap, Season 1 Episode 10, Flash V.S. Captain Cold & Heat Wave

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The shocking mid-season finale of "The Flash" revealed that The Revenge Flash and Dr.

Wells may be the same person. This week in "Revenger of The Rogues," the tenth episode of the shows first season, Flash faces off with Captain Cold and Heat Wave.

Captain Cold and Heat Wave have joined forces to steal a multi-million dollar painting. Things get ever worst when someone very close to Flash is used as bait and Barry has to do all he can to win the battle against the elements. Meanwhile, Barry is so obsessed with taking out the "Reverse Flash," that he asks Dr.

Wells, Caitlin and Cisco to double his training. Iris is well aware that Barry has loved her since they met and she tries to process everything she has learned to help he make future decisions.

The action kicked off as The Flash is taking part in strength and speed exercise. Cisco and Caitlin argue over whether or not the exercise is too dangerous and just when it gets a little too crazy Barry surprises them both by using his head. Barry impressed Dr.

Wells but knew that it still wasn't enough to defeat the Reverse Flash. Barry tells Cisco that he is ready for round two and Cisco gladly obliges.

Meanwhile, Captain Cold breaks into a customs warehouse filled with imported cars. He tells his his partner that they won't be stealing anything, instead, they are waiting for The Flash to arrive but he doesn't. His hot headed partner is annoyed that they must leave and stray away from the plan.

Barry and Joe investigate the scene long after Cold left. Barry tells Joe that Leonard Snart is back and Eddie question why Snart didn't steal anything. Barry knows that Snart was setting a trap for him and so does Joe.

Snart's partner questions him about what they are going after. They are plotting to steal a painting worth millions and Heat Wave is well in compliance with the plan.

Dr. Wells and his team advise Barry against taking on Snart and urge that backing off my avoid casualties. Wells says that Barry's choice is his own but he should lay low and prepare for Reverse Flash.

Eddie and Iris are ready to take the next step of moving in and just then Barry walks into the station and things get a little weird. Iris is distracted by Barry and what he said in episode 9 but when Eddie asks about a change of heart, she says she has none.

Barry tells West that the Reverse Flash was his priority at the moment and he would not be going after Snart.

The the alternate Flash is turning into a very big distraction for Barry and it is causing him to be easily persuaded into putting all his energy into beating him.

Meanwhile Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell's return to television as a team is quite refreshing, fans may remember them from the hit show "Prison Break."

Joe helps Iris pack her things to move in with Eddie and they reminisce about the past. Joe is emotional and doesn't want Iris to go, Barry returns to meet Iris who gives him back a backpack from their younger days. Iris leaves in a rush after giving the bag to Barry and Joe immediately asks what's going on between the two of them.

He tells Joe that he told Iris that he loves her and Joe's reaction is funny at first but she is still curious.

Barry is hurt that Iris is moving in with Eddie despite what he told her but still cleans up her mess at home in a jiffy.

Cisco is doing a demonstration for the precinct on a weapon that could help them take down Captain Cold. The entire force is finding it very hard to trust Star Labs equipment after the nuclear malfunction. Cisco makes the demonstration for a new shield that works to fight against the cold.

Joe questions Wells on why he has led Barry away from the person that he once was. Barry pays Caitlin a visit as she researches Firestorm, her ex.

Barry tells Caitlin that he told Iris how he felt about her and she tells him about her and Ronnie's marriage. She tells Barry that things will only get better from where they are because of his words.

During the chat Barry figures out that Firestorm is an acronym and they find a lead to Ronnie's condition.

Captain Cold arrives to take the painting away from it's millionaire owners and the police arrive on the scene. Captain Cold tries to freeze them but he fails. Heat Wave saves them for the moment as they both escape but the casualties are high after Heat Wave's intervention.

Heat Wave and Cold work on the repairs but they end up at a standoff blaming each other for obsession.

Heat Wave says that their job is done but Cold says that as long as The Flash is alive they aren't free to do what they want.

Heat Wave sets the painting on fire and Cold says that he wants to go after Flash's partners.

Caitlin meets with Jason the one man who could tell her about the experiments he and Ronnie worked on. He tells her that professor Stein was steam-heading the research but he disappeared and so too did all of their research.

Caitlin takes her new information and leaves but she is captured by Cold who apparently knows that she is one of The Flash's friends.

Project F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. should be a pretty nice internal storyline for fans of "The Flash." There are so many mysteries yet to be discovered in the show and the fact that the writers are sprinkling them in every week is refreshingly better than having them completely mixed in.

Barry goes back to the lab and Wells approaches him telling him that he hopes they aren't enemies. Barry says they are not and he is glad that Wells pushed him to be better. Wells plays up the idea of partners over Barry's intention of friends.

Cisco comes in with some information on the weapons used by Cold and Wave. He tells them that the two guns could cancel each other out.

Barry receives a phone call from Joe telling him that Caitlin has been taken and from the scene they know that it's Snart who is behind it all.

Thawne tells Joe that they have a lead on Heat Wave's identity. Just then, Cold and Wave make a public threat on a video holding Caitlin as bait to lure him out.

They finally crossed the line by kidnapping one of Barry's own and he is ready to fight.

Wave tries to get into Caitlin's head but she doesn't let him. Before Wave is able to hurt Caitlin Cold tells him that it is time to go meet The Flash for the showdown.

Flash is working closely with Joe who tells him that everyone will know he exists after tonight. He races to the meeting place where he will face off against his two enemies and upon arriving they begin by mocking his existence. Flash wastes no time running around the two who are working together to take them out.

Barry knows that he has to stick to the plan and tries to get them to cross their guns. Iris ends up at the scene and rushes to se the action.

West and Cisco are trying to locate Caitlin back at the warehouse and it's almost a catastrophe.

The locate Caitlin but also trigger an explosion. Meanwhile, The Flash is taking quite the beating and Eddie elects to play the hero.

Eddie jumps in but is saved by The Flash.

Wells tells The Flash that he needs to go slower if he intends on outsmarting the two and it begins to work but takes a huge toll on The Flash.

The plan works and Snart is finally caught, before leaving, Barry tells Eddie thank you in his disguised voice.

The Flash was almost taken out and as much as it may have hurt Barry to say thank you to Eddie he still did it. The precinct applauds as Cold and Wave are taken in and the two are not very happy at all.

Barry tells Eddie good work but Eddie knows that it was The Flash who did most of the work.

Everyone is starting to chatter about "The Flash" and they are all speaking highly of the vigilante. Iris picks up her remaining belongings from the house and Joe tells her that he will miss her.

Eddie leaves Barry, Iris and Joe behind and pretty soon Barry and Iris find themselves alone. Barry begins the talk sounding apologetic but then breaks into a distraction telling Iris that he sees the future. The future he sees is one where Eddie and Iris are happy and he and Iris are still best friends. He drops a subtle hint about his identity but no one picks up on it.

Iris leaves the house and Barry is clearly feeling a little down. He and Joe sit down to discuss everything that's been going on and Joe offers him a place to stay.

Barry accepts the offer and speeds away to get his things to make it all official.

Meanwhile, the ends with Wave and Cold sitting in the back of their police transport vehicle.

Snart says that since everyone has seen the Flash it changes things. Snart's plan was still on the entire time and they two are rescued by Snart's sister!

The battle between Captain Cold and Heat Wave clearly took a lot out of The Flash, but he manages to take it to the next level with every opponent.

The only one he has yet to overcome is the "Reverse Flash;" the one he really wants to take out for killing his mother.

What other super villains can fans look forward to as the first action packed season of "The Flash" continues on The CW?