'The Flash' Recap: 'Who is Harrison Wells?' Season 1 Episode 19, The Flash V.S. Everyman

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The team is all onboard with investigating Harrison Wells as fans learned last week on "The Flash." This week in "Who is Harrison Wells?" the nineteenth episode of the first season, The Flash battles it out with Everyman.

Joe and Cisco venture out of Central City and into the Arrow's playground in Starling City to learn more through their investigation of Dr. Wells. Cisco comes into contact with the Black Canary A.K.A. Laurel Lance, who asks him for a favor that requires his expertise. Meanwhile, Barry has his own problems when Central City is under the threat of a man who can transform himself into anyone he comes into contact with (think Mystic from X-Men.) The weeks of crossovers continue as the CW brings it's best and bravest together to fight common threats for the greater safety of mankind.

Flash kicks into gear as Barry talks about the fact that he's getting faster and it feels like his past is catching up to his just as fast as he's growing. He speeds home with pizza for the team and its six months into the investigation of Dr. Wells.

Joe says that they are going to open up the investigation of Wells' crash that killed his wife and brought him to Eobard.

Cisco asks Caitlin to cover for him while he and Joe head to Starling city to get more information on Wells.

Eddie is going over security footage from a bank that shows a woman who has been incriminated by someone who looks exactly like her. Barry and Eddie is working on the case and they realize that they could possibly be dealing with a meta-human.

Iris asks Eddie and Barry about her father's whereabouts and it forces them both to lie to cover up the investigation of Wells, putting more friction between Eddie and Iris.

A jeweler calls in a report about a man trying to sell stolen diamonds.

Barry and Caitlin get caught by Wells as they argue over his innocence and they manage to derail him by telling him that they found a new meta-human. Eddie calls in the meta-human to Barry and he rushes off in a Flash to catch the Everyman who shows off his skills before escaping both Barry and Eddie.

Caitlin is confused by what Barry describes to her as a shapeshifter. Wells analyzes the DNA and reveals that if Barry is touched while he is the Flash, his powers might also be inherited by Everyman.

They track the everyman back to the particle accelerator explosion and Wells helpful nature makes it tricky to investigate him. Meanwhile, Joe receives a file from the accident from Lance and they ask him to take them to the crash scene. Just then, Laurel walks in and introduces herself.

Upon hearing who Cisco is, she asks to speak to him in private. Cisco is surprised by everything he hears from laurel who tells him that she knows who the Arrow and The Flash are.

Laurel is asking Cisco for tech help on the sonic device that she's been using and he gladly obliges.

Wells or Eobard whichever one he is, enters his sanctuary where he can walk freely without the wheelchair. He is alerted by someones presence and that someone is Caitlin. He makes his way over to the door to see if he is being spied on and Barry whisks Caitlin away before she is caught.

Barry is completely upset at Caitlin for trying to talk to Wells. She admits that when Barry was in a coma she was having the worst time of her life and Wells got her through it.

She doesn't want to lose someone important but Barry pleads with her to leave it alone or else he will never be able to get his dad back.

Eddie and Barry visit the home of their suspects grandmother but something seems off. They start looking around after they are offered some coffee and when Barry asks a question about Hannibal (Everyman) they realize Hannibal was impersonating his grandmother. Eddie and Barry begin the pursuit but things are much more difficult as Barry can not use his powers.

Hannibal impersonated Thawne after coming into contact and killed two police officers. Eddie and Barry arrive to the scene too late.

Back at the station, Eddie is facing charges from the DA after the surveillance cameras show him killing two police officers. Iris rushes in and she's completely distraught because she could lose Eddie. Barry vows to do everything in his power to help clear Eddie's name.

Cisco, Lance and Joe are inspecting the crash site again. Joe and Lance bond over talk about their daughters and Joe gives him some pretty good advice. Cisco finds little bits of time travel at the site in much excitement.

Despite continuous attempts to clear Eddie the DA is not holding up and Barry whisks him away to try and protect him. Eddie says that this is not the way to help him and it could make matters worst, so, Eddie is returned to the precinct.

Barry gets an unexpected surprise attack by Hannibal who was disguised as Eddie and once Barry is knocked out, Everyman takes advantage and morphs into Barry.

Barry is tied up by Everyman and his identity is stolen. Just then, Caitlin visits Barry or who she thinks is Barry and gives away the entire plan unknowingly. She invites him back to the lab so they can find out how to catch the Everyman and it looks like things are gonna get very bad.

Meanwhile, a new discovery of human remains changes the game completely. All Cisco has to do is test the remains to see if it is in fact the real Dr. Wells.

Meanwhile, Everyman is admiring Caitlin as she works on the serum and he's getting a little too close. The Everyman plants a kiss on Caitlin in Barry's body and it seems as if she likes it.

Iris comes to visit Barry at the lab and he doesn't seem worried, why would he right? Iris tells them that she found out that the shooter is right handed and Eddie is left handed.

Before Everyman can take take the both of them out, Wells saves them as they realize who he really is.

Iris and Caitlin run into some trouble when they try to take Everyman in and they end up losing him along the way. Caitlin finds the unconscious Barry and slaps him awake. They rush off to try to find Everyman while Joe and Cisco says goodbye to Lance and Laurel.

As Cisco packs up to leave he presents Laurel with a new and improved sonic device. Then, she hands him a folder that she promised which shows him and the Black Canary.

Barry's suit is being altered to help him fight against Everyman and stop his shape-shifting days. Caitlin is a littler weird around Barry after her false kiss but the sensor goes off, locating Everyman to save the day.

Barry finds and chases down Everyman who gains the upper hand on the Flash, but only briefly. The Flash is then forced to fight himself, however, it's much easier when the other half doesn't have the same powers he possesses.

Eddie is released and there are many other's who Barry helped as well. Iris is overcome with joy when Eddie is released and he tells her that he needs to tell her something.

He admits to her that the reason he's been so distant lately was because he was working with the Flash.

Wells, Caitlin and Barry look the Everyman away in the meta-human jail then Barry and Caitlin head over to his personal lab where the realize that Wells is no longer alive and they have been fooled all along.

Wells pays Joe a visit of his own and Wells asks him if he enjoyed his time in Starling City. For a second, Wells tries to appeal to Joe's emotions by talking about Joe's wife who is also deceased. Wells has a threatening nature in his voice as he asks Joe to have a drink sometime to talk about their similarities.

Cisco scans a 3D model of Star labs to see what caused the explosion and he finds the secret room.

Caitlin, Cisco and Barry enter the room to see the Reverse Flash's costume and a room a headline of the future putting the Flash in the missing persons bracket.

The team is growing ever so close to figuring out that Dr. Wells is in deed Eobard Thawne.

One of the biggest questions that fans might have is what is his relation to Eddie and why isn't Eddie a part of the evil plot? As Barry prepares for battle with Wells he is going to need the strength and speed he spoke about in the beginning of the episode.

The end of the season draws near and an epic battle is coming. Fans will need to tune in next week on The CW to find out what happens next.