'The Flash' Recap: 'Welcome to Earth-2' Season 2 Episode 13, The Flash V.S. Killer Frost

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Last week CWTV's The Flash found Wells admitting his alliance to Zoom. In "Welcome to Earth-2" episode 13 of season two viewers get to meet Caitlyn's Earth-2 counterpart who is anything but the intelligent and lovable scientist they know.

In an effort to form a better bond between the team and Wells, Barry, Wells and Cisco take a trip to Earth-2 as Barry promised. The mission comes with the sole purpose of rescuing Wells' daughter from the evil clutches of Zoom, therefore relinquishing the need for Wells to be Zoom's purpose.

However, Earth-2 is not lacking in the meta-human department and the team comes face to face with Killer Frost and Deathstorm.

Jay assumes the role as Earth-1's hero and matches up against a meta-human called Geomancer with help from Caitlyn.

The journey to Earth-2 began with Wells making one last entry on Earth-1. He says they are closing every portal between Earth-1 and Earth-2. He leaves a message for his daughter asking her to hang on a bit longer because he's coming to get her, but he won't be alone.

Cisco, Caitlyn and Barry celebrate having 99 percent of the portals closed. Barry leaves to have one last dinner with Joe and Iris before he leaves for Earth-2. Iris asks for some time alone and Joe leaves to make some coffee.

Barry knows that Iris thinks he is crazy but she tells him she just wants to make sure he isn't going to Earth-2 because he feels like he doesn't have anything left on Earth-1. He promises her that he is not trying to escape and she tells him to go and then come home. Jay gives Barry, Cisco and Wells a talk about not becoming emotionally attached.

Barry tells them that if they don't come back they need to close the portal.

Caitlyn says that they won't but Barry makes her promise. Cisco gives Caitlyn a letter to give his parents a letter if he doesn't come back.

The trio gets ready to jump through the speed gun and into another dimension. Barry grabs a hold of Wells and Cisco and they take off. As they travel through the breach you can see a glimpse of Supergirl hinting to a possible crossover.

Something happens with the breach at STAR Labs and Jay says if the breach stays unstable Barry, Cisco and Wells could be trapped in on Earth-2.

Meanwhile, Barry and Cisco arrive in Earth-2 and they are amazed at what they see. Wells welcomes them to Earth-2.

Cisco and Barry are geeking out over all of the futuristic tech they see and they stop to take a selfie. Wells runs into Henry Hewitt and who bares a striking resemblance to a former foe. On Earth-2 Hewitt is actually good and grants Wells and his friends access to the office.

They reach the office and Cisco has trouble vibing to find Zoom. They realize that the Earth-2 frequency is different and they need to fix it soon.

They see Barry's doppelganger and Barry whisks him to the office so that Barry can assume the identity of his Earth-2 self and get a lead on Zoom.

Barry suits up and walks around the precinct and runs into Singh who is actually a criminal and Deadshot who is actually a detective. Barry runs into detective West, detective Iris West that is. She asks Barry for some time alone and then pushes him up against the wall for a make out session. On Earth-2 Barry is married to Iris.

They are interrupted by a call on Iris' phone and have to leave to check it out. Elsewhere Killer Frost is taking from petty thieves who just stole some money.

She bares an exact resemblance to Caitlyn and what's even more interesting is the fact that Ronnie is alive and his name is Deathstorm.

Killer Frost an Deathstorm are a romantic evil duo who work for Zoom. They have gotten word of breachers, meaning Wells, Barry and Cisco.

Barry and Iris arrive at home which is just like their old home. He acts a little strange especially when Iris starts getting undressed in front of him. Iris picks up but Barry manages to shrug it off. Then, Iris tells him that his mom called.

On Earth-2, Barry's mom is alive and when he calls back he is actually able to have a conversation with her. She thanks him for the tickets to Atlantis.

She wants to give Barry the tickets but he insists on her taking them.

He tells her that he is happy to hear her and he is finally able to tell his mother that he loves her. Iris comes in and sees Barry tearing up but he manages to mask everything again.

Wells and Cisco are talking about whether or not Barry is going to be okay. Cisco starts wondering who his doppelganger might be which causes Wells to scold him and tell him that he needs to spend more time trying to find Zoom. On Earth-2 Joe is a singer performing at the Jitterbugs.

However, it doesn't look like Joe and Barry actually get along on Earth-2.

Joe blames Barry for being the reason that Iris is a detective instead of a journalist. Iris comes in and cools both of them down but Joe is not a fan of "Bartholomew Allen."

Back on Earth-1, Geomancer is calling out the Flash. Joe brings up the fact that Jay could help if he uses velocity six. Jay doesn't want to use it and Joe says that Barry is protecting his Earth and he has the ability to protect this one.

Jay finally comes clean about the side effects of velocity six. It's the reason that he is dying and Caitlyn vows to help him figure it out.

Barry tries to find out why Joe doesn't like him but Iris tells him he should just leave it alone. Iris' meta-human warning app goes off and Killer Frost and Deathstorm show up to the party.

They begin asking which one of those in attendance are from another universe and she immediately turns her attention to Barry. Iris jumps up and points her guns at Frost and Deathstorm. Barry treis to reason with Caitlyn but she goes on the attack.

Barry tells Iris to run and when Joe tries to save her he suffers a hit from Deathstorm. Barry throws on the speed and a battle between him, Killer Frost and Deathstorm ensues.

Barry manages to take down Frost for a bit and it causes the villains to retreat. Barry returns to see Iris looking over the body of Joe.

Barry returns to the lab and it looks like he isn't taking Jay's advice. He has become emotionally attached to the idea that Iris and Joe on Earth-2 are they same as his back home. Wells tried to convince him otherwise but it does work and Barry takes off. On Earth-1 Joe runs into Wally but before they can have a proper conversation, work of another Geomancer attack comes in.

Back on Earth-2 Iris and Barry and watching over Joe in the hospital and he tells them that before he sang he says a mantra to himself. He says that every song is for Iris and she is begging him not to talk like it's his final hours.

Joe asks Barry to take care of Iris before they lose Joe. Earth-2 Joe is gone and there was nothing Barry could have done.

Iris and a nervous Lawton are suiting up to go hunting for Frost and Deathstorm. Barry walks in and introduces them to Cisco.

He says that Cisco has a device that can help them against the meta-humans.

Barry wants to go along with them but Iris won't let him.

Barry says that Cisco has to go because he is the only one that can operate the tech and in private Cisco asks Barry if this is what he wants to do and he agrees.

On Earth-1 Geomancer and Joe face off until he is interrupted by Jay who is on a new serum called velocity seven. It's working pretty well but then it wears off and Jay finds himself in trouble. Joe manages to catch Geomancer with a couple of bullets and saves Jay. Jay says that his pride and body are the only things that hurt.

on Earth-2 Lawton seems to be a real scardycat but the three of them meet up with Frost and Deathstorm once again. They urge the trio to drop their weapons and Cisco asks if Martin Stein is in there with Ronnie, he says that he hasn't let Stein out in years.

Then, Cisco meets his doppelganger. He is an evil doer who Frost and Deathstorm work for. Cisco's doppelganger actually works for Zoom.

Cisco meets up with the Vibe who says that he knew Cisco was going to come through the breach before he did. Cisco is not impressed with this version of himself but the Vibe tells him that together they could be a god and Zoom would not be able to run the show. Killer Frost asks Vibe if he is out of his mind and tells him he should turn them over to Zoom.

Vibe threatens Frost and she backs off right away. Cisco denies the Vibe and calls out for the Flash to save them.

The Flash goes for round two with Frost and Deathstorm and Cisco gets a glimpse of his powers. Vibe and Deathstorm go on an assualt against Barry and Frost tells them that they have to keep Barry unharmed or else Zoom will seek payback.

Just then Zoom comes in and takes out Deathstorm and Vibe. He spares Killer Frost but takes off with Barry's body. They are now in a world of trouble on Earth-2.

On Earth-1 Caitlyn is tending to Jay's wounds and she tells him that she will work on a new serum but he has to concentrate on fixing the breach. They have a little under a day to get the breach fixed.

Barry wakes up in captivity and sees a prisoner with a mask as well as Jessie.

He promises Jessie that he will get her out and Zoom arrives and tells him it's not wise to make promises he can't keep. He tells Barry that this is the last place he will see.

"Welcome to Earth-2" gave fans a chance to see Danielle Panabaker play a role that is completely the opposite of the character she plays in The Flash. It also presented a great challenge to team Flash and was quite the test for Jay.

The Flash is doing the comic world justice with the emergence of these very famous villains.

Fans who want more "The Flash" extras can head over to The CW to find out more about their favorite super hero and his team.

Photos that sum up tonight's episode.

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