'The Flash' Recap: 'Versus Zoom' Season 2 Episode 18, Barry's Determination

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After the big revelation in the previous episodes of CWTV's The Flash, things start to get pretty intense for the team. In "Versus Zoom," episode 18 of season two, Barry is determined to go back to Earth-2 and take on Zoom.

Barry's determination has lead him to believe that he has a good shot at taking out Zoom with the tachyon device. So, he asks the team to help him open the breach which Wells does not think is such a good idea.

Again being pushed by determination Barry manages to get Wells on board and Wells reveals that it would be up to Cisco to re-open the breach.

So how is it that Zoom came about? Well Hunter Zoloman and his difficult life on Earth-2 is explored giving fans a lot more insight into the monster he has become.

Will Barry, Cisco, Caitlyn and Wells be able to stop Zoom?

It all kicked off as Barry revisits the moment his mother was being killed and the people who helped him heal from the traumatic event. Back on Earth-2 a young Hunter Zoloman wakes up to his mother being abused by his father. She tells him to run but he urges him to stay.

His father walks up to him and tells him it's okay. He places his helmet on his head and tells his son he is going to want to see this. His father grabs the gun and a shot goes off.

Young Hunter is taken to an orphanage after witnessing his mother being killed. None of his relatives wanted him and he was forced into the orphanage. In present Day Barry is taking the tachyon enhancer out for a test drive. Barry puts it on and they time him to see how fast he can reach the lab.

Iris, Caitlyn and Cisco are pretty impressed with how fast Barry is moving. He tells them he can go faster and he actually returns four times faster.

Wells walks in and tells Barry that is faster than Zoom. Barry is now excited to get the breaches open so he can get to Zoom.

Barry asks Wells if he can help however, Wells does not want Jesse to get kidnapped again. Wells says Zoom is different than all of them because he does not care about anyone. He tells them that Zoom will use everyone they love against them.

Barry says they are not going to let another Earth suffer. Wells says they need to leave it be.

Meanwhile, Barry tells Cisco and Caitlyn that they are going back to Earth-2 with or without Wells. Meanwhile, Barry finds out that Iris is seeing the editor.

Back at home, Barry tells Joe he has to get back to the lab to try to get to Zoom. Joe says he agrees with Wells but Barry says he is faster than Zoom. Joe doesn't think that Barry should kick a lions nest.

Wally walks in to reveal that he isn't living on campus anymore. He says room and board is too expensive and Joe offers to help, however, Wally refuses the help. Wally takes off to use the laundry room.

Barry returns to the lab and Cisco says the only plan they have is to set off a nuclear war-head near the city's electrical center. Barry tells them he may have another way but using Reverb's powers. He reveals that if Reverb could do it, Cisco could too.

Cisco tries his hand at opening the breach but he isn't making progress.

The team continues to motivate him and tells him that he can do it but Cisco grows frustrated. Barry believes they might not be in the right place and Cisco tells him he just isn't the guy for the job.

Wells pays Joe a visit at home to talk to him about Barry. Wally takes off so that they could have some privacy. Wells apologizes for dropping by so unexpectedly and asks about his daughter. Joe hasn't gotten any leads on Jesse yet but he promises that they will find her.

Wells then asks Joe to talk Barry out of opening up the breaches but Joe laughs and says he can't do that. Joe says he believes it's just as dumb as Wells does but he can't convince Barry to do anything.

Joe asks Wells to do him a favor and help Barry. He says he has a much better chance of beating Zoom if Wells is involved.

Barry finds a area with the most activity that would allow them to open up a breach. He asks Cisco to try again and if it doesn't work, he won't ask him to do it again. Cisco says he can't do it and Wells walks up. Wells tells Barry he will help him not get killed.

He engineered a tool for Cisco to use in order to open up a breach and when he starts the magic, a breach to Earth-2 is opened. Zoom sense it and takes off to meet Barry on the other end.

Zoom tells Cisco to keep coming but after some time, Cisco stops and says he can't do it. Barry doesn't understand but Cisco begs him not to ask him to do it again.

Back at the labs Wells is upgrading the tachyon transmitter to give him even more speed. Barry is trying to find Cisco and Caitlyn points him in the right direction. They bump into Iris and Joe on the way and Barry reveals that Wally wants to live in the house, he doesn't want to be offered money.

Barry says that it would be cool having Wally around. Caitlyn and Iris have a chat about the bond between Barry and Joe.

Iris tells Caitlyn she didn't go on her date because she can't seem to think maybe she is destined to be with Barry. Caitlyn says she believes in destiny for Iris.

At the house Wally walks in and Joe invites him up. He reveals that it took Barry to help him see that Wally would like to live with him. Wally asks him if he is serious and Joe gives him a rundown of what he would have to deal with if he moved in. Wally thanks his dad for the offer and accepts.

At the lab Barry visits Cisco and tells him he knows what it's like to have Zoom get into his head. Cisco says it's not Zoom, he says it's him.

Cisco says he doesn't want to start opening breaches into other worlds and become just like Reverb. Cisco says when he felt the power, he succumbed to the dark side.

Barry tells his friend that he knows what it could mean. He tells Cisco that he was always there with him to help him. He says Cisco has what Reverb didn't he has people to be there and look out for him. Barry asks him if he is ready for round two and Cisco is up for it again. Barry tells Caitlyn he knows how hard it will be for her.

Caitlyn says she doesn't know if she could face Jay or whatever his name is. Meanwhile, Caitlyn reveals that Jay's real name is Hunter Zoloman.

Wells recognizes him as a serial killer and tells the team about the 23 counts of murder that Hunter was convicted of. Zoloman endured electroshock therapy and when the explosion occurred on Earth-2, it created an unstoppable monster in Zoom.

Barry says Hunter isn't unstoppable and that he doesn't know that they know of his true identity. He tells the team there could be another way to stop him. The team assumes their places and Cisco thanks Barry for always believing in him. Cisco begins opening up the breach and Zoom pops right out.

He says Reverb's doppelganger has gained power. Barry tells Zoom that he won't let him destroy his world.

Barry is leading Zoom on a chase as The Flash and he brings him right to the lab where everyone is waiting to fire at Zoom.

Zoom says Barry has gotten faster and it will be nice to have more of it.

The Flash leads Zoom on another Chase but is stopped by a photo of his father on a cardboard cut-out. The Flash lands a couple of shots of Zoom. Zoom tries to fun again but a cut-out of his mother stops him. The Flash takes out Zoom and rips his mask off. Barry says he made a mistake and told Caitlyn who his doppelganger was.

Barry says they would have helped him and done everything they could to save his life. Hunter says he is dying and the cures were just temporary.

Hunter says he doesn't care how many people he has to kill to get the cure. He tells Barry than they aren't so different because of what happened to them as kids. Barry said he would never be like him.

Hunter tells Barry that family is always a weakness. Barry says it isn't always. Hunter says it's time for him to get what he came for. Barry tells him he is going to get anything.

However, Hunter tells him he can't lock up the darkness and takes off. Barry tries to go after him but he loses him and yells in frustration.

Barry, Iris and Joe return home to find the house torn apart. Barry rushes up to Wally's room to find a message that read, "Your speed for Wally."

Wally wakes up in Zoom's holding area and he sees the other prisoner but when he tries to talk to him, Zoom races in. Zoom tells Wally that only The Flash can help him.

Wally doesn't understand but Zoom says that Wally is someone The Flash cares about.

The team is struggling to come up with a plan but Joe says he needs a minute.

Barry walks in to the room where Joe is thinking and Joe says he knows Barry can't give the speed up to Hunter, however, he wants his son back and he doesn't know what to do.

Barry says he knows what he has to do. He says Wally is a member of the family and they have to do what it takes to keep them safe. Joe says Barry can't give up his speed but Barry says it's the only way.

Barry and Cisco get ready to find Zoom and Wally. Cisco sees that Wally is alive and then sees Zoom who sense him. Cisco calls out for Jay and tells him that Barry will give him his speed.

Barry and the team get ready for Zoom who arrives with a surprised Wally. Zoom says they had a deal and Barry tells Zoom to hand over Wally and his speed is his. Barry tells Zoom they need to get it over with and Zoom takes off his mask.

They are calmer and Wells presents Barry and Hunter with a way to transfer the speed. Hunter tells Wells to get to work and Wells promises to knock the smug expression off of Hunter's face one day.

As Wells works, Hunter reveals that he didn't actually die. He says he knew he couldn't be on two Earth's at the same time so he found one from another time. He says when they went to Earth-2 he was able to convince the other Jay.

Barry ask who the man in the iron mask is. Hunter says they wouldn't believe him if he told them.

Hunter says he had fun pretending to be a hero. Caitlyn says he is nothing but a monster which triggers a memory from the night his mother was killed.

The technology is ready and Barry begins running out his speed. He loses it as the speed force leaves his body and becomes human again. The speed force is completely depleted and Barry falls down out of exhaustion.

Iris rushes to his side and asks him if he is okay and he is fine. Meanwhile, Hunter injects himself with the speed and holds Barry up to kill him.

Caitlyn begs Hunter to let Barry go if he has any humanity left. Caitlyn is able to appeal to him and he lets Barry go, then he takes off with Caitlyn.

"Versus Zoom" simultaneously gave fans of The Flash an origin story of Zoloman and Zoom.

It was a pretty well-written episode that kept fans wondering whether or not Barry was making the right move.

Fans who want more "The Flash" extras can head over to The CW to find out more about their favorite super hero and his team.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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