'The Flash' Recap: 'The Trap' Season 1 Episode 20, Wells Is Exposed

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Last weeks episode of "The Flash" finalized the decision to pursue Dr. Wells as the Reverse Flash. This week in "The Trap," episode 20 of the incredible season one, the team looks towards carrying out a plan to trap Wells.

The team of Barry, Cisco, Joe and Caitlin get ready to trap Wells, by using Cisco as bait which puts him in the most danger of all. Joe is a little unsettled when Eddie decides to make a rash decision involving Iris.


Wells works to continue to try to keep his secret under wraps but he's finally caught in his game to destroy Barry.

It marks the beginning of the endgame that Wells has referred to previously and none of this is going to sit well with the team.

Tonight's episode of "The Flash" races into action as Caitlin, Cisco and Barry still stand in Wells secret room containing his Reverse Flash suit in awe. They realize that Dr. Wells is from the future and it's already sending them nuts. The article they stumble upon is even written by Iris, however, her last name is changed to West-Allen. The crew also stumbles upon Gideon the A.I. machine that Wells has been using. They ask about the origins of Dr. Wells but the only answer they get is the reason why Wells is in the present; to kill Barry. The Reverse Flash killed Barry's mother because Barry survived the explosion in the past, however, it's all because he wants Barry to assume the role as the Flash. Gideon then drops the bomb that Barry was the one who created her.

There is a world of worries ahead and it started as the crew escape before Wells arrives. When he asks Gideon if everything is okay, she smiles and says everything is fine. Meanwhile, Eddie wants to talk to Joe alone without anyone else.

Eddie tells joe that the timing might be off, however, he wants to propose to Iris and asks for Joe's blessing. Joe is taken back and refuses to give Eddie his blessing sending Eddie into shock.

Eddie plans on going out with the plan anyway without Joe's blessing.

Joe is pretty upset that Cisco, Caitlin and Barry visited the chamber but still asks to figure out what's going on. Barry reveals to everyone that he time traveled by accident. he begins to question whether or not he reversed the timeline by running back in time. Ad if things couldn't get worst, Barry says he thinks he has a really bad idea.

Meanwhile in strange flashback, Barry is laying in a hospital bed while Joe and Iris watch over him. Just then, he is being revived by doctors and while Joe watches on he runs into Wells.

Wells says he is the only one that can save Barry and convinces Joe that he needs to turn Barry over to him. He promised to use the future to make sure that Barry has one.

Barry's plan involves getting Wells to confess to killing his mom as a catalyst to stopping everything else from happening, including Cisco's death. Cisco builds a pair of glasses to allow him to see through his dream. It can allow people to enter the dreams and face their fears.

Wells stumbles upon the team while they work on the plan and they actually receive some help from the Doc with their glasses.

He quickly helps the team get a tool that can be used to figure out his true identity.

Barry is approached by Captain Singh and he's actually a little nice to him. Iris runs into Barry and wants to talk to Iris but Eddie manages to grab him first and shows him his intentions.

Barry begins freaking out nervously and Eddie enlists him to figure out why Jo told Eddie no in the first place.

Back in Barry's lab, Cisco is getting ready to jump into his dream so he can extract Wells' confession and find out his true identity. The plan begins to work placing Cisco into the future. Cisco is clearly able to relay all of his information from the dream to his friends. Cisco cracks a few jokes on his way to analyzing the data that has been tampered with by Wells.

Just then, he stumbles upon the suit and realizes that they were tricked by a hologram. He is worried about dying in the dream but manages to get his name, Eobard Thawne and the confession to killing Barry's mom.

Cisco almost dies in the dream but he wakes up before it can happen. They learn that Eddie shares the same last name and Wells was really after Barry.

After the plan, Barry receives a frantic call from Wells informing him of a huge fire where Singh's fiance lives. The Flash races in to try to save Captain Singh's friend and he has to try and create a vacuum to tame the fire. It's eerie to think that Wells continues to say how much he believes in Barry and Barry looks to feel the same way.

However, Wells has been picking up on Barry's hesitation to complete one of his objectives. Wells is encouraging Barry to dig deep down inside of himself and reach his peak potential.

Barry is really confused about the what to think about the situation with Wells. He goes over the plan once again and Joe begins to feel a little guilty that Barry has to do all the work.

They realize that they need to start protecting Cisco and the rest of the team.

Joe continues to put the blame on himself and Barry has to try to talk him out of that reasoning completely so that Wells or Thawne, can pay for what he's done.

The team gets Eddie involved in the plot and Caitlin assures them of the time when he will be back. The team has to plan it down to the smallest detail including the ability to protect Cisco in a situation where he was really meant to die in another time.

Things take a little break so that Barry and Joe can talk about Eddie's proposal. Joe tells Barry that Iris has feelings for him and he doesn't want her to get into a marriage she'll regret.

Iris sends Barry a 911 text and he rushes off to meet her. She tells him that he really needs to listen to her and he is caught off-guard. She gives him all of the evidence that she received while investigating S.T.A.R. Labs.

Barry is very surprised at how close Iris is to everything and he denies having powers. They continued to stumble back and forth and Barry takes off with all of the information while Iris stays behind and looks at a reminder of her relationship with Barry.

It was a touching moment where she pleaded with him to wake up before she made the mistake to go out with Eddie. She credited Barry for making Joe and Iris a family again and told him she needed him.

Caitlin greets Wells upon his return to the labs and she tells him that he can find Cisco in the bunker. He seems skeptical about Cisco's work and stops just before he arrives. Just as in Cisco's dream, Wells approaches him without the wheelchair in the same menacing manner.

Wells gives Cisco a hand and calls him incredibly clever. This scene is a repeat from a previous episode where Cisco met his demise before Barry time traveled.

The plan goes awry when Cisco is threatened by Wells. Barry tries to stop Joe from killing Wells however, it wasn't wells they killed. It was Hannibal Bates A.K.A. Everyman.

Wells was one step ahead of the team and anticipated the entire teams plan. Everyone asks for a confession from Wells however, he says that it will get them nowhere.

Barry just wants his dad out of prison but Thawne just says that he wants to work together and one day face Barry again.

Cisco locates Wells in the time vault but by the time Barry gets there, Wells is already gone and he realizes that he was part of a time trap. Even further, Iris is in grave danger.

Barry is in a fit and realizes that everyone was being watched by Wells including Iris. Eddie is trying to propose to Iris but before he can, the Reverse Flash interrupts. Barry rushes in to save the day before Iris is killed and she realizes that Barry is the Flash. The Reverse Flash has brought Eddie to unknown location and tells him that he and Eddie are family.

Thawne isn't Eddies father but someone who isn't even born yet. Thawne is using Eddie as insurance.

In yet another flashback, Thawne goes over the many times he had Barry helpless but never went through with killing him.

It's a complex story of having to create his nemesis in order for Thawne to get home. He promises Barry a reckoning and an unforgiving death for a wrong he's done.

"The Trap" proved to be an intense and serious episode of "The Flash" where the team had to be very methodical about their approach. Things might be falling apart for Wells but he seems to still have some tricks up his sleeve, one of them including Gorilla Grodd.

The end of the season draws near and an epic battle is coming. Fans who want more "The Flash" extras can head over to The CW to find out more about their favorite super hero and his team.