'The Flash' Recap: 'Trajectory' Season 2 Episode 16, The Flash V.S. Trajectory

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After a short intermission, CWTV's The Flash is back in an explosive way.

In "Trajectory," someone is giving The Flash a bad rep and it's up to Barry and the team to find them and stop them before Central City stops believing in their hero.

Barry and Team Flash encounter some unwanted trouble for yet another speedster wreaking havoc in Central City. Iris is given a tough task from Scott Evans.

Then suddenly the task turns into a possible relationship between the two.

Caitlyn, Cisco, Wells and Joe try to find a way to help Barry clean the tainted name that was put upon him thanks to the actions of Trajectory, who happens to closely resemble Eilza Harmon.

The episode shifts into gear as Barry and Cisco are checking out a waterfall. They are trying to help Barry increase his speed by inducing the possibility of death.

Cisco says he is 72 percent sure that he will get past it.

Caitlyn doesn't think Barry should do it if he isn't ready but he says he has to try for Jay and the threat of Zoom.

He takes his mark and misses the ledge but thankfully Cisco and his drones caught Barry with a net.

Barry and the team returns to the lab to find Jesse catching up on present day events. The rest of the team is pleading with Barry for some downtime despite his push.

Cisco votes they go out to the club and get "turnt." Barry agrees and Jesse wants to tag along but Wells is not having it.

Jesse manages to convince her dad to let her go and he presents her with a protective bracelet. She agrees to wear it and takes off into the city with Team Flash.

The party is insane and the team is helping Jesse get acclimated. They make a toast to Jay and Jesse isn't allowed to follow through with the shot. Iris shows up with Wally and they reveal that it was Barry's choice and Barry introduces Jesse to Wally.

Jesse's watch goes off and she excuses herself from the body.

Cisco asks Caitlyn to dance. While Jesse is in the bathroom trying to handle the watch, she hears her father talking about the things he would do if someone took her.

Iris and Barry are discussing Wally while laughing at Cisco on the dance floor. They start thinking about their married life and what it would be like. The party is attacked by a speedster who has robbed everyone. Barry takes off after Trajectory and catches up with her but she kicks in an extra gear and loses him.

Joe arrives at the scene and Barry cracks a joke about robbing everyone. Iris shows up and shows Barry a photo of the speedster who looks like Barry.

Barry says he doesn't want people to think that The Flash is a petty thief.

Meanwhile, Evans wants to expose The Flash as a fraud and he thinks that the people of the city were robbed by their hero. Evans wants Iris to write a piece about The Flash being a thief and she is not happy about it. Jesse visits Wells at STAR labs and she plays the audio she heard while trying to dismantle the watch.

Wells says he would kill a man for her and she asks him to tell her that what she is hearing isn't right.

Wells says that he was right to say that because he would risk anything to save her. Jesse calls Wells a killer and says that she barely recognizes him at all.

Cisco, Barry and Caitlyn are trying to figure out what possible ways you can use to become a speedster. Caitlyn shows them Velocity-9 and says she didn't tell them because she promised Jay. Wells comes in and tells Barry that it's a dangerous drug.

Barry is upset because there is something that could allow him to stop Zoom or save Joe. Caitlyn tells Barry that the drug was killing Jay and that V9 is deadly.

Out of nowhere, Cisco vibes and sees what looks like Zoom. Before he can tell them what he saw Trajectory is picked up on the radar and The Flash takes off after her. He fails to stop her but catches a glimpse of what she looks like as she flashes him a smirk before taking off.

Barry returns to the lab and Cisco is excited to hear that the speedster is a female. Joe wants to know who she is but Barry says that she had a mask on.

He says that the suit was made by someone who understands what a speedster is.

Caitlyn then realizes that Eliza might be the one who has engineered her own recipe for V9. Barry tells Wells he is going to go train. Joe and Caitlyn arrive at Mercury Labs to find Eliza working late. They joke and hug as Caitlyn introduces her to Joe.

Joe tells Eliza that they happen to know that The Flash is not the one behind the crimes. Caitlyn admits that the research might have been stolen from Mercury Labs.

Eliza said she completed the research and destroyed it like Caitlyn asked. They leave and Joe tells Caitlyn they will have to take Eliza's word.

Evans asks Iris about her story and she tells him that she happens to know that The Flash is not the one behind the thefts. He asks for her source but she denies it and tells him that she is having trouble writing the original story. She invites him to talk about it over coffee and he agrees. Meanwhile, at Mercury Labs, Eliza is having a conversation with herself.

The evil side of her is trying to get her to abandon work and go out for some fun. Trajectory believes it's Caitlyn's fault and Eliza takes the last of the V9.

She looks at herself in the mirror and sees Trajectory talking back to her. She says she knows how to get more V9.

Wells approaches Barry about taking the V9. Barry said he did take it but he did not ingest it yet. Barry wants to know why he can't use an advantage to get by Zoom and every speedster who is putting his friends in danger. Wells says that Barry would be compromising his values and tells him that he needs to be better than him.

Barry smashes the V9. Everyone is still working on finding Trajectory when the lab comes under attack. Barry is trapped in a meta-human containment as Trajectory tells him she is trying to have some fun.

Barry is yelling to be let out of the holding and Trajectory is holding a gun at Wells as the rest of the team watches helplessly. Caitlyn recognizes that it is Eliza who is demanding more V9. She threatens Cisco and Wells and in all of the craziness, Cisco vibes and sees Zoom again.

Eliza then takes Jesse hostage and Wells says that he and Caitlyn will make more V9. Iris and Evans are at Jitters and they begin discussing the fact that even a hero could make mistakes.

Iris says that not everyone is corrupt and that The Flash is actually a hero. Evan's reveals that everyone even heroes should be help accountable for their actions.

Iris is caught off-guard when Evans asked her if hating The Flash is a deal breaker. Evans has to save himself from further embarrassment and Iris tries to apologize but he excuses himself. Wells gives Trajectory the V9 which she tests on Jesse. She takes off and Jesse's body begins reacting negatively to the drug.

They have to carry out a blood transfusion using Wells to save Jesse. She wakes up and Wells tells her she is going to be fine because they got the drug out of her system.

He promises her that he will spend the rest of her life making it up to her for all of the terrible things he has done.

She then asks Wells how many more terrible things he is going to do to protect her.

He tries to tell her that he will do anything to protect her but she tells him her safety shouldn't be all that matters.

Caitlyn actually laced the dosage of V9 that Trajectory took with her with a microchip. The tracker goes off and they see that Trajectory is using too much speed and vibration on the bridge. She could destroy the entire bridge and hurt everyone on it.

Trajectory is wreaking havoc on the bridge and The Flash shows up to put a stop to it but the bridge begins to crumble.

Barry has to get everyone off the bridge before it collapses and he manages to do so.

Trajectory tells him that he is ruining all of her fun and attacks him before taking off. Barry has to go Mach 3.3 for a second in order to make the jump necessary to get to the other side of the bridge. The Flash takes off and makes the jump. He also stops Trajectory in the act and tells her that it's over.

Trajectory gets ready to inject herself and The Flash tells her that she is not a bad person, it's just the V9 in her system. He says it feels like there is never enough time to do everything but it's a cop out.

He asks her to let them help her but she just injects herself again and gets ready for battle.

She takes off and Barry notices that the lightening turns blue. Trajectory ran so fast that she completely wiped herself right out of her suit and disappeared. Back at the paper Iris presents Evans with the front-page which happens to be her side of the story.

Evans says it was well-written and not every hero is a fraud. Iris says she was surprised by the other night but she realized that hating The Flash is not a deal breaker.

Wells is looking all over for Jesse but he only finds the tracking device on the table. Recorded is a message from Jesse who says that it is her turn to go out in the new world alone without a shield. She is boarding a bus for Opal City and asks that he father doesn't go looking for her. Back at the lab Barry says right before Eliza disappeared, she turned blue. Barry thinks Zoom might be sick since his lightening is blue as well. Wells says that Zoom is dying that's why he wants the V9. They start realizing that Jay might be Zoom since they are both sick.

Caitlyn doesn't want to believe it. Cisco says he has been vibing Zoom every time he is near the helmet. Barry breaks the glass and gives it to Cisco.

he tells them they need to know and Cisco goes into vibe mode. He sees Zoom take off the mask to reveal that it is actually Jay.

He turns to the team and tells them that Jay is Zoom. Everyone including Barry is rocked by the news, he is rocked so much that he takes off and finds a place to scream out of frustration.

"Trajectory" is yet another high speed installment and a great welcome back for CWTV's The Flash.

The team is continuing to grow stronger and the worry for Jay's safety continues to plague you.

Little do they know, Jay happens to be Zoom.Fans who want more "The Flash" extras can head over to The CW to find out more about their favorite super hero and his team.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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