'The Flash' Recap: 'Rupture' Season 2 Episode 20, The Flash is Born Again

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In this episode of CWTV's The Flash, Barry aims to get his power back so he can finally take on Zoom.

In "Rupture," episode 20 of season two, Barry and Wells have a dangerous idea to get his powers back and it has everyone feeling nervous.

As fans learned in last week's episode, Zoom is now hellbent on taking over Earth-1 after conquering Earth-2. That means Barry is now feeling the pressure to get his powers back so he can take on the threat of Zoom.

Barry and Wells plan to recreate the particle accelerator explosion but it's so dangerous that Barry has to consult Joe and his birth father.

Cisco is startled after sensing an Earth-2 villain named Rupture. It's extra trouble because Rupture is Dante, the doppelganger of Cisco's brother.

Meanwhile, Iris finally tells Barry about her feelings for him during this tumultuous time. Caitlyn is back on Earth-1 but under Zoom's control.

The episode kicks off as the police chase a vehicle through Central City. Cisco is tracking it and the two goons in the car have lost the police.

A Flash hologram is chasing them as Barry races though the city. The hologram leads the robbers back to the police and the sheer fear from the Flash sends them right into custody.

Iris, Cisco and Barry are pretty happy that this is all working however, Wells is not impressed and says they need to do more. They need to recreate the particle accelerator explosion.

Wells says he knows how to stabilize the explosion and manipulate the dark matter. He says what they are doing won't last and it won't save Caitlyn. Wells says when Zoom returns only Barry's speed will help them.

Barry pays his dad a visit in the woods after a long drive. He tells his dad it's a pretty drive up there and his dad wants to know why he is driving. Barry admits that he gave up his powers to save Wally, who is Joe's son.

He says he couldn't let Wally die. Barry also reveals that Jay Garrick is not the man they thought they were. His dad admits his mother's maiden name is Garrick.

Barry brings up the fact that they found a way to get his powers back but when he tells his dad how, he seems pretty worried. He asks Barry if he really needs his powers to be the man to save the world.

Back at the lab, the team is trying to find more solutions to help Barry but Wells is adamant when he says they need to work on the accelerator.

The argument leads to a Vibe by Cisco who sees his brother Dante. He walks out as Barry and his dad walk into the lab. Iris asks Henry if he is visiting but he says he is there to stay.

Meanwhile, Wally approaches Joe and wants to have a bit more purpose in life.

Just then, Zoom arrives and Joe tells him to stay away from Wally. Just then, Caitlyn cries out and asks Zoom not to hurt them and let them go.

Zoom asks her to tell them that the city is his and anyone who disobeys him will meet their end. Joe returns to the lab and tells them that Caitlyn is with Zoom. Wells says this is the same thing Zoom did on Earth-2.

Wells says he will kill all of the police officers that he is holding hostage. Barry suggest they set up at jitters. Wells says they need to get Barry's powers back and that there is no other way.

Zoom has Caitlyn chained up at the precinct and she tells him that they will find a way to stop him. Zoom says no one can stop him anymore. She asks him if he is going to kill everyone and he says not everyone.

He says he is keeping her with him because he doesn't want to be alone anymore.

She says she will never been with him but he tells her he sees the darkness within her like Killer Frost, all she needs to do is unlock it.

Cisco visits his brother at a bar and Dante asks him what's wrong. Cisco says he had a feeling that he needed to check on him.

They have a bit of a falling out when reliving the kidnapping at the hands of Snart and Mick. Dante doesn't believe they're ever going to be close again.

Joe takes Jess and Wally to the safe room and Wally wants to help but Joe denies him. Wally and Jesse make the best of their situation.

Wells and Joe talk about convincing Barry to try and get his powers back.

Henry walks in and says they shouldn't have to convince someone against his will. Henry says Wells daughter is safe he won't let him put Barry in danger.

Henry makes a propelling case to Wells and doesn't think that Wells knows what he is doing. Barry walks in on his three father figures and says he needs to make the decision on his own.

Cisco leaves his brother but before he does, he sees the report that Zoom is back.

Before he can leave, Dante tells him he needs a ride and rushes after him. Just then, an explosion goes off and before them stands Rupture.

Cisco says he has no beef with him but Rupture keeps calling Cisco Vibe. He says Vibe killed his brother reverb and takes his mask off. Both Dante and Cisco run as they fall under an attack by Rupture.

Cisco manages to buy them some time and Dante wants answers again.

Cisco returns to the lab and tells Wells and Iris that Rupture is here. They look to figure out what they will do next and Cisco leave to tell his brother what's going on.

Wells tells Barry he knows what he has to do and Barry asks for a minute. Barry leaves the room and Iris follows him to talk.

Barry says he thought bringing his dad there would make it easier but it makes everything harder. Iris says she doesn't know if she could go through what she went through the last time if he got hurt.

Barry asks her if she is okay and she says not really. She tells him that he always had someone to come home to and that she has been thinking a lot lately about them.

She can't help but wonder if they were meant to be together and Barry is a little confused. Barry says when he told her how he felt about her she didn't feel that way, however it does now.

She says she doesn't care if he is him or the Flash, he is who she wants a future with. Iris leaves Barry speechless and she leaves to see if Cisco or Wells needs anything.

Elsewhere, Caitlyn is trying to escape when Rupture returns to the precinct to brief Zoom. Rupture wants to go out to get Cisco again but Zoom wants Rupture to show the police that he has not showed mercy.

Caitlyn asks him if he changes his voice so that people can be afraid. He tells her that as she said, he has always been a monster.

Caitlyn sent a warning message to the lab that Zoom is attacking Jitters.

Barry tells them that they will have to figure out how to do this without the Flash, despite the fact that the Flash would be the best option. He says the explosion is just not a safe option.

Joe gets back to the precinct and Singh wants to know if he spoke to the Flash. Joe says he will be there.

Barry returns and tells Joe they are all set. He asks him if he did the right thing and Joe doesn't offer much advice.

Dante confronts Cisco about the letter he found, describing his trip to Earth-2. Dante pushes Cisco into finally telling him that he has powers. Cisco explains that he was affected by the accelerator explosion and that he called Dante because of his vision.

Dante asks if Cisco killed Rupture's brother and Cisco denies it. He says he didn't tell Dante anything because they hadn't been close in years. He asks Dante to wait for him in the room.

Cisco and Barry get into position while Joe and the rest of the officers hide.

The Flash hologram arrives after Rupture does and thanks to some acting from Barry, Joe is able to strike and they are able to take Rupture into captivity.

Zoom realizes that Caitlyn told them that Rupture was coming and he wanted to know how. He says he betrayed her and that it ends now.

He put his mask back off and races off after saying his name is Zoom. She then seems him on the TV report.

Zoom tells the reporter to make sure they get everything. Zoom takes out the whole force except for Joe, Singh and Barry. Zoom then turns his attention to Rupture and kills him after calling him a disappointment like his brother.

Zoom warns the city that there is no Flash to protect them.

He then issues a warning to Singh and Joe to tell the rest of the force their policing days are over. He says not even Caitlyn will be able to stop him if they respond otherwise.

Cisco returns to Dante and they mend their relationship. Jesse watches as Wally tries to get the Wall to open for them.

Wally says they shouldn't be in there and they should be helping. Wally tells her that she should help figure out a way to get out and she says she will see what she can do.

Wells shows the team a list of the meta-humans from Earth-2 and they realize that more of them will be coming over to Earth-1. Wells asks them what more they need and Barry says "lets do it, I want to do it." Barry doesn't want another kid to grow up without a parent because the Flash wasn't there to protect him.

He says they need to set up the particle accelerator.

Wells and Cisco prepare the particle accelerator and they explain it to Iris and the rest of the team. Wells says they have to recreate what happened to Barry along with the accelerator.

He says that Cisco is going to use the wand he made for Mardon to create the lightening storm above him.

Cisco gets to the roof and begins the lightening storm. Wells clamps Barry in and he tells Joe that he will be fine. Iris tells Barry whatever happens it will never change the way that she feels about him.

Henry tells Barry he doesn't have to do this if he doesn't want to. Barry says being the Flash is the best person he can be.

He says he has to do this. Wells asks Barry if he is ready and they all take their places.

The door closes and Wally and Jesse have found a way out of the room. The particles become unstable and they release the chemicals into his system. Barry's heart rate is increasing and Wells gets Cisco to make lightening.

Zoom sees what they are trying to do and rushes off. Barry begins to feel the affects but evaporates. Iris yells and when Wally and Jesse turn the corner, they are hit by the remaining particles.

Cisco asks if it worked and when he returns everyone is in shock. Henry says they killed his son and Zoom comes in.

He says they thought they could give the Flash his powers back but they killed him instead. However, Barry isn't dead, he is stuck in another part of the universe.

"Rupture" brings in a well-known DC Comic character for CWTV's The Flash.

This episode featured one of the toughest decisions that Barry ever had to make and was a complete game-changer in season two.

Fans who want more "The Flash" extras can head over to The CW to find out more about their favorite super hero and his team.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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