'The Flash' Recap: 'Rogue Air' Season 1 Episode 22, Arrow & Firestorm To The Rescue

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With just two episodes of "The Flash" left, fans are in for a treat tonight.

In "Rogue Air" episode 22 of the first season of "The Flash," Barry has to call upon some familiar friends to help him out of a tough situation.

Wells is not holding back when it comes to putting the Cisco, Caitlin, Barry and Joe in tough spots and tonight it gets even worse. Barry has to enlist the help of Captain Cold, one of the criminals he managed to keep off the streets.

However, things go sour and Cold proves to be and untrustworthy ally of which Joe and Caitlin warned Barry of in the beginning.

When Cold begins to turn things upside down, the Arrow and Firestorm step in to lend their helping hands in order to restore Central City back to order.

Will Barry be able to keep Iris and the rest of his team safe?

Season one races on as Wells narrates by posing a scenario where you must think of your life with everyone in it, only to have it all taken away in a matter of seconds. He then vows that he will get back everything that was taken from him.

Barry visits Iris at the coffee shop and she's worried about Eddie.

Barry says that they will find him, however, she is beginning to lose hope because Barry and the team have been looking all over.

He vows not to let Wells take someone from Iris like he took his mom away from him.

Cisco beckons Barry over after he realizes that his wheelchair was a misdirection. He found a core within the wheelchair that has enough energy to power all of Central city. Cisco says that Wells was using it to power himself to gain more speed and that's why he's faster.

An alert begins and the reactor has been restarted once again. They learn that Wells has been in the lab the entire time, that's why they couldn't find him.

Cisco, Barry and Joe check out the holding area only to find an incredibly large tunnel. Out of nowhere, the reverse Flash zooms by and all of the meta-human prisoners are released.

Peekaboo attacks Cisco, Joe and Caitlin while Barry races after Wells. Iris is able to save Caitlin from death at the hands of a Peekaboo. Barry finally stops running and it looks like he wasn't able to keep up.

Back at the labs the rest of the team realize there is still someone in the holding area.

Eddie appears and Joe and Iris rush to his aid, but she finds the engagement ring.

Complications continue to grow within the love triangle of Iris, Barry and Eddie but will his return bring added turmoil or will Eddie help The Flash out.

Eddie is brought back to strength from an I V drip. Barry races back to se that Eddie is back. Barry immediately apologizes but the questioning begins. Eddie tells everyone that Wells claims that they are related and he was working on a metallic tube that says it's his key to getting back home.

He's overwhelmed by what happened and just asks to leave. Cisco finds the tube that Eddie was talking about and he says that the technology is beyond him.

They have 36 hours before the particle accelerator is functioning again. If the accelerator turns on while the meta-humans are in the containment cell they will die.

Barry decides to move them to Lian Yu, the island that Oliver aka the Green Arrow was stranded on. He has to make a phone call to make sure Oliver can help meanwhile, Cisco is in charge of making sure no one escapes or gets hurt.

Joe asks for a clear route throughout the city for the transport of the meta-humans, however, Cecile is finding it hard to grant him his wish.

She also warns him that he should get as far away from whatever involvement he has.

Barry learns that Oliver is in Nanda Parbat but Diggle's wife, Lyla will help them with the transport. Joe tells Barry that he can't go along with the plan and when he asks Barry what makes them different from others, Barry says they break the rules to help people. He pays Captain Cold a visit to ask for his assistance on the transport.

Cold says he'll bite on the transport idea and it seems like he's intrigued on the idea of have some of those enemies released.

Cold is then reluctant to go through with the deal but Barry tells him he won't be able to rob anyone if the meta-humans kill everyone. Cold asks for an impossible offer but Barry asks him to reconsider.

Iris tracks down Eddie and she isn't happy that he's going back to work. She tells Eddie that she misses him and she loves him. He continues to walk away and she confronts him about the engagement ring.

Eddie says that Wells showed him a future where she and Barry are married and walks away. Joe is completely dumbfounded at the fact that Barry would stoop as low as to ask Cold for help.

It looks like Cold will need all of his records concerning Leonard Snart destroyed from everywhere.

Barry agrees despite Joe's heavy reluctance. He pulls Barry aside and it looks like Barry is melting down. He is breaking down under the pressure of not being able to catch up to Wells.

He vows to save the lives of the villains created by Wells. He goes through with Cold's request and it looks like Cold's sister is tagging along for the ride.

The STAR Labs crew is surprised to see Lisa and Leonard Snart and they are feeling a little regret. Cisco and Lisa have a little moment together following their kiss from the past.

Cisco created an energy damper in the back of a big rig in order to disrupt the meta-human powers. Lisa has a class-a CDL and she's the only one who can drive the truck. Once the meta-humans are rendered unconscious, Barry and his team of good and bad guys begin their transport. Barry is helping by putting up roadblocks ahead to guide them along.

It's a very clever piece of writing and a pretty awesome use of Barry's powers. Tensions are getting a bit high in the back of the rig and a fight almost ensues before they arrive.

Luckily for Barry and the rest of the team things are calm. Barry tries to make Joe realize what he's doing but Joe is very short with him.

In some more comedic relief Cisco and Lisa have some more tension between each other after she asks him for a code name. He tells her that he came up with the Golden Glider. Cisco realizes that the rig is losing power and when he leaves Lisa has a smug look on her face. The meta-humans have their powers back and are opening up an assault on Barry and the team.

Peekaboo manages to use her powers to teleport out of the situation. The Mist also escapes and before Deathbolt can, Cold freezes him.

He strikes a deal with the two remaining meta-humans and sends them on their way. Barry realizes that Cold sabotaged the truck.

Cold has no remorse for what he's done and tells Barry that everything is on him. Cold also says that Barry owes him one and rides off with his sister, leaving Barry and the team to clean up their mess. Barry is being hard on himself for the entire fiasco and Joe doesn't hold back from telling him that he was wrong once again.

He tried to take a page out of Oliver's book but Joe tells him that that's not the type of hero he is. Barry knows the difference between right and wrong and that's what makes him different.

The Flash is not a harsh dark superhero.

Cisco alerts Joe and Barry that the particle accelerator is online. Iris is upset because Eddie is letting Wells get to him. She tells him that she chooses who she loves and she loves him. However, Eddie says that it's not about the future.

It's about her relationship with Barry and the fact that he always knew but couldn't change his mind. Eddie says if she really does love him she'll let it end and she agrees.

Barry and the team watch on as Wells tries to get to the accelerator. After the entire team tells him not to go after him, he does so anyway.

Wells mocks Barry for his failed transport. He says that if Barry looked carefully at everything he's done, he'll see that he did what he had to do. Wells tells Barry to go inside and let him show The Flash what he has planned. When he tells Wells that he won't budge, the Arrow and Firestorm come in to help Barry. The three then square off in one of the most epic battles the season has seen thus far.

Oliver seems to be the smartest of the three and stops the Reverse Flash with nanites injected by an Arrow. They square off in hand to hand combat but things take a turn and Oliver is almost killed.

Barry saves him and both he and the torch set a trap that Wells falls for.

Oliver delivers the final blow with his arrow and the team has taken down the Reverse Flash. Oliver says he might need a favor from Barry, alluding to the Flash's appearance in the next episode of "Arrow."

"Rogue Air" shows that the meta-humans and Wells cannot be trusted at any measure. It's a good thing Barry doesn't have a shortage of superhero friends or else he may have met his match in this episode.

The Flash always finds a way to keep your heart pumping with adrenaline and tonights action-packed episode was no different.

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