'The Flash' Recap: 'The Race of His Life' Season 2 Finale Episode 23, Barry's Revenge

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Now that both his real parents are gone, how will Barry overcome his loss in the season two finale of CWTV's The Flash.

In "The Race of His Life," episode 23 and the season two finale, Barry has to deal with the loss of Henry and seeks revenge.

The season two finale finds Barry parentless, with the exception of Joe.

He has to bury his father and vows that he will seek revenge and make Zoom pay for what he has done. Iris, Joe, Cisco, Caitlyn and the rest of the team are worried about Barry's motives.

Wells will even try to convince Barry that going after Zoom for revenge will only result in failure.

Meanwhile, Zoom has taken a life that was so close to Barry and expects The Flash to want to settle things by having a race. What will become of Barry and how will he cope with the loss of Henry?

The finale began as Barry continues to scream in horror after Zoom killed him. Barry pleads with his father not to leave him again but Henry is unresponsive and Barry is completely broken. Zoom says he told Barry family was the weakness and asked him if he felt the anger.

Zoom says the two of them are the same and Barry rushes at him. Zoom tells him to use his anger just as he did and they race through the city.

Barry trips Zoom up and lays a beatdown on him. However, Zoom begs for Barry to end him.

Another Zoom comes in and takes out Zoom right in front of Barry. Zoom says there could be another Barry too, he just has to kill himself. Zoom says Barry is almost ready and races off.

Barry and the team attend his father's funeral and he finds it hard to deliver the eulogy for his dad. Iris says it's okay and Joe comes in to deliver the eulogy for Barry.

He says Henry was proof that love can get you through the darkest of days, almost as if he was speaking directly to Barry.

Barry kneels to his dad's grave and says he is going to find Zoom and take from him what he took from Henry.

That night, Barry is staring out of his window when Wally comes in offering food. Barry says he is not hungry but thanks Wally anyway.

Wally tells Barry he had no idea that he was The Flash and apologizes.

He also says if there is anything Barry needs, he just has to say the word. Meanwhile, Barry approaches the team about getting back to finding Zoom.

Barry tells them about Zoom telling him that he is almost ready and everyone is still puzzled. He decides to get some air and Iris goes after him.

She sits down next to Barry on the front porch of the house and he tells her when he was in the speed force, he felt like he finally came to terms with his mother's death.

He said the moment he is finally at the place he can move on his dad is taken from him.

Barry isn't sure how he will find peace but Iris says he has to or else it will tear him apart. Barry misses his dad a lot and Iris takes his hand in hers. Just then, Zoom races past them and Barry takes off after him.

Zoom says when they first met, he told him that Zoom needed to be the best.

He proposes a race to see who is the fastest but Barry refuses to race him. Zoom threatens the rest of his friends if Barry doesn't race him and tells him he will be waiting as he takes off.

Barry tells the team about Zoom's plan and Cisco says it actually makes sense. Wells says it isn't the only thing Zoom wants. He says Zoom also wants the machine from Mercury Labs.

It is powerful enough to destroy the planet. Zoom needs the energy from both him and Barry to help the machine go off. Zoom wants to take out every planet in the multi-verse.

Barry tells the team he has no choice but to race Zoom and win. Joe visits Barry and asks him not to race Zoom.

He says they could find another way to stop him but Barry doesn't want to wait around for Zoom to kill someone he cares about.

He says all he has to do is beat Zoom and he won't let another person he cares about die.

Joe realizes that Barry wants to kill Zoom and Barry says he wants to do more than kill Zoom. He apologizes to Joe and says he won't be talked out of it. Joe apologizes too and Wells shoots Barry with a tranquilizer.

They lock Barry up in the meta-human holding area. The entire team is there and Joe says he is too angry and he can't race Zoom like that. Wells says if he races Zoom on his terms, he will lose.

Joe says that they all made the decision together, which includes Iris. Wells says that this is for Barry's own good.

He pleads with Iris and Cisco but they keep him contained. Iris believes they made the right call. Wells says locking up Barry was the easy part but using their plan without Barry is going to be the hard part.

Cisco locates Zoom and Wells tells Caitlyn they will understand if she doesn't want to go through with the plan. Caitlyn says she wants to stop Zoom for good.

She will distract Zoom while they trap him and destroy the Magnetar. They all suit up as Barry remains trapped.

Jesse visits Wells and asks him what's next after they stop Zoom. Wells says he hasn't given it much thought but Jesse says she has.

Jesse says she sees how Wells is with everyone there and that he cares about them a lot.

However, her friends are back home. She says she will go back home to her friends when it is all over but she wants her father to remain on Earth-1 with his new friends.

Wells takes his position and Caitlyn readies herself for a meeting with Zoom. Joe is in place and asks Cisco if he is good. Cisco is in place as well and Caitlyn gets one last sentence of encouragement.

She heads out and calls out for Jay. Caitlyn says she tracks him with the magnetar. Zoom says he told her that if she left him, he would show her no mercy. Caitlyn asks for a chance to explain.

She explains that what Zoom said to her, she didn't want to accept. She inches closer to him and says she is ready to accept who she really is. Cisco gets ready to help the team and Caitlyn says she wants to be the one that only he knows.

Jay takes the step and says it is too late. He tries to kill Caitlyn but it was a hologram. They trap Zoom, tranquilize him then sends him through the breach but Joe is in trouble.

Cisco is vibing to try and find Joe but they can't find him. Wally comes in and Iris has to break the news to Wally. Wally wants to know why they tried to stop Zoom alone and says they have to get him back.

Iris tells Wally they promised never to open the breach again under any circumstances however, Wally doesn't want to agree to that. Wally says he already lost his mom and walks out.

Joe is trapped and Zoom says Barry has a lot of dads to kill. Joe says Zoom should kill him if he is going to and that he made sure Barry won't be coming to get him.

Zoom tells Joe his origins which is much like Barry's.

He tells Joe that he wanted to be faster and that's when he created Velocity 9. Zoom says he discovered another speedster, which happens to be the other prisoner he was keeping all of that time.

Zoom says that the Speed Force has been sending enforcers after him. He thought he beat the rules of the speed force and he is keeping the prisoner as a trophy and an idea for fun.

He decided to be the hero too and revealed that the prisoner is the real Jay Garrick. He plans on keeping Barry as a trophy too so that he has two former speedsters to keep him company.

Back at the labs, Wally breaks Barry out of his cell. Barry and Wally speed into the room and Barry is angry at all of them for letting Joe get kidnapped.

Barry says they don't get to make decisions for him and Wally.

Caitlyn says she knows how cold and angry Barry is but he kept her in check.

Barry says he is good but Wells says it seems to him that Barry wants revenge and that he will lose if that is the case.

Barry says they may think he is too angry but they are running out of time. He says he is going to beat Zoom and asks them if they are in.

Barry vibes with Cisco and tells Zoom that he will race him, however, the only condition is that Joe has to be brought back.

Zoom says he will bring him but won't release him until they race is over. The agree to the terms.

The entire team meets Zoom at the point. Zoom arrives with Joe and says it is going to be one hell of a show. Wells tells Zoom they know he is planning on destroying the multiverse.

Zoom only wants Earth-1 to remain for himself. He tells them to say their goodbyes.

He whisks Joe away and Barry tells Wally and Iris that he will save their dad. The team tells Barry they believe in him and Iris asks Barry to kick Zoom's ass.

Barry hears the rules from Zoom who tells him they just need one lap. All Barry has to do is stop him before her can power the Magnetar. Barry says his family is the reason he will beat Zoom.

They take their marks and take off with Barry trying hard to keep up. The Magnetar is being powered up and Zoom is still in the lead. Barry manages to make a time remnant and dips out to save Joe.

Zoom takes him down and says he stole his trick but he is too late. Barry beats on Zoom as the time remnant works to try and counter the Magnetar.

However, it is a dangerous gamble.

Barry is still taking out all of his frustration on Zoom and gets ready to kill him but Zoom knows Barry won't kill him. Just then, the Speed Force hunters come to take out Zoom and take him away.

Wally tries to make sense of what Barry did and Barry explains that the time remnant was willing to die for them. Cisco and Wells unlock the real Jay Garrick who looks just like his dad. Barry and the entire team is at a loss for words.

Joe approaches Barry who is flustered and jumping to conclusions. Joe says Jay doesn't know he looks like his dad and wants to know what Barry wants to do. Barry just asks for a minute.

Jay destroys the headpiece that was preventing him from using his power. Jay decides that he is going to go back to his world.

He takes the helmet from Zoom and thanks the team and The Flash for saving him and the multiverse. Wells decides that he and Jesse will help Jay and they will both be going back home to Earth-2.

Wells tells Caitlyn she is a tremendous scientist but a better person. He tells Joe to take care of his kids and tells Barry he is a better man than when he got there because of Barry. Barry says so is he.

Wells says he will definitely miss Cisco. Jesse has to say goodbye to Wally. Wells, Jesse and Jay get ready to take off back to their home on Earth-2.

The team is celebrating the victory at Joe's house but Barry is off. He steps outside and Iris goes out to meet him on the porch once again.

He tells her he can't stop thinking about his dad's doppelganger who makes him miss his dad more.

Barry doesn't know why it feels like he has just lost after beating Zoom. Iris told him he has lost a lot but maybe the two of them seeing where they go can give him something for a change.

Barry says that is all he has ever wanted to hear from her. However, he can't do it right now because he is too broken. He says he needs to find some peace.

Iris says he waited for her for years and that she will do the same for him, no matter where he has to go and what he needs to do.

They share a kiss and confess their love for one another. He says he will always love her and looks inside at the happy family.

He says he is so sorry but he has to do this and jumps into a breach to when his mom was killed. He stops the Reverse Flash and tells him he will not kill his mother this time or ever again.

He sees the other part of himself disappear. He walks towards his mother and says he is not going to hurt her and that she is safe. Barry went back in time to save his mother and succeeded.

"The Race of His Life" is another big finale for CWTV's The Flash. Though it is only in its second season, the show has proven that it can hang with it's predecessor Arrow and the new DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Next season could possibly be bigger, however, we will just have to wait and see. Fans who want more "The Flash" extras can head over to The CW to find out more about their favorite super hero and his team.

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