'The Flash' Recap: 'Legends of Today' Season 2 Episode 8, Heroes Join Forces

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After a little Thanksgiving break, CWTV's The Flash is back with more action than ever. In "Legends of Today," episode eight of season two, Barry and his team are introduced to a new villain by the name of Vandal Savage.

This is the first of the two episode crossover with CWTV's Arrow and Vandal Savage makes quite the entrance by targeting Cisco as well as Cisco's new found love Kendra. Barry has to get a little help from the Green Arrow and races off to Star City in order to hide Kendra but elsewhere, someone else was looking out for Kendra.

Hawkman kidnaps Kendra and takes off but fans will learn in due time that the reason Kendra is so important to Hawkman is because she is in fact his other half, Hawkgirl.

Jay and Wells are forced to work in tandem when Wells creates a serum that has the potential to speed The Flash up in order to better take on the villain at hand, however, he needs Jay to help him test it out.

The Heroes Join Forces crossover begins as Barry races through Central City and narrates his problem which is the fact that he he can't seem to run as fast as he needs to. Wells says that it's not good and Barry knows that he needs to be faster because Zoom is three to four times faster. Barry asks Wells to figure it out and leaves to meet with Patty. That evening, a boat lands in the docks and Vandal Savage looks to have been captured.

The captain of the boat shows the police a jacket filled with 37 of Savages knives. Savage magically puts the cuffs on to the captain, assaults the officer and the rest of the men from the boat.

He also kills two men before leaving. It appears as if Savage is tracking Hawkman and he says he can feel him.

The next day, Barry, Patty and Joe are going over the gruesome crime scene. Barry is going to run forensics on the knives while Patty and Joe tracks down places that sell flint knives. Cisco and his new girl Kendra have a special dinner at the coffee shop and things seem to be going extremely well. That is until Vandal Savage shows up and mumbles some words in a different language.

Kendra isn't sure what Savage wants but and seems surprised by Savage who wants to take her captive. Barry rushes in after the signal and stops a knife before it hits Cisco.

Savage escapes and Cisco slips up and calls The Flash Barry.

Kendra is immediately in on the secret and the team figures out that Savage was mumbling in Egyptian. They also want to make sure Kendra is safe so Barry decides to take Kendra to Star City.

He has to explain it all to Cisco who agrees and Cisco wants to know how Barry knows that Oliver and the rest of his team aren't busy. Meanwhile, Damien Darhk is wreaking havoc in Star City but the Green Arrow, Speedy and Diggle step in to take out the ghosts who are robbing an armored vehicle. They make easy work of the ghost but Oliver is almost killed by Darhk.

Barry rushes in and saves the Green Arrow and the team. Thea is surprised that they know The Flash. After getting the casual chatter away Barry tells them that he needs them to protect a friend.

Team Arrow and Barry make their way back to the new lair and Felicity greets him with a big hug. Cisco scolds them about the engineering in the lair while Cisco and Kendra awkwardly introduces themselves. Kendra then tells the team that she has no idea why Vandal Savage is after her.

Barry quickly draws a detailed sketch and Felicity manages to track the photo back to a man who couldn't be Savage because he would be 88-years-old. Oliver then scolds Barry for bringing Kendra to Star City without knowing who Savage is, further making them all unsafe.

Felicity has to step in to calm things down.

Caitlyn and Wells are working on a chemical that is rich in oxygen to combine with Wells existing research to find a serum that would make Barry even faster. Team Arrow is having a party to welcome Barry, Cisco and Kendra to the city and Barry and Felicity step away to chat for a bit. Barry tells her that he is seeing someone and she is happy to hear that. As Felicity rushes over to check her pigs in a blanket, Barry apologizes to Oliver from dumping his problems on them.

Oliver doesn't mind and has warmed up to having Barry around. Oliver makes a toast and after, Cisco tells Barry that he thinks Kendra might be a metahuman because of what he vibed when they kissed.

He is scared that if they mention it to her it could mess up what he has with her.

The party is interrupted by Vandal Savage who says he will always find Shayera, referring to Kendra. Barry and Oliver go all out trying to take out Savage and Thea delivers a final blow without Oliver's permission.

It sends Savage falling off the high rise building but when Oliver and Barry check to see where he is, he has vanished. Oliver gets off the phone with Lance who says he will do what he can do to find out who Savage is.

Cisco confesses to everyone especially Kendra that he has powers and that he saw her with wings.

Then out of nowhere Malcolm Merlyn shows up with some fighters from the League and tells the team there is a lot they didn't see coming.

Jay visits Caitlyn and Wells and when he finds out that they want to test the speed drug on him, he isn't happy. Wells says that science is what gave Jay, Barry and Zoom their powers and it's what is going to help them defeat Zoom. Jay walks out and warns Caitlyn not to give Barry the serum. Wells leaves the lab and says they are going to do what they have to do to help Barry.

Meanwhile Malcolm enlightens the crew on who is attacking them. He tells them that Vandal Savage is an immortal who was an advisor to conquerers like Genghis Khan.

Kendra is overwhelmed and leaves to get some air. Patty makes a call to talk about the information she found about the knife but spots Harrison Wells, (who is supposed to be dead).

When Cisco is calming Kendra down, she is whisked away by Hawkman who comes out of nowhere and Cisco is left in shock. Felicity, Cisco, Barry and Oliver are scrambling to find Kendra. meanwhile Prince Khufu a.k.a.

Hawkman explains that she hasn't emerged yet and asks her to wait until he deals with Green Arrow and The Flash.

The three engage in an epic battle and Green Arrow and The Flash manage to take out Hawkman. At Star Labs, Caitlyn is having second thoughts about the serum but she agrees to let Barry decide.

Then, Patty who had been trailing Wells, comes in to try to arrest Wells, when he continues to move towards her she shoots him and he hits the deck. Caitlyn rushes in and asks Patty what she did.

Caitlyn is trying to save Wells and Patty is frantic. Caitlyn asks Patty if Joe explained the situation to her and instructs her to call Joe. Hawkman is being held captive and Khufu who was also Carter Hall in his past life before he emerged, tells her the story of their love. Hawkman also says that Vandal Savage's life force is tethered to his and Kendra's.

He says that they have been hunted down each time and with each time Savage grows stronger. Just them, Malcolm emerges again and says that Savage is looking for a mystical relic that could make him unstoppable.

Felicity is in charge of tracking the relic down and Hawkman is begging them to let him go so that he could help.

Caitlyn and Joe are rushing to save Wells and Joe tells Patty to leave. The entire team is on the roof with Kendra. Hawkman says that she has to fall in order to emerge. She gets on the ledge and Hawkman pushes her. It doesn't work and Barry has to save her.

Hawkman says something is blocking her and they should try it again but Barry and Cisco are adamant in stopping it. Oliver has to pull him aside and convince him that he has to let Kendra fall.

He says that they have already helped Kendra, now they need to let her get her wings.

Oliver realizes that the staff that Savage is after is actually in Central City. Oliver agrees to go on the mission to Central City to retrieve the staff and Barry gives Kendra some advice on clearing her head in order to gain her powers and emerge.

During the struggle for Caitlyn to save Wells, Jay walks in and says that he will remove the bullet if she could seal the wound. He agrees to take the serum and it gives him the power to phase through Wells' body and remove the bullet. The procedure is successful and Wells remains alive. Kendra and Cisco are on the top of the building and she says there is another life inside of her that she needs to know about.

She wants to embrace her destiny and believe. Cisco says he can help but she says she needs to do it on her own. She gets on the ledge and Cisco tries to talk her down.

Meanwhile, Green Arrow and The Flash are too late. Savage has already found the staff and uses it against the two superheroes. Barry tries to get the staff as Oliver distracts him but he is knocked out.

Green Arrow is also knocked back. Kendra jumps off of the ledge and gains her wings and Cisco is pretty excited.

Savage creates a huge explosion with the staff but Barry and Oliver escape. Kendra is getting use to her new wings and when she lands, Cisco dubs her Hawkgirl.

Caitlyn tells Wells that he will be okay. Jay says that the serum was out of his system and that he will never take it again. Wells thanks Jay who says that Wells can thank him by keeping the velocity six away from Barry.

The entire team Arrow as well as Hawkman and Hawkgirl take the trip to Central City to help take Savage down. Oliver and Barry are in line waiting for coffee and Oliver is now realizing how much of a big deal The Flash is.

At the end, Oliver bends down to pick up a Flash action figure for a boy but when he sees who his mother is, something inside of him goes blank. Is that really Oliver's son?

"Legends of Today" sets a pretty epic tone for the second episode of the Heroes Join Forces crossover. Vandal Savage is opening another world that Barry and Oliver couldn't fathom but if anyone can overcome the threat it's The Flash and Green Arrow.

With just one episode left of The Flash it's going to be interesting to see how it all pans out.

Fans who want more "The Flash" extras can head over to The CW to find out more about their favorite super hero and his team.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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