'The Flash' Recap: 'King Shark' Season 2 Episode 15, The Flash V.S. King Shark

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Things get pretty interesting as CWTV's The Flash continues back on Earth-1. In "King Shark," episode 15 of season two, a threat that the team thought they had gotten rid of returns and wreaks havoc in Central City.

King Shark was being held at A.R.G.U.S. but he managed to escape and two of the A.R.G.U.S. greatest agents, Diggle and Lyla, make a trip to Central City in order to warn Barry, Cisco, Caitlyn, Joe, Wells and Iris about their upcoming threat.

Unfortunately, King Shark makes his was to the West residence and Wally, Joe, Barry and Iris have a very close encounter.

It's up to the team to figure out a way to level the playing field for The Flash against a much bigger enemy who is out for blood.

The episode kicks off as Caitlyn stares blankly at the stabilizer in disbelief. She doesn't want to believe that Jay is dead and Cisco has to help her walk away. Barry asks Wells to open up the breaches but he tells them that the breaches can no longer by opened and that he and Jesse are trapped on Earth-1.

Wells says there is nothing they can do this time and it's over. Barry is completely upset after losing Jay and storms out.

Cisco and Barry are watching over Caitlyn, who refuses to go home. They are worried about Caitlyn after suffering two loses. Wells comes in and tells them that Caitlyn will be okay because she is strong.

He also urged them to move on and not mention any of what they encountered on Earth-2 to their friends on Earth-1. Barry is racing through the city and tells a story of keeping everything a secret, knowing that they couldn't stop Zoom.

The Flash says that they tried to adjust and cope with their loses despite all of the scars. He says he kept running waiting for another metahuman to distract him from all that he had in his head.

It's feeding time at A.R.G.U.S. but King Shark seems unresponsive. It was actually just an act to get the lasers above the pool turned off. Meanwhile, Diggle and Lyla are moving around the facility where there is a report of a breach at the aquarium. They run in with their guns pointed and what they see is King Shark enjoying a snack.

King Shark takes a look at them and takes off. During game night at the West residence, Wally sets a new record, while Barry doesn't seem like he's in the mood for game. When Wally leaves, Barry says he doesn't think that Wally likes him too much.

Joe and Iris ask him to give it a chance and Barry says he will.

He heads up to bed and when he is gone Joe tells Iris that something is going on with him and they ask each other if Barry mentioned anything about Earth-2, but he hasn't.

Cisco approaches Caitlyn about going home and getting some rest. He tells her that he understands everything is hard after Jay but she snaps at him and tells him she is fine. Barry walks in and Cisco tells Barry that he is afraid this could be what turns Caitlyn into Killer Frost.

Barry says he isn't worried about that and that she just needs to keep busy.

Just then, Diggle and Lyla walk in and give Barry and Cisco a briefing on the escaped King Shark. Cisco says they are going to need a bigger Flash.

Barry and the entire team meet with Lyla and Diggle who tells them that A.R.G.U.S. was trying to weaponize King Shark. Diggle says that A.R.G.U.S. was telling them that Zoom wants the Flash dead but says that they will handle it and he just wanted to warn Barry.

Barry says forget that and asks Wells what he knows about King Shark. Shark use to be a marine biologist and Barry then gives Wells the task to track King Shark.

Barry also sends Caitlyn and Cisco on a mission of their own and as they head out, Cisco asks Diggle about the helmet. Diggle says he could use some improvements and Cisco says he is on it.

Joe calls Barry about a meeting with Wally but Barry gives Joe some bad news about King Shark. However, Barry says that he will make it work and to tell Wally he will be able to make it. Cisco and Caitlyn meet with Dr.

Lamden and they ask her to look at her research that was conducted on her husband who transformed in the same way King Shark has transformed. Cisco tells Caitlyn that she was a little harsh on Lamden and she says that ever since he got back from Earth-2 he has been acting strange around her.

He just brushes it off and asks her to take off.

The Flash and the rest of the team begin taking their positions. Barry and Diggle have a little chat about Felicity and Diggle says he'll have her give him a call. Barry seems anxious and Diggle says that he is starting to do the same thing that Oliver does by carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Just then King Shark jumps out of the water and takes a bite out of some A.R.G.U.S. men. Lyla tells Diggle that if they don't find King Shark soon, someone will be cleaning after her mess. Barry tells them they can't find King Shark anywhere but he'll meet up with them later. He tells them he has to meet with Joe's son and when he takes off, Diggle is still in shock at Barry's powers.

At the West residence, Wally shows the family something that he's been working on. It's a jet-turbine powered vehicle and Barry reviews it pretty critically but when he catches himself, he realizes that he needed to apologize. He sits down with Wally and tells him he just wants to help.

Meanwhile, Caitlyn and Cisco are still going at each other and he tells Caitlyn that she is freaking him out.

He then says that she has an icy look in her eyes and it's the same look she had on Earth-2.

Yes, Cisco let it slip that he met Caitlyn's doppelganger and she forced him to dish the details. She tells Cisco that she isn't a metahuman and that she was acting cold because if she lets all of her pain out, it's never going to stop. She asks that they just let it all go and figure out how to find King Shark.

Jesse walks in on her dad who is working on a formula to find King Shark. She starts asking some pretty critical questions while he works and she begs him to let her help.

He tells her to grab a marker and she grabs the eraser as well.

Wally and Barry are still working on his project together, however, Wally says he didn't come there to let Barry do all of the work. Barry says he is just trying to speed up the process and Wally asks him if he has somewhere better to be. He then tells Barry that he is the perfect son and never does anything wrong.

In the middle of their disagreement, King Shark busts through the roof and demands to know where the Flash is. He says he knows the Flash is there when Joe and Iris come into the living room.

Joe orders them to go and Barry rushes upstairs changes and meets King Shark. He delivers the news that the breaches were closed for good and that King Shark will be locked up there for a very long time.

The battle begins and the Flash races around King Shark but he is knocked off balance. King Shark walks up to him and tells him that he might be fast, however, he isn't as fast as King Shark is in the water. He takes off just as Lyla and Diggle pull up.

Joe and Iris are cleaning up and their reaction is surprising to Wally because they are so nonchalant about it all. Barry comes downstairs and Wally accuses him of being a coward.

When Wally leaves, Barry tells them to stop telling Wally all the great things about him.

Joe asks Barry to dish about his time on Earth-2 and he does. He reveals that Iris was a cop, Joe was a performer and that he and Iris were married. Barry then talks about Joe getting caught up in the crossfire of an attack and he died.

He says he knows none of it was the life but watching it happen in front of him was no different because it was all so real.

Barry says he was warned not to get sucked in to Earth-2 emotionally and that's what happened.

Joe says none of it is his fault, however, Barry says everything is his fault and that he just left an entire world to Zoom.

Team Flash is still stumped on how King Shark found Barry. Wells hasn't come up with a way to track him yet, however, Caitlyn relates the way Sharks track prey. Caitlyn and Cisco have figured out a way to track him and Wells asks Jesse to help him reverse the frequencies.

The team sets up their trap and Caitlyn is actually in the field. Cisco says he should be the one out there, not her but she says she needs to do it.

Barry says it ends tonight and Diggle, Barry, Lyla and Caitlyn await the arrival of King Shark. He doesn't seem to be showing up after hours of waiting and Wells, Jesse and Cisco are going at it trying to figure out what could have gone wrong. Caitlyn asks Barry is he is okay and he says he has been running away from things rather than facing them and that needs to change. Just then King Shark shows up on the radar and he is headed for the trap.

He ate the lure and now they have to try to lure him in. When they reel it in, they find an empty lure and Shark is headed towards the docks.

He jumps out of the water and the gunfire doesn't stop him.

The Flash says let's do this and jumps into the water. King Shark follows and the Flash begins to electrify the water. He even throws one of Jay's patented electricity volts at King Shark and returns to land. He tells the team that they can real him in now.

They pack up Shark in the container and Lyla says that A.R.G.U.S.'s original plan will not be carried out. They want to try to help King Shark.

Diggle shakes Barry's hands and tells him that when he was in Afghanistan he lost a lot of friends, so he knows what it's like to lose friends and brothers.

He tells Barry to gain control of his guilt and to let it guide him so that it never happens again.

Barry races off and Diggle gets a call from Oliver. Joe and Wally are out checking out his work and Joe is impressed by the work. Wally says that Barry gave him a lot of help but Joe says that it was all Wally's hard work.

He explains that Barry came to live with Joe because his mother was murdered and his father was wrongfully jailed for it. Joe says the pride that Wally sees when he and Iris talk about Barry is because of everything they did for him.

He says that Barry isn't favored over him but he is his son.

Back at the lab, Caitlyn plays a prank on Cisco and acts as if she is turning into Killer Frost. She tells him to stop worrying about her and that she was tested and doesn't have the metahuman gene. They meet the entire team that has been assembled and Barry apologizes to all of them. He says last year he made a choice to go back in time and save his mother. He says the choice has a lot of consequences that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

He takes responsibility for everything including bringing Zoom there. He says they are going to be the ones to stop Zoom. Wells asks how and Barry says he doesn't know.

He says the breaches aren't closed forever and they aren't done with Earth-2. He says Jay's death won't be in vein and vows to defeat Zoom when the time comes.

On Earth-2, Zoom drops Jay's dead body on to the floor in the cell and when he takes his mask off, it's revealed that Zoom is actually Jay.

"King Shark" really gave The Flash a run for his money and proves as a really big test for Barry because he still has a showdown with Zoom coming. This episode show just how connected team Flash and team Arrow are as the crossovers continue.

It's going to be interesting to see what trouble Barry and the rest of his team gets into on the next episode.

Fans who want more "The Flash" extras can head over to The CW to find out more about their favorite super hero and his team.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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