'The Flash' Recap: 'Invincible' Season 2 Episode 22, Black Siren Emerges

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Boy does CWTV has a surprise for their fans in this episode of The Flash.

In "Invincible" Zoom makes a case for being one of the baddest enemies around and Barry runs into the Black Siren, who happens to bare a familiar face.

After Zoom's rage inspired speech to the Earth-2 meta-humans, they are set to run rampant in Central City and their general bares a familiar face to one of Barry's friend.

The Black Canary's Earth-2 doppelganger is the Black Siren who happens to be the commander of the Earth-2 army.

Wally wants to help The Flash after he gave his powers up to save him. However, Joe doesn't think it is a good idea to have both of his sons out in battle.

Barry is ready to take on Zoom now that he has his speed back, however, Iris and his dad begin to fear the outcome. Cisco, Wells and the rest of the team will have their hands full.

The episode kicks into the gear as the police and SWAT are in a heated battle with the villains from Earth-2. Joe and his officer try to protect the captain. Just then, The Flash rushes through and saves them all.

Iris is writing a piece on the meta-pocalypse. Sure urges the people of Central City to remember they are not alone. Barry now has enough power to take down multiple meta-humans at a time.

He is excited as he and Iris return to the lab. Cisco tells them Caitlyn is there and they come in to check on her. Caitlyn is in shock and doesn't believe that Barry can stop him.

However, Barry tells her that the universe is with them not Zoom. Barry tells her she has been through a lot and she should get some rest. Caitlyn is amazed to hear that Barry was in the speed force.

The team is worried that Barry is getting too cocky. They feel as if he feels too invincible and Wells says someone needs to talk to him. Dr.

McGee is working on a new experiment when the Black Siren screams and dismantles the building. McGee yells for her team to evacuate as the building falls apart.

At the lab, Barry and Cisco are watching over Caitlyn as she rests. Barry says she will be okay, she just needs time.

Barry says they will bring down Zoom. However, Cisco is skeptical, he touches Barry and has a Vibe of a dead bird. He tells Barry what he say but they get an alert that McGee's lab is under attack. Barry races off as the scientists inside struggle to get out.

McGee is knocked down and falls as the building crumbles. Barry races in to catch her just in time as the entire building collapses.

She thanks Barry and says she isn't stupid. Meanwhile, Black Siren who is Laurel Lance's doppelganger walks away and says, "boom."

Barry brings McGee back to the lab and asks her how she knew that he was the Flash. She explains then extends her hand to meet Henry.

Barry wants to know why Mercury Labs was targeted and McGee says she saw Harrison Wells running out of her lab.

She asks if he was involved but Wells comes in and says a couple of months ago yes, now no.

Meanwhile, Wally is out trying to fight crime and Joe saves him and scolds him for trying to go out and fight against meta-humans.

Wally wants to prove he was worth saving.

Joe says he is but Wally says he is the guy who caused all of the trouble around them, he says he has a whole lot to make up for and that's what he intends on doing.

Wells visits Caitlyn who is check to see if Jesse's genetic structure is intact. Wells asks her why and Jesse says she got hit with dark matter.

Wells says she is not a meta-human but she is someone who is incredibly smart and could help them against meta-humans.

Inside the same room Caitlyn is startled and Wells asks her if she is okay. Caitlyn says she is find.

Barry is rushing out to go help Joe and tells the team it will be a piece of cake. Henry rushes to stop him to try and bring him back down to Earth. Barry says he is no longer afraid and his dad tells him he has to be careful.

Barry wants to know why his dad is trying to take something he worked hard on to earn. Henry says he isn't trying to take anything, just looking out for his son. Barry thanks him and says he is fine.

They get an alert from Zoom at CCPD and barry takes off after him after Henry tells him not to. Zoom tells Barry about not getting to see his parents crime scene photos and tells him that he isn't just a hologram anymore.

Zoom says The Flash can't keep running from meta-human to meta-human. Zoom says he knows him and he knows what is holding him back.

He says that he and Barry are the same person. Barry says that is not true but Zoom says he will see.

Zoom says they have similar backgrounds but Barry wants to be the hero and that's why Zoom will beat him.

Zoom says while Barry is being the good little boy, he will be busy winning. Barry rushes out to save the people from a building Zoom just let crumbled.

Barry returns to the lab and says they can't let Zoom destroy another building and they need to take him down. The rest of the team is trying to tell Barry that there is no way to stop all of the meta-humans at once.

Barry aims his attention toward Cisco who believes they can create tech that would help them take down multiple meta-humans at once. Barry is still confident and it seems to be creeping them out.

Joe asks to talk to Barry for a second. Cisco vibes again and sees birds hitting the windows of a building and falling to the ground. He gets out of it and he is confused.

Joe tells Barry about Wally's crusade and Barry says he doesn't know if they can stop him. Joe says they need to try to and Barry needs to keep him safe.

He asks Barry to have The Flash talk to him. Barry promises him to help.

Caitlyn approaches Cisco about his trouble finding a solution. Then, Caitlyn hallucinates about seeing Zoom once again.

Cisco calms her down and she says that she is afraid all of the time. She says Jay took everything from her and she isn't sure she will ever be whole again. Cisco promises that she will.

The Flash pays Wally a visit and says he admires what he is trying to do but he should just leave it to the police.

The Flash says he has powers but Wally says it is their City and they all need to protect it.

Barry races off to meet the enemy that showed up on the radar and is shocked when he sees who he believes to be Laurel Lance in front of him.

Barry calls out to Laurel who tells him that Laure Lance is dead. The Flash realizes that Laurel is dead and she tells him to call her Black Siren.

Laurel says he should be afraid and says she likes to watch things crumble and fall.

She begins her sonic screams at Barry and it knocks him down. He can't seem to handle it and Black Siren then takes advantage of his weakness and beats him up a bit.

Black Siren says she thinks Zoom is actually afraid of him. Out of nowhere, Wally tail-whips his car and knocks the Black Siren down. He tellsThe Flash to get in and he does.

The Flash thanks Wally who is smiling ear to ear.

Joe is not happy with Barry when he hears what Wally did. He is upset with Barry for not trying hard enough but Barry tells Joe they have luck on their side.

Iris asks Barry if he knows he is not invincible. Barry says he does but Iris says that none of them are invincible. She says that a little fear is good because it helps them realize the risks.

She thinks both The Flash and Wally can use a bit of that. Meanwhile, Black Siren visits Zoom and tells her about her run-in with The Flash.

Zoom tells her to knock down more buildings so that team Flash won't know what he is up to. Black Siren asks what he is up to and Zoom says, "no good."

Cisco is testing out new tech that he and Wells developed to help Barry stop all Earth-2 meta-humans.

The meta-human alert app goes off at the end of the demonstration and the team realizes they have to do something fast.

Black Siren says she doesn't think she has taken down so many buildings at once when she hears Killer Frost say, maybe she isn't as powerful as she thinks.

She walks over to see Reverb and Killer Frost standing there. Or is it Caitlyn and Cisco dressed as their counterparts? Black Siren says she thought they were dead.

Reverb says they thought so too and they would like Zoom to think so.

Frost asks Reverb to give her a chance but Reverb says she is not ready. They says they are able to take on Zoom and they convince her to be her own master and own god.

Wells gives Joe a very complex explanation of what the machine is and they turn it on as Barry races off to make it stronger. Black Siren asks Reverb and Frost their plan and says she likes the sound of that.

However, Black Siren asks Reverb to catch a pipe. He catches it with his right hand instead of his left and Black Siren has them cornered and caught in a lie.

Black Siren tries to attack but Cisco does something to push her back. He tries to do it again but he can't. In the meantime, Barry's effect kicks in and starts to effect Zoom.

Unfortunately both of the headsets don't work and Wells is forced to give his to Jesse, causing him to be knocked out.

Henry tells her it's okay and they will take care of him. Meanwhile, Zoom managed to open up a portal and escape.

Cisco has Black Siren caught and he mocks her. They decide to keep her existence away from Lance and Sara. Caitlyn says she thinks she is going to be okay if she continues to help save the world.

The trio of Cisco, Barry and Caitlyn have a group hug to celebrate. Singh and Joe are talking about the metas that have been caught.

The Flash comes in and says that Zoom created a portal and escaped. Singh thanks The Flash and asks for Barry. The Flash races off and Barry comes stumbling in.

Joe asks Barry if he talked to Wally but Barry says he is not going to stop him from being the hero that he will become. Joe says he can't wait until Barry has kids and they torture him.

Elsewhere, Barry comes home to a big dinner with the team, Iris, Joe, Wally, McGee and Henry. Iris says she guesses Barry is invincible. Barry asks Iris if she wants to give them a shot and she says she would like that.

Jesse approaches Wally and asks him if it is true that he saved The Flash's life. Wally says he was in the right place in the right time and Joe says he is proud of him.

Cisco has one final Vibe of Central City crumbling into ruins. He comes back to and Barry asks Cisco what he saw. Wally wants to know what they are talking about.

Cisco tells them he saw the Earth splitting in two and may have seen the end of the world. Zoom comes in and kidnaps Henry and Barry takes off after them. Wally realizes that Barry is The Flash.

They reach barry's childhood home and Barry begs him to take him instead.

Henry says no matter what happens Barry made him the happiest dad. Zoom says he is going to make The Flash just like him and kills Henry right in front of Barry.

"Invincible" was an epic episode that continues to Barry and his team both mentally and physically on CWTV's The Flash.

How will the team finally overcome the toughest challenge they have ever faced? Fans who want more "The Flash" extras can head over to The CW to find out more about their favorite super hero and his team.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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