'The Flash' Recap: 'Gorilla Warfare' Season 2 Episode 7, Grodd is Here

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Last week fans saw Barry get beat up pretty badly on CWTV's The Flash. In "Gorilla Warfare," episode seven of season two, another threat emerges but Barry is helpless in his current state.

Gorilla Grodd kidnaps Caitlyn and informs her on his plans to create a bigger army of his kind. Barry is struggling without his speed but still wants to find Caitlyn before Grodd does something regrettable.

Last week Cisco managed to land a date with Kendra Saunders, the future Hawk Girl and has too keep his nerves in check when the date arrives.

With all of Barry's questionable actions, Patty begins to think there is something that he isn't telling her. Is Zoom's attack over or is there more to come?

It all began with Barry learning how to walk again with a cane. The team watches as Joe helps him and he is frustrated when his powers seem to be taking very long to get back to him. He is almost completely healed and he wants more than anything to get back in the suit.

Zoom has taken a bit of a break according to the team. However, Wells disagrees, he says he is going to do something about it and plans on going back to Earth-Two to take car of Zoom once and for all.

Caitlyn wants him to stay until Zoom is defeated but Cisco and the rest of the team are on board with it. She says if Jay is absent they need to keep Wells around.

Meanwhile Cisco has an alert and he mistakes it for a metahuman attack. It was actually a reminder that he has a date with Kendra. Barry receives a call from Patty and he tells her he has a nasty bug. She offers to bring him soup but he tells her he would hate for her to catch it. She thinks that something may be up but he says he just doesn't feel himself at the moment. Wells is preparing what looks like a formula for him to get home.

Caitlyn visits and tells him that the team can help him save his daughter. He says he made a mistake coming to their Earth. He says the best plan he has is facing Zoom on his own.

Caitlyn says he could die if he does that and he needs to work with them as a team in order to save Jessie. Caitlyn also says something that makes sense.

They decide to close all of the breaches except the one at STAR Labs.

Meanwhile Cisco holds Kendra's hands during their date and he Vibes. He sees her as Hawkgirl and panics. He runs off and tells her that he will call her.

Meanwhile a doctor loses control in a laboratory but it appears as if he was being telepathically controlled by Gorilla Grodd who attacks him when he finally comes to his sense. Patty and Joe are at the scene and she's found some strange hairs (Grodd's hairs). Patty says the same serum meant to treat a brain disorder was stole from another lab in a similar attack.

She also shows Joe a blood stain and it's in an odd area.

When she asks about Barry, Joe mentions that he is bringing Barry homemade soup because he hates the canned stuff, contrary to what Barry told Patty. Joe and Iris are trying to help Barry but when Joe tells him to push himself, he remembers being beat up by Zoom and falls down. He tells Joe that he failed everyone in Central City and Zoom destroyed him. Cisco is asking Caitlyn if she has heard about a bird man when she begins losing control of her body.

She attacks Cisco and walks right out of the area. Joe receives a call from Patty who tells him that there is another connection from drugs being taken.

The second drug that has been taken is one to treat vertigo.

Joe realizes that the hairs are from a Gorilla and rushes into the lab to tell Barry and Cisco that Grodd is back. Before they can stop him, Grodd kidnaps Caitlyn.

Wells is called in to help the team investigate Caitlyn's abduction by Grodd. The team realizes that Grodd has to be moving underground and Wells is onboard in helping the team get Caitlyn back. Barry is feeling helpless and he doesn't know how he can help them without his speed. Joe tells him to use his brain to help them figure it out. Caitlyn wakes up in a makeshift lab.

She is greeted by Grodd who seems to have remembered her. He also remembers that she was always kind.

She asks him why she was brought to the lab and he says he needs help in finding out how he became Grodd.

She explains that the dark matter from the particle accelerator created him. He then insists that she repeat him, which means he wants to build more of him.

When Barry is continuing to build himself back up on a treadmill, he is greeted by his dad. Iris got Barry's dad to pay him a visit and Joe was pretty happy with her thinking.

Wells and Cisco have to work together in order to discover Grodd's location.

They narrow the locations down and it looks like they have pinpointed possible areas. Barry's dad gives him a rundown on his health and tells Barry that he was slowing down a bit and taking it easy.

Cisco bursts in and tells Barry and the rest of the team that they located Grodd in a penthouse. Wells is wearing the Reverse Flash suit and Barry almost takes him out when he sees him. However, Cisco is able to calm him down and tells Barry that Wells is using the suit to try and convince Grodd that his father is alive. Cisco is trying to get Wells to cooperate and give him his best evil Harrison Wells. Wells obliges and Cisco sends him off to the third location. Barry's dad is getting a crash course in how the missions go.

He is also telling Barry that there is no reason he shouldn't be out there helping them. He says that Barry is feeling the shame of losing. Barry says he can't stop him and he doesn't believe in himself.

He is reminded that his father had to do time in prison knowing that he didn't kill his wife and abandon his son. He said he embraced it and accepted it was the only way he could move forward.

He restores Barry's hope. Caitlyn is still giving Grodd the scientific rundown in how to genetically create more of him. Just then, Wells comes in and tries to convince Grodd that he did not die. He tells Grodd that they don't need Caitlyn anymore and asks him to let him go.

Grodd realizes that Wells is not who he says he is and attacks Wells. Cisco grabs Caitlyn while Grodd is still being distracted by Wells.

He tells him that the city will be his one day before stabbing him with a serum that knocks him out a bit. Wells tells Caitlyn and Cisco to run.

Wells is being tended to by Caitlyn and the team who are all impress that he was able to save her. Caitlyn says that Grodd is getting smarter and lonely. He wants more like him. Wells offers up a solution that involves sending him through one of the breaches. He shares the breach that could get Grodd to the closest place there is to a home for him.

Barry has to get Grodd to follow the bait, Caitlyn in order to send him through the speed cannon. Barry is back to full speed and is running all over the city making sure to keep Grodd in reach.

Barry momentarily loses Grodd who almost squashes him from above. Barry is caught and attacked by Grodd who is demanding to speak to Caitlyn.

Caitlyn urges Grodd to let The Flash go and Grodd thinks that she is his enemy as well. Caitlyn says she can give him what he wants but he has to trust her.

They flip the switch on the speed cannon and the transition begins.

Barry has to get a little coaxing from his dad before he goes full on Flash mode and turns up the speed. They succeed in sending Grodd into another Earth and Barry also gets his mojo back as The Flash.

The team is reflecting on the mission and Wells says that he can help the team. Dr. Allen shakes the hand of a man who bares the same resemblance to the man that killed his wife before he leaves. Wells says that they need to close all of the breaches and Caitlyn says that if he stays there and helps them, they could help him get his daughter back.

Back at the house, Joe, Iris and Barry are keeping Dr. Allen as a guest.

Before Barry leaves, Joe reminds him that Patty is a smart girl and will figure him out soon.

When Barry leaves Joe starts feeling a little sad about not having a son of his own, which only reminds Iris of a secret she has been keeping.

Barry visits Patty and she brings up the homemade soup that Joe brought him. He admits that he wasn't really sick and when she asks why he lied to her, he tells her that his dad was in town. He says his dad was convicted of murder and it's hard for people to look past that. She says she needs to know that she can trust him if they are going to be together.

They fix their little rift and somewhere Cisco is holding a basket of possible gifts to help fix his mistake with Kendra. He apologizes for bailing on her for an emergency with the CCPD. Kendra says that it's very brave of him and he woos his way back into the date. They touch once more and when they kiss, he finally sees that it wasn't a bird man that he saw, it was Kendra dawning the Hawkgirl suit. Grodd wakes up in a primitive time in a habitat ran by Gorillas a.k.a Gorilla City.

"Gorilla Warfare" was another insane installment of The Flash. This season is really becoming the defining season for he show.

Barry has a lot to deal with in his personal life but the threat of Zoom is still looming.

Fans have been waiting for Grodd to return so that there could be another showdown and he returned in pretty grand fashion.

What will be Barry's next task and is he ready for it? Fans who want more "The Flash" extras can head over to The CW to find out more about their favorite super hero and his team.

Photos that sum up tonight's episode.

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