'The Flash' Recap: 'The Fury of Firestorm' Season 2 Episode 4, Ronnie's Replacement

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Last week Barry got himself into a pretty chilly situation but it thawed out just as he and the team planned on CWTV's The Flash.

In "The Fury of Firestorm," episode four of season two, the team has to look for a replacement for Ronnie before it's too late for Dr. Stein.

Dr. Stein is becoming more unstable due to his lack of merging since Ronnie was swept away in the portal at the end of season one. Barry, Caitlyn and Cisco find a Firestorm match for Dr. Stein.

Caitlin isn't sure that the new replacement, Jefferson "Jax" Jackson is the right fit for the job. Iris has a big surprise for Joe as Barry and Patty have a few more run-ins that could possibly turn into something much more.

Dr. Wells has found himself back in Central City but what exactly are his motives?

The search for Firestorm begins as the team tends to Dr. Stein who is still suffering the affects from his failure to merge. At a high school homecoming Jax is on the field soaking up a win with his teammates.

He is approached by his coach who tells him there were a ton of scouts at the stadium.

As he looks off in the distance you can see an explosion from the accelerator. As he tries to save everyone, Jax is hit by the effects and knocked out.

In present day, the team manages to stabilize Dr. Stein but most of the energy in the stabilizer has been used up. They have a few days left and but Caitlyn thinks there is another way to help the situation. They need to find someone with the molecules necessary to bond with Dr.

Stein. Cisco and Barry aren't sure that they could find a replacement. Caitlyn shows the two possible candidates, Hewitt and Jax. Barry is in-charge of collecting blood samples from both potential candidates and once he does, they test for matches.

Iris and Joe are reminiscing over some old photos and he tells her she doesn't have to meet her mother if she doesn't want to. Iris says she wants and has to meet her while assuring Joe she will be fine. Barry runs into Patty at work and she shows him some teeth from Manshark! She actually believes that there is a Manshark around and she wants to work on the case with Barry. He told her that he would love to, however, meta-humans aren't his thing.

Barry agrees to run some test for her and when she walks away, Joe accuses Barry of flirting with his partner. Barry is called over by Cisco to talk about the donor.

Caitlyn shows Dr. Stein the possible donors. Caitlyn is all for Hewitt while Barry thinks that Jax would be a better match.

Meanwhile, Wells is lurking in the lab unbeknownst to the team. Barry and Stein arrive at Jax's workshop and Stein isn't sure that Jax's taste in music is suitable.

They introduce themselves to Jax and explain that they are combing data on people who were affected by the particle accelerator explosion.

Jax doesn't seem interested but Barry leaves the number so that Jax has a chance to think about the offer.

Joe and Iris meet with Francine, her mother. Francine begins by complimenting her daughter and telling her that she is proud of her. However, Iris questions why she is there and asks for an apology.

Iris is pretty harsh on her mother and she says she doesn't hate her, wishes her well and they need to keep separate lives.

Hewitt is easily persuaded to meet with Stein due to his fieldwork and appreciation for Stein. Caitlyn told Hewitt a lot more than Barry and Stein told Jax.

Hewitt is ready for the merge and the team does an initial test in the lab but the results aren't what Caitlyn was expecting. Hewitt isn't a match and he is very disappointed about the merge. Upon leaving, in his anger, he flashes his flames on his arms. Wells broke into Applied Sciences and stole a weapon but he is recognized before he escapes.

Joe is called in and he is told that Harrison Wells broke into the labs. Joe is shocked and says that there is zero possibility that he could be alive.

Even more surprising is the fact that Wells is walking again.

Patty says they need to call Barry but Joe says that Barry can't hear about this. Joe wants to keep it under the books and tells Patty she needs to learn to lie.

Joe tells his wife that it's the last time that she shows up at his office. She says she began getting weak months ago and the doctors told her she has MacGregors syndrome and all she wanted was her daughter to see her off of drugs. Jackson shows up to the lab and is surprised to learn that they aren't going to fix his knee. He is also surprised to learn that he might be a meta-human.

They tell him about his ability and that he needs to converge with Stein. He laughs it off and tries to leave and Caitlyn is outraged.

Barry tries to convince Caitlyn to understand what she is asking jax to do. She says that they need Hewitt.

When Barry gives Patty the results from the shark teeth, she acts very strange and ends up giving something away. Joe meets with Barry and Joe opens up about Francine's revelation.

When Barry asks Joe about the case Joe shrugs it off.

Instead, Joe questions Barry about Patty and he says that she isn't Iris. Joe says he will never feel the same about anyone else, however, he can't let that stop him from exploring something new.

Hewitt is threatened by his boss and he turns the tables by showing his true powers. He has a temper problem and it could be another reason he isn't compatible. The team is alerted by a news report of Hewitt's outburst and Cisco also reveals that Hewitt has a pretty bad past.

Stein is getting worst, Hewitt is a loose cannon and Caitlyn blames herself for Jax leaving. Barry tells her it's not her fault but she needs to be open to exploring something new.

Joe tells Iris about her mother but she still doesn't think she can be close with her. Iris is surprised that Joe believes Francine. He says that whatever she decides, he's got her back. Jax is approached by Caitlyn who apologizes for what she said.

She tries to convince Jax to help them by telling him about Ronnie. She tells Jax he can be a hero too but he says all he wanted to do was go to college.

She tells him that he can be part of something bigger, part of a team that can help people. Caitlyn and Jax are interrupted by Hewitt. Hewitt attacks Jax but he and Caitlyn manage to escape his wrath.

Caitlyn and Jax arrive and Stein does not look good. Jax agrees to merge with Stein to help people. They tell him that there is no going back and he still agrees. Jax is a total team player and they instruct him to touch Stein so that he can become Firestorm. As soon as they touch the merge works and both Jax and Stein are fine.

Jax has to go to his old stomping grounds with Barry to stop Hewitt who is on an attack. Once the power source is cut, Barry tries to Hewitt he needs to stop.

When Firestorm shows up, Hewitt gets even angrier and attacks him. Barry and Jax learn that by making Hewitt angry he will blow his fuse.

Hewitt makes one last outburst of energy before being knocked out by Firestorm. Stein loves having Jax as a partner and the new Firestorm is born. Iris meets with her mother and told her she did some checks to see if she was telling the truth.

Iris said she thought she could give her mother another chance but she was still lying. Francine also has a son, Iris has a brother. She wants nothing to do with Francine after figuring out the truth.

Stein and Jax are leaving for Pittsburgh to fully realize the potential of Firestorm. Stein says goodbye to his friends as Caitlyn presents Jax with Ronnie's compass. Cisco says goodbye to Stein who offers him some advice about his ability. He tells him that it is a gift, not a curse and could change his life for the better.

Firestorm takes off and Joe and Barry are left to chat about taking a leap of faith. Barry races around the city, Caitlyn seems to have moved on from Ronnie and Iris is crying about the news.

When The Flash looks at Patty through the window, The Flash is attacked by Manshark. Patty tries to help but fails. Wells shoots Manshark with the weapon he stole and revealed himself to Barry.

"The Fury of Firestorm" was quite the eventful episode and slowly but surely fans are beginning to see what Wells may have planned for Barry and his team.

The only question is where how will Zoom and Wells clash if they do at all? Fans who want more "The Flash" extras can head over to The CW to find out more about their favorite super hero and his team.

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