'The Flash' Recap: 'Flash of Two Worlds' Season 2 Episode 2, Meet Jay Garrick

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Last week the season premiere of The Flash really brought a whirlwind of emotions among the team.

In "Flash of Two Worlds," the second episode of season two, Barry is introduced to the man who first dawned the name The Flash, Jay Garrick.

Jay Garrick is from Earth-2 tells Barry and his S.T.A.R. Labs team that a villain by the name of Zoom is coming and it appears as if Zoom, Barry and Garrick share one thing in common; speed. Zoom has pretty much the same agenda that Thawne had in season one, that is to destroy The Flash. However, the team is worried about trusting Garrick because he appeared out of nowhere after all.

With all of the dimensional travel that Barry has been doing is it possible that he comes from a line of previous speedsters? Tonight is also the introduction of a new character, Patty Spivot, played by Shantel VanSanten, a former cast member of One Tree Hill. Spivot wants to join the meta-human task force but her inquisitive nature may bring her more than she bargains for.

Barry, Joe, Caitlyn, Cisco, Dr. Stein and Iris have a lot on their plate this week.

Jay begins explaining what he means by the world is in danger. He says that they created a portal between two worlds. Jay says that Atom-Smasher was from his world and where he's from, he's called The Flash.

It makes sense to Barry when he realizes that Atom-Smasher told him that Zoom sent him. Jay almost died at the hands of Zoom but the breach between worlds pulled him into their world.

However, Jay doesn't have his powers and it took him seven months to piece everything together.

He admits that it is a shock and Barry asks his team to run tests on Jay to figure out if he's telling the truth.

Meanwhile, Zoom brings Eddie Slick a.k.a. the Sand Demon to kill the Flash. It's strange that he doesn't want to do the deed himself but tells the Sand Demon that if he wants to go home he has to kill The Flash. Caitlyn is running tests on Jay who was also a scientist back in his world. The team has to dumb it down for Joe and Dr.

Stein tells him that Earth 1 and Earth 2 all exist at the same time. However, they are different, in other words, alternate universes.

Joe leaves everyone to tend to Jay. Dr. Stein says if Jay is telling the truth there is a breach in Central City and they need to close it.

Caitlyn returns with news that Jay seems to be normal and passed a surprise lie-detector test. Barry isn't satisfied and asks her to run more tests. Joe is approached by Patty Spivot who wants to be a part of the Meta-Human task force.

She is well aware of all of the risks involved, however, Joe tells her she can't have the job.

Jay is getting a big tired of the tests and he tells Barry that he wants to help him not harm him and his team. Just then, Cisco calls Barry to tend to a fire.

The Flash arrives at the fire and manages to put it out without a problem. However, he's greeted with a sandy punch. The Sand Demon continues to try to attack Barry however it's not as easy as he thinks. The Sand Demon has escaped and Barry is left to explain it all to Joe.

Barry is introduced to Patty and she's actually a big fan of his. She praises Barry and she says she has a theory on the origin of the fire.

She already assumes a Meta-Human might have been behind the attack because of the sophistication of the sand blaster. Joe shoots Patty down again but Barry remains friendly with her.

Caitlyn and Iris are overlooking Jay when Barry comes back with samples. He realizes that the residue is actually the cells from the Sand-Demon. Jay finally puts his foot down and tells Barry that he needs his help. He also says that Zoom has sent Sand Demon to kill Barry. Cisco and Dr.

Stein figure out a plan to locate the portal and when Dr. Stein leaves the room, Cisco has a vision of Barry's battle with the Sand Demon earlier on.

Joe is doing research on the Meta-Human when he spots Slick.

Slick starts to run away from Joe but Patty manages to stop him dead in his tracks.

The only question is, where are his powers? Is it possible that because this is an alternate Slick he does not have the characteristics of the Sand Demon?

Slick is taken into custody and is being interrogated by Joe. He denies starting a fire in the warehouse. Slick says he's started fires before but he didn't do this one. He makes a very good case and it's confirmed that he is not the actual Sand Demon. Meanwhile, Barry and Patty are growing closer and it seems like they are literally perfect for each other.

They even have get the same references. Joe breaks the news to Barry that Slick is not the Sand Demon, but his alternate doppelganger.

Caitlyn is watching a report that mentions the Green Arrow.

When Barry returns everyone tries to convince him that Jay is trying to help him however, Barry doesn't want to believe it.

Barry gives the team a speech and Iris asks for the room so that she can address how much Barry has changed.

She tells him that he has lost his trust in people. Barry admits that Jay reminds him of Wells and he doesn't want anyone else to die because he trusted someone. Iris tells him that not everyone is Harrison Wells and he defeated Wells because he trusted in others, especially his team.

She tells Barry he needs to believe in them before they stop believing in him.

Joe gives Patty a quick lesson on probable cause but it's interrupted by the Sand Demon who attacks the both of them. The Sand Demon kidnaps Patty as a way to get The Flash's attention.

Barry meets with Jay who is held up in a cell. He tells him that he needs his help and Jay is ready to oblige. He gives the team a briefing and tells him the key is dehydrating him. Jay says that Barry needs to hurl lightening from the energy he creates when he runs.

It will turn the Sand Demon into glass. Joe feels responsible for Patty's abduction but Barry tells him that they will find her.

Patty provokes the Sand Demon and tells him that The Flash is coming for him.

Patty says he thinks he got lucky but he was just at the right place at the right time. She tells him that the powers highlighted the worst parts about him.

They can't seem to find the Sand Demon but Cisco slips away and taps into his telepathic ability. He finds the location of the Sand Demon. Dr. Stein asks him how he figured out the location and Cisco lies and tells him it's just a hunch. Dr.

Stein has a questionable look on his face. Jay is helping Barry train and teaches him how to throw the lightening. Jay tells Barry he needs to slow down, let the energy pass over him and direct to the target.

Barry tells Jay the story of Wells and Jay tells Barry that he's not Wells. Cisco storms in with the location and also slips in word of the concussive bomb.

Barry asks Jay to go along with him, even though he doesn't have his powers. He puts on his helmet which he thought he lost and solidifies his partnership with The Flash. The two heroes rush in on the Sand Demon and Jay is the first to greet him. The Sand Demon realizes that Jay doesn't have his speed but while Slick is distracted, The Flash saves Patty.

The Sand Demon says Zoom sent him to kill The Flash but now he gets to kill The Flash from two worlds. The Flash attempts to put his training into practice and sends a lightening bolt right into the Sand Demon.

The Sand Demon is turned to glass and shatters when he hits the ground. Patty calls out for Flash and both of them come rushing to her side.

Caitlyn bandages Jay up and tells him it was really courageous of him to stand up to the Sand Demon without his powers. Jay says it was a lot harder than he thought, losing something that was a part of him. Caitlyn tells him it gets easier everyday, he just needs to find a new way to live. She says speed or no speed, he is still a hero.

Barry walks in and begins to apologize to Jay and thanks him for all of his help. Jay says it's going to be a lot harder to take down Zoom.

He says that he doesn't know who he is but he's always one step ahead. Zoom was obsessed with destroying Jay and he needs to be at his best to take out Barry.

Joe approaches Spivot and apologizes for getting mixed up in the mess. Joe asks her if she still wants to be a part of the force and asks her about a mutual acquaintance Mark Mardon. Patty says that Mardon killed her father and admitted that it was the reason she wanted to be on the task force.

She says she may not have powers but she wants to stop them and Joe is the only one she knows who wants to do that as well. Joe welcomes her to the task force and tells her not to be late.

Before Joe can leave he is greeted by his wife. She wanted to see him and their daughter.

Dr. Stein approaches Cisco about two hunches in one day and Cisco is forced to tell him that he is starting to perceive horrible things. He says he gets a vibe and then a vision of something that's already happened but then it disappears. Dr. Stein wants to study it but Cisco doesn't want anyone else to know. Instead, he just wants it to stop. Cisco says that Wells told him that he gave him the power. He makes Dr. Stein promise not to tell anyone about it.

Just then, Cisco and Dr. Stein used electrophotography and found 52 breaches scattered across Central City. The most active portal is in S.T.A.R. Labs.

Before Dr. Stein can finish his report he collapses. A flash into the other world occurs and it's Dr. Wells. He appears to be alive somehow.

"Flash of Two Worlds" is brings revelations of a new villain that the team must prepare for. Clarity continues to come with each episode of The Flash.

Zoom is sending a lot of meta-humans to do his dirty work but there should come a time where he and Barry meet.

Fans who want more "The Flash" extras can head over to The CW to find out more about their favorite super hero and his team.

Photos that sum up tonight's episode.

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