'The Flash' Recap: 'Family of Rogues' Season 2 Episode 3, Captain Colds Kidnapping

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This season of CWTV's The Flash is already racing on. In "Family of Rogues," the third episode of the second season, Barry finds himself in a tough situation when he embarks on saving a former enemy, Captain Cold.

Captain Cold, Leonard Snart, winds up kidnapped and in order to save him, Barry and his team have to reach out to Lisa, Snart's sister. The cooperative effort is more forced but the Barry, Caitlyn, Cisco, Dr. Stein, Joe and Iris are going to have to find a way to get them out of a bigger jam.

Snart breaks his vow to Barry by working with his father, Colonel Cold a.k.a Lewis Snart on a heist. Barry later struggles with how to handle Snart after his discovery.

Joe has a pretty tough task ahead of him and has a very important decision to make. Meanwhile, Jay is still trying to prep Barry for Zoom.

The chilling episode begins as Barry is working in his lab when Iris calls him frantically asking for his help. She is being chased by two men who are firing at her. Barry tells her that she needs to jump out of the window and he races over and catches her. Barry saves her and tells her that no story is worth her life.

They are both happy that she escaped it. Meanwhile, the team has located the wormhole and apparently contained it. Jay says that the wormhole is his way home. Everything they put through the wormhole keeps bouncing back.

Dr. Stein is awake and trying to help the team decipher what's going on with the wormhole. They need to stabilize their end and the "hallway" in order for the wormhole to work properly. Joe is trying to pay his wife to walk away from him and Iris.

Joe says it's been 20 years, why is it different now. She says that he has done a great job raising Iris but she needs her mother.

Meanwhile, Barry runs into Patty while grabbing some coffee for his friends.

Caitlyn is worried about Dr. Stein and when she strays away to check on her, Cisco, Barry and Iris bump into Lisa Snart, who tells them that her brother has been kidnapped.

Lisa said she saw it happen and said she saw him getting thrown into the back of a van. Before she could do anything she was knocked out. Lisa says that Barry owes Snart a favor and Cisco agrees.

They trace the gun and Barry rushes over to see if Lisa is a liar. The Flash finds Snart who doesn't seem to be in distress at all.

Meanwhile Captain Cold freezes Barry and out from the shadows comes Lewis Snart. Cisco manages to thaw The Flash off but the Snarts are gone before he could trace them.

When Barry tells Lisa about what happened she actually seems surprised. She says Leonard would never work with their father and shows them a scar she got from merely being a daughter. She walks out and Cisco goes after her. Lisa tells Cisco that her father first came after her when she was seven.

She suffered physical abuse for years. Cisco says he's sorry and Lisa says if it wasn't for Leonard she would have ended up being worse.

She vows to protect her brother and says that if he is with Lewis, he is in serious trouble.

Joe visits Iris at work and she has her own front-page story. Before he could tell her about her mother, she is beckoned away from an accomplishment and he tells her it can wait. Barry visits Snart at a bar and asks why he's helping his father.

Barry tells him to let him in so he can help him. Snart tells him he needs to stop saving people who don't want to be saved. Barry tells him that he will take both of them down.

Joe tells Barry that Iris' mom is actually alive. Joe lied to them all because his wife did everything wrong. Barry tells Joe that he always has good reasons for the decisions he made. He relates the situation to Lewis and Leonard Snart.

He tells Joe he needs to trust in Iris and tell her the truth but Joe is scared of losing her. Barry says Joe just needs to give Iris a chance.

Lewis is planning a heist with his son. Captain cold is actually having trouble going along with his father's plan and when their accomplice tries to fight Leonard, Lewis blows his head off.

Joe and Barry meet Patty who tells them something is weird of the crime scene. They come across the headless body of the Snarts accomplice. Barry lets Joe in on his theory that Captain Cold is being forced to commit the robbery because Lewis is threatening his sister.

Jay has a chat with Caitlyn, who asks him what he is going to do if he goes back to his world and doesn't gain his powers back. Caitlyn tells him being a superhero is about helping as much as you can where you can.

Jay asks Caitlyn to help him with the stabilizer but Cisco calls her. Lisa has thermite on her skin, she has been injected with the same bomb material as the headless accomplice.

Iris visits Joe who tells her she will need to sit down for what he has to say. He says when he was on patrol, a little girl called in and said her mom had taken some pills and wouldn't wake up. The address was his and when he got home, her mother was passed out and unresponsive. Iris was standing over an open flame and could have lost her life.

Joe admits that her mother was a drug addict. Joe confesses that he couldn't locate her mother but not only is she alive, she is in Central City and wants to see her daughter.

Iris is heartbroken and so is Joe after having to confess that he lied to his daughter. Iris says she understands and comforts her father.

The team is working on trying to save Lisa. Cisco scolds Barry and Caitlyn for holding a magnet near the complicated bomb. Cisco says he needs more time to figure out how to extract the bomb. Barry pays Snart another video and tells him that he knows Lewis put a bomb in Lisa.

Just then Lewis walks in and Barry has to lie about his identity. Barry assumes the role of the tech guy and uses his and Snarts encounter at the museum as a way onto the team.

The three of them enter the building with Barry's smooth talk on the guards.

When it's time for Barry to bypass the security system, he does so with ease but is shot by Lewis. Barry hits the ground and all Captain Cold can say is "sorry Barry."

Barry actually caught the bullet before he hit the floor so he is unharmed. Cisco is trying to save Lisa who says that she trusts him with her life. Leonard helps Lewis get pass the lasers and they almost complete the mission.

Cisco may have found himself an admirer and when he is in the middle of disarming the bomb, Barry calls Cisco and tells him they need to get the bomb out now.

Barry buys some time as The Flash and and when Cisco successfully disarms the bomb, Captain Cold blasts his own father with his gun.

He surrenders the gun without a fight and tells Barry that he froze his dad because he broke Lisa's heart.

Captain Cold is locked away in Iron Heights and he and Barry are having a conversation. Barry found out that Captain Cold would do anything to protect his sister. Barry knows that there is good in Snart and that he doesn't have to let his past define him. Leonard says he'll be seeing Barry and hangs up the phone.

Joe asks Barry if he really things Leonard would change and he says he does. Joe thanks Barry for the advice on Iris.

Patty runs into Barry once again and they seem to be getting pretty close. Patty gives Barry her number and it gets a little weird. She begins to ramble and it looks like something is growing there.

Lisa is thanking Cisco for helping her and being her first real friend. She even plants a huge kiss on him before she takes off and Cisco mentions the name Golden Glider. Caitlyn and Jay were able to stabilize the wormhole and Jay has to make his way back home. Caitlyn doesn't want to see him go and the rest of the team says it would be nice to have him around. Jay agrees that once he takes care of Zoom then he can make his way back home.

Dr. Stein has another attack and spouts red flames then blue. They need to stabilize him but in another flash, Dr. Wells makes his way back to present day.

"Family of Rogues" shifts The Flash into another gear.

How can The Flash battle the Meta-Humans and a being from an alternate universe? Zoom is gaining on Barry, but Barry has Central City to protect.

Will it become his weakness? Fans who want more "The Flash" extras can head over to The CW to find out more about their favorite super hero and his team.

Photos that sum up tonight's episode.

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