'The Flash' Recap: 'Escape From Earth-2' Season 2 Episode 14, Killer Frost Switches Sides

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Things get a little chilly during CWTV's The Flash when the Earth-2 crew goes looking for Barry.

In "Escape From Earth-2" episode 14 of season 2, Barry finds out that being held captive isn't quite nice and it forces Wells and Cisco to find a way to locate Zoom.

Earth-2 has already found a way to present its problems with Barry stuck in Zoom's lair with Jesse. So, Cisco, Wells, Iris and Earth-2 Barry enlists the help of Killer Frost who has her own bone to pick with Zoom after he killed Earth-2 Ronnie a.k.a. Deathstorm.

Back on Earth-1 the Geomancer is still on the loose despite being shot at by Joe which makes it imperative that Caitlyn finds a way to perfect the Velocity-9 serum for Jay.

It looks like Danielle Panabaker is really getting the spotlight in this episode.

The episode begins as Zoom races through the city looking for Wells. He vows to scour the city until he hunts Wells down and that he will bring wrath upon everyone. Zoom is going to all lengths in order to get to Wells. Wells tells Henry to alert the labs and Cisco comes in to give Wells the bad news about Barry's kidnapping.

Wells asks Cisco if he was tracked and and the two get into a brief argument about what the right step is. However, Barry on Earth-2 begins calling for help and they need to go release him.

Barry of Earth-2 begins freaking out and demands to know what is going on. They simply apologize to Barry but just then, Zoom arrives at the labs and an alert goes off.

Zoom takes out security and asks Henry where Wells is. Wells brings Cisco and Barry Earth-2 to a time room. Zoom goes through the room but it's actually a fake.

Wells says that Zoom won't fall for another fake and that they need to find a new place. Meanwhile, in Zoom's lair, Jesse and Barry are puzzled as to who the other captive is and later on Barry tells Jesse that her dad hasn't given up looking for her.

Zoom comes in and tells Jesse that she is only alive so that her father can witness her death and Barry is only alive so that Wells can give him The Flash's speed. Then, Zoom plans on killing Wells.

On Earth-1 Geomancer is wreaking Havoc all over the city but Jay has actually managed to stabilize the breach. Jay is worried about the city and he says that Geomancer needs to be stopped.

Caitlyn is working on Velocity-8 but she is worried about Jay because Velocity-7 is causing more cellular damage.

She doesn't want to keep giving him it if it's going to do damage but he says that he is the only city's hope.

Meanwhile, Iris meets her new editor who refuses to run her story because it makes The Flash look like a hero even when the city is still under attack and he is nowhere to be seen.

On Earth-2 Barry meets Iris and explains that the Barry she met was not him. He tells her he knows it's hard to believe and ends up rambling. Cisco and Wells are both there and they reveal that they need to find Zoom's lair. However, Iris says no one can track him. Iris says the only one that can help them is a meta-human who works for Zoom.

Cisco suggests Killer Frost and when she turns out to be the last resort, Barry gets started on a way to track Killer Frost to the Woodlands. Iris wants to tag along to help and when Barry objects she also objects.

Barry wants to tag along but the entire team including his wife says no. Barry insists that if she is going he is going as well. Wells agrees to let him come if he stays out of their way.

Barry recognizes the morse code from the other captive but Jesse says there is no pattern. He tells Jesse that her father says the only person smarter that him is Jesse. Earth-1 barry is able to get Jesse on his side and they begin to realize that the prisoner never goes past five knocks.

Barry recognizes it as a 5-by-5 tap code. They begin trying to decipher the code.

On Earth-1 Caitlyn seems to have skipped Velocity-8 and gone to Velocity-9. That's when Iris comes in and asks Jay for a favor to calm people until Barry gets back from Earth-2.

She says that it could really help people and asks him to think about it.

Then out of nowhere a news message comes through and Geomancer begins terrorizing the city in order to get Jay to meet him face-to-face. Jay demands the Velocity-9 and speeds off.

Jay is racing through the city to meet Geomancer and saves everyone from the building that was collapsing. However, he doesn't get to face off with Geomancer, he got pretty tired and came back to the lab. Jay says he felt fine and it looks like Velocity-9 is a hit. Iris tells him she has everything she needs. Meanwhile, in the lair on Earth-2 Barry finds out that the other prisoner is trying to figure out if Jay Garrick is alive or not.

When he learns that he is alive, he begins losing it. That's when Zoom comes in and stops the communication.

Barry taunts Zoom who puts the beatdown of all beatdowns on Barry. However, Barry seems to be okay and admits that Zoom just showed him how to get out of the cell.

The team finds Killer Frost in the Woodlands and she doesn't seem too happy to see them. They begin asking her for Zoom's location and Cisco tells her that she must be hurt after what Zoom did.

She says that if she told them where he is, Zoom will kill her.

She decides to attack them instead and everyone is forced to split up.

Killer Frost makes a mistake and when she thinks she has Iris, Cisco comes out of the corner and tells her to stop while aiming a gun at her.

Caitlyn begins analyzing her data and she is surprised when she figures out that she might have found a way to save him. However when she calls for Jay, Geomancer enters the lab and and begins to attack while Caitlyn and Iris are the only ones present. Caitlyn is knocked out momentarily by some equipment but when Geomancer threatens Iris and the lab she zaps him with the meta-human gun.

Meanwhile, on Earth-2 Cisco tries to tap into Killer Frost's emotions in order to get her on board with the mission to find Zoom. She caves in and agrees to show them where it is.

She tells them that they are on their way to Ascension Cliffs.

Barry is trying to phase though the glass in his cell and Jesse helps him realize that he has to be going much faster because Earth-2 is on a different frequency from Earth-1. Barry from Earth-2 is worried about the cliffs that they have to climb and Iris says he can stay but he says that she is his wife and he's going. Killer Frost helps the team get up the cliffs.

Meanwhile, Caitlyn shows Jay that his cells could repair themselves with a new serum that she has found. It's fishy that he arrives so late to the scene.

An alarm goes off and they head to check the breach which has now become un-stabilized. He says they need to fix it fast and Caitlyn knows that if they don't her friends will be stuck on Earth-2.

At this point it's safe to say the Jay on Earth-1 might be up to something evil and that the captive in the Zoom's lair might be the real one. However, Jay does seem to be working hard to stabilize the breach. Joe, Iris and Caitlyn get worried when Jay says he doesn't know if they can fix the breach in time.

Meanwhile, the team on Earth-2 enters the lair and Wells shares a hug with his daughter and tries to get her out of her shackles.

They ask Killer Frost for some help but she says it's not part of the deal. Eventually she allows herself to help Jesse but when she tries to help Barry she can get through the glass.

They realize that Barry can't get out and he tells them to leave before Zoom comes back. He says he is not fast enough and that they need to leave before Zoom comes back. He tells them to leave but the other Barry steps up and gives Barry of Earth-1 a pep talk in hopes that it will help The Flash push through and get out of the cell. The Flash takes the words to heart and gives it another shot.

He actually completes it and the entire team gets ready to leave. However, Zoom comes in and they realize that Killer Frost double-crossed them.

Cisco is in shock and Zoom threatens the life of Jesse but Frost steps in and attacks Zoom. The Flash tells the captive that he will come back for him as Killer Frost continues to try and hold Zoom.

Back at the labs, Caitlyn is trying to convince Jay not to risk his life to save the crew. Joe decides that he will also help Jay with the breach if there is a chance that Barry and the team could make it back. They begin the process of restoring the breach and Jay is growing low on Velocity-9. However, they both managed to complete the task and stabilize the breach.

The Flash tells Barry and Iris of Earth-2 to get as far away as they can and they tell him that they have family in Atlantis. Meanwhile, Wells wants Jesse to leave with him and travel to Earth-1.

They get ready to go and Cisco makes it through with Jesse and Zoom almost stops Barry and Wells from coming through.

However they escape and everyone gets through, then, Jay gets too close to the breach and Zoom reaches his hands through Jay's body and pulls him back through the breach.

"Escape From Earth-2" was a thrill-ride of an episode in which everyone in The Flash was tested. Once again Danielle Panabaker is really making both of her characters stand out.

The is a sense of urgency coming and it looks like the final episodes moving forward will be very action-packed.

Fans who want more "The Flash" extras can head over to The CW to find out more about their favorite super hero and his team.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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