'The Flash' Recap: 'Enter Zoom' Season 2 Episode 6, The Showdown

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Last week things got a little touching between Dr. Wells and Jay on CWTV's The Flash. In "Enter Zoom," episode six of season two, Barry is taking Wells advice but not everyone is onboard with his decision.

Barry wants to have a showdown with Zoom and in order to do so, he decides to devise a plan that would help him meet the speedster face to face. Caitlyn, who is still upset that Jay left the team, is still siding with Jay and wants nothing to do with the plan. However, where Barry loses encouragement and support from Caitlyn, he gains it from Cisco, as well as Iris who brings in Linda Park to help.

Last week, Linda's alternate doppelganger Dr. Light was captured by the team. They will exploit Park's likeness with Light in hopes to lure Zoom to Barry, where the two will then face off.

The episode is off to the races as Light and Flash are in a showdown. He seems to be taking some pretty bad punishment and she not only knocks him out, she tells him Zoom always wins. That was 72 hours prior to a conversation between Light and Barry while she is in captivity.

She tells him she was supposed to get something that she could only get from him if she killed him, in order to get back. He tells her he needs her help.

Barry needs Light to take his new emblem from his chest and throw it back to the portal. Wells says that he developed a method to slow Zoom down a bit but he needs a weapon. The guys are all onboard with everything but Caitlyn thinks it's too dangerous. Joe tells the team that they need a plan and Barry's is the best they have.

Meanwhile, Barry gets a call from Patty who needs him at the station. When he leaves Caitlyn and Cisco approach Joe about trusting Wells.

Joe says that he is feeling Wells out but something doesn't seem right. Cisco gives a go at vibing to find out what is going on.

Meanwhile, Wells reminisces about a conversation that Wells had with his daughter who approached him about creating the meta humans and why he doesn't like the Flash. Patty approaches Joe about Dr. Light but Joe tells her the case is closed without an explanation of why.

Barry comes in and she tells Patty about their conversation. They begin talking about how good the kiss and Patty asks for a reminder soon.

Linda approaches Iris at work and she really seems to want to talk to the Flash about Dr. Light and the attack. She wants to help because she doesn't want to see another person hurt again.

Iris tells her that Flash has everything under control. Just then, Cisco goes to check on Light who doesn't appear to be in her holding cell.

Her clothes are on the floor and Cisco realizes that she went invisible once he opens the containment cell. Light rushes out and Barry is too late to catch her.

The team is left staring at Light's costume and Wells says they should have sedated her. Barry had Iris bring Linda to their house for safety just incase. Wells says they should start working again and when Joe tells them maybe they should stop before they do something terrible, Barry agrees and sides with Wells.

He is putting a lot of faith in Wells and Joe asks Barry to talk to Jay and try to get his help. Barry says Jay made it clear that he doesn't want any parts.

Cisco approaches Wells and tries to Vibe him but Wells picks up on it and tells Cisco not to touch him. Caitlyn tells him that he has to continue to try. In another flashback, Wells is in his Earth-2 office working on a weapon when he hears of an attack at the university his daughter is attending.

The attacker captured an unnamed female student before leaving. Back in present day, Patty is still upset after Joe shut her out earlier and she strikes up a conversation.

She says she thinks she figured out why Joe has been shutting her out. She says she thinks it's her fault and Patty admits that she and Barry kissed.

She is surprised by the reaction that Joe gives her when he tells her whatever she and Barry does in private is their business. She starts feeling better about it and expects Joe to tell her something as well, however, he doesn't and she is shut out once again. Barry arrives at home and Iris and Linda are home.

Linda asks him if she is still in danger and and says that she is going crazy. Linda has been cooking to stay occupied.

Iris says something that strikes Barry's mind when Iris mentions Light's likeness to Linda. Barry decides to forget about it because it is too dangerous but Iris believes they should let Linda decide.

Iris leads Linda to the Flash who tells her that he needs her help. Joe walks into a room where a few cardboard cutouts are set up. The team gets Linda ready for a target practice set up. Cisco tells them not to worry because Barry's suit can absorb the light.

Linda is instructed to hit the ones that are Barry, however, she ends up doing the opposite. The test continues with a series of unfortunate events until she is finally able to complete the challenge.

Caitlyn says that Linda can't pull the plan off but Barry has a different outlook.

The test the speed dampener and Cisco finally asks Barry if they are actually going to go through with the plan. Barry says yes and Joe rushes after Barry to ask him why he's pushing the plan.

Joe says that it seems like Barry is still chasing the Reverse Flash. Joe says that Barry seems to be seeking his own sort of revenge and tells him that he better be sure about what he's doing. Linda feels bad about her performance.

The Flash pays her a visit and tells her that she is one of the strongest women he's ever met. He tells her that he needs her to trust him and he knows that he can do it.

Then, he reveals his secret identity to Linda. Linda knows that Barry is the Flash.

Cisco and Wells are working in the office and he reaches out for a handshake to bury the hatchet between them. Cisco creates a few clumsy distractions and accidentally Vibes with Wells. Cisco actually sees that Zoom has his daughter being held captured and apologizes after the vision is over. Patty approaches Joe about their lack of going after Dr.

Light. Patty first thinks that Joe is a dirty cop but he tells her he isn't and he just needs time.

She runs into Barry after Joe and asks him to do dinner but he says he can't because of a thing with Joe. He asks if they could reschedule and she wishes him best of luck.

Linda is waiting for the Flash to show up and he does. They go through a hilarious showdown where the script isn't being carried out properly. Light and Barry appear to be bad actors but things get serious during the attacks. Linda snaps right into character and the episode then picks up where she left off.

She tosses his patch into the portal and nothing seems to be happening. Wells and Joe are perched on a higher level waiting for activity but it's taking some time.

It's been an hour and Barry finally decides to give up. Linda apologizes and Wells appears to be pissed off.

Barry tells Joe that he was right a little bit when he said it was a bit about the Reverse Flash. Barry confesses that Wells said that Barry would not be happy even after he was dead, which means the Reverse Flash had won.

When Barry begins to believe Wells' words, Joe tells him that he needs to go out and get it.

Patty is at the office showing a viral video of babies going through tunnels.

Barry approaches her and before she could show him the video he plants the kiss he owed her and tells her that getting to know her makes him happy.

Iris approaches Linda at work and she jokes about keeping Light's gloves. She says that everything that's happen to her is the best story she an't write. Iris says she can never get use to keeping that secret. Linda decides to head out and when she does, she is greeted by Zoom who captures her and speeds off.

Cisco has just finished putting another patch on Barry's costume as Wells goes through security features. Barry gets a call from Iris and the team knows that Zoom has Linda.

Zoom is holding Linda as bait at the top of the tower and lets her go. Barry saves her and tells her she needs to get out of there.

Zoom and the Flash are face to face and it looks like it's about to go down.

Barry begins running in circles around Zoom in attempts to throw lightening at Zoom however, Zoom catches the bolt and counters it, knocking Barry down. Wells says that Barry is not alone and loads up a gun. Caitlyn tells Barry to run but he says he wants to see if the serum will work. Barry wants to engage Zoom in a free fall fight but it backfires and Barry is severely hurt. Wells tries to shoot Zoom but Zoom catches the dart and jams it into Barry.

He then tells Wells that he is next. He proceeds to parade a semi-lifeless Flash around and runs throughout the city telling the citizens to look at their hero. He finally ends up at STAR labs where he confronts Wells.

Wells said he made a mistake and just before Zoom kills Barry, Cisco hits him with a dart. Zoom gets away and Wells screams.

Joe is angry at Wells and wants to hurt him but Cisco brings up Jessie. He tells Wells that he saw his daughter who is being held captive by Zoom. Wells admits everything to Joe and says that he was wrong to think that he could capture Zoom with Barry's help.

Later on Barry wakes up to his team who tells him it was pretty bad.

Linda is safe but when he asks about Zoom, Cisco tells him he has to stay put. When Barry tries to move he tells Cisco and Caitlyn that he can't move his legs.

"Enter Zoom" is yet another successful installment in The Flash. The show is really beginning to prove that it wants to do the comic book and original characters justice with a new spin.

It almost seems surreal that after dating Linda, Barry would need her help in order to try to take down an evil villain.

From this episode, fans know that there is a lot more to expect from the remaining season of the show.

Fans who want more "The Flash" extras can head over to The CW to find out more about their favorite super hero and his team.

Photos that sum up tonight's episode.

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