'The Flash' Recap: 'The Darkness and the Light' Season 2 Episode 5, Zoom's Creator

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In a strange turn of events, Dr. Harrison Wells has returned to CWTV's The Flash. In "The Darkness and the Light," the episode five of season two, Barry learns the truth behind Wells' return.

Another villain from the alternate world has breached Central City through the portal. Her name is Dr. Light and she is a metahuman from Earth-Two. Barry will also need the help of Jay Garrick if he plans on defeating Dr. Light. When Dr.

Light and the Flash engage in a fight, he is temporarily blinded and she unveils some pretty shocking information about Zoom. Barry finally listens to Joe and takes Patty on a date. Iris is still dealing with last week's emotions.

Meanwhile, Caitlyn tells Garrick that Wells has returned and Cisco helps team Flash in defeating Dr. Light.

Wells introduces himself to team Flash and Barry tells them that he saved his life against King Shark. Cisco can't believe it and Caitlyn wants to run tests but Wells suggests that he is his own man and that he is responsible for creating Zoom and all of the metahumans. He wants to do something about it and tells the team that Zoom is obsessed with speed and he won't stop until he kills the Flash.

They are all very reluctant to join forces with Barry. Just then Joe storms in and fires shots at Wells, however, Barry saves Wells. Joe is upset and confused as to how Wells is alive.

Barry has to calm Joe down and explain to him that this is the Wells from Earth-Two. He has to tell Joe that he is resisting the urge to kill him. Joe said he wants one week where they aren't reminded someone about their past. Linda's paper is being sued for a story and Iris is there to witness Linda's ferocity.

Iris gets a text from Joe and he fills her in on Wells. He asks her if she is okay and clearly she is thinking about what she discovered.

Joe gives her a gun and says you can't murder somebody that everybody thinks is dead.

Barry is trying to convince Cisco that he needs to give Wells some time when Patty overhears their conversation about time travel. Patty tells a story about how King Shark almost ate the Flash. Barry panics throughout his entire conversation, especially after he has some built up feelings.

Cisco lectures Barry on trying to ask Patty out and then gets turned down when he tries to show him how it's done. Just then Cisco has a pretty bad flash of a breacher at Central City Bank.

He tells Barry he has to go now and that's where Barry will meet with Dr. Light.

Flash meets Dr. Light who greets him with an attack and escapes in no time. She can derive power from starlight and they want to use her to lure Zoom. Garrick shows up and tells Wells that they are not luring Zoom there.

The two have met before and the two have an argument about what to do with light. Barry interjects and tells them they will find out what to do with her later.

He also asks how Cisco knew about Dr. Light and he nervously brushes everything off.

Barry runs into Patty again and before he lets her go he confuses he with a question of a date. Patty is nervous but Barry makes the date and they both seem extremely happy. Cisco approaches Wells about using his lab without his permission. They discuss the evil Wells and the Earth-Two Wells asks what the old Wells did.

Cisco tells him and says that he is only alive because Barry undid it with time travel. Wells says that Cisco doesn't have to like him but he will have to learn to work with him.

Dr. Light is approached by the Flash and tries to talk to her about giving her help from Zoom. When she takes her mask off, Barry realizes that Dr. Light is Linda Park. She touches Barry and he has a flash of blindness.

He radios in and tells his team that he can't see. The blindness is taking a long time to wear away but because of Barry's capability to heal fast he should be over it soon.

Barry is worried that Dr. Light doesn't know she has a doppelganger and tries to go help but he can't. Garrick has to take over and tells Barry to stay put until his sight comes back.

Barry talks to Iris about what's going on with her mother when he gets a message. Iris tells him that she will help him and reads the message from Patty. She finds out about the date and thinks it's awesome. Barry shows up to dinner with glasses and Cisco is guiding him on his date with Patty.

She notices the glasses but Barry doesn't take them off. She tells a quirky story and really seems pretty nervous. Barry and Cisco make a great team as they sweet talk their way together.

Caitlyn and Jay are having coffee at their stakeout and he tells her how he fought Zoom many times and barely escaped with his life each time. Jay doesn't want Barry to suffer the same fate he did by having his powers taken away. Jay doesn't seem to know what Wells is getting at yet and Caitlyn says she doesn't trust Wells but she does trust him.

Barry tells Patty his story of waking up from a coma and she matches with a story of how she almost died swimming. They both cheated death and have been through a lot it their lives.

Patty actually discovers that Barry can't see her and he says he had his pupils dilated and didn't want to miss the date. She is pretty impressed by his commitment.

Caitlyn and Jay are having a conversation of their own that is somewhat of a coffee date. Before they can kiss, they are attacked by Dr. Light. She makes her way into the Central City Citizen and sets her sight on Linda. She orders everyone out but Iris says that Linda of Earth-One is coming with the rest of them. Dr.

Light tells Linda she wants her light. Jay wakes up after having the stakeout van flipped over. Dr.

Light wants Linda's light to take her place on Earth-One. When Jay comes in to confront Dr. Light, she attacks everyone in the room pushing them back.

Barry is at the end of his date and shares a passionate kiss with Patty. Now that Barry can see he gets his eyesight back and can tell her how great she looks honestly. They both get a call about an attack at the Central City Citizen and they head over. Iris managed to save Linda's life and Patty and Barry arrive to the aftermath. Barry blames himself for not being there and decides to use the helmet to help.

Wells is continuing to blame the entire team for not letting Barry capture Dr. Light.

Wells believes that Barry can beat Zoom but Jay can't. Wells calls Jay a coward and a fight ensues. Barry has to break them up and separate them.

Wells tells Barry that he should be the one teaching Jay, not the other way around. Barry tells Wells about his encounter with the old Harrison Wells. Earth-2 wells maintains that he is not the same man.

They come back to the team and Wells says he can use the helmet to locate Dr. Light.

He let's Cisco's secret of having powers out because of a device he created to detect metahumans. Now, the whole team knows that Cisco has had powers the entire time.

Barry is a bit confused as to why Cisco didn't tell them about his powers. Cisco admits that he was afraid of what Wells told him, that he would thank him for the powers and become evil. Wells says they can be sorry later because Cisco needs to locate Dr. Light. Cisco is sure about his powers but it is activated by touch. He touches the mask but nothing seems to happen.

He continues to try and when he thinks about giving up Wells yells at him and orders him to try again. He is pushing Cisco and tells him he can make it happen. It does and Barry rushes off to find Dr.

Light at the train station. Barry finds Dr. Light with Cisco's help and she tells him that she didn't mean to kill the man at the Central City Citizen.

Dr. Light has two ways of getting safe, absorbing Linda's light or killing Barry. She begins an onslaught of attacks on Barry and Wells issues a way for him to take out Dr. Light with his speed.

He has to find her blindspot and generate enough speed to confuse her. He does so and is able to take Dr.

Light out. He was coaxed by Jay who told him not to be like him and that he needed to run towards his problems because he is a better Flash that Jay was.

In the aftermath, Caitlyn and the team thanks Wells for helping them. Barry wants to go with Wells' plan of luring other metahumans to get to Zoom. Jay is not onboard and says that Barry is not ready to take on Zoom by himself. Barry says he has the help of everyone else.

Jay refuses to help Barry, he says that Wells might not be the man who hurt them, but he has just as many secrets as him. Caitlyn asks Jay not to go but he leaves.

Cisco goes back to the coffee shop to get a coffee and surprisingly, the barista he hit on in the beginning of the episode actually opens up to him.

She introduces herself and tells him that she is new to central city.

Cisco, Barry and Caitlyn discuss everything that has happened. They even come up with a superhero name for him.

Vibe. Zoom approaches a woman that is being held captive. He says that he will find her father and kill him. The woman Cisco met is actually, Kendra Saunders or Hawkgirl.

"The Darkness and the Light" proved to be one of the most shocking episodes yet. Those who weren't fans of the comic may not have seen it coming when Wells' revealed that he was the one who created Zoom.

Now, Wells intends on taking him down and helping Barry do it.

However, can he be trust? Fans who want more "The Flash" extras can head over to The CW to find out more about their favorite super hero and his team.

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