'The Flash' Recap 'Crazy For You,' Season 1 Episode 12, Barry Finds Romance

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The action continues this week for "The Flash" as Barry tries to move on with his love life in "Crazy For You" the twelfth episode of the shows first season.

His duties as the Flash don't stop as another meta-human named "Peek-A-Boo" shows up.

When Caitlin and Barry go out for a little fun at the karaoke bar, their search for new love is just 50 percent successful as Caitlin can't seem to move on. Barry slows things down a little and uses his smooth talk to get a date with a sports reporter, Linda Park. Cisco is actually thinking about taking Hartley up on his dangerous offer but there are many complications that arise.

Shawna aka Peek-A-Boo shows up on the meta-human radar and holds the power of teleportation. She lands on the radar after helping her boyfriend escape from Iron Heights.

Tonights episode kicks off as a two people are trapped in a car that's turned upside down. They are in grave danger as they could be electrocuted from live wires or die in an explosion. But not on The Flash's watch. Flash manages to swoop in and save them both who thank him.

The crew tells Barry that that was the fastest he has ever been. Wells tells him that he needs rest and when Cisco asks everyone to head out for a drink and they all decline.

Caitlin gets on Cisco's case for sneaking into her work and tells him that she needs to move on with her life. Even after Cisco tells her what Hartley told him, she still disagrees and walks away.

Meanwhile, the new meta-human Shawna or Peek-A-Boo breaks her boyfriend out of Iron Heights by using her ability to teleport in and out of anywhere. Her boyfriend is amazed by her new talent and the two drive off.

Joe approaches Barry about the break out but Barry tells him that he lead the trail outside.

Barry greets his dad who is walking by as they investigate the scene of the crime. Joe put it all together so that Barry can see his dad and Barry thanks him.

Shawna's boyfriend asks her how she ended up with the powers and she said she just woke up with the powers. Shawna's boyfriend is thinking about using her powers in order to pay off his old boss before he is hunted down and killed. As the team analyzes the data Wells notices that there is two sets of DNA one belonging to a woman.

They figure out that it's Shawna and work to begin tracking her. Cisco pays Hartley a visit and asks him why Professor Stein was present when Ronnie disappeared.

Hartley refuses to give him any information unless he is released and makes a pretty good case.

Cisco has the look on his face that would lead fans to believe he is considering it and looks back at Hartley one last time.

Barry has coffee with Iris and tells her how happy he was to see his dad without a wall separating them. Iris tells him that her boss only wants her to write about the Flash and she is afraid she will be fired if she can't find a story. Barry offers to help and the two share a mini moment.

Cisco prepares to let Hartley out meanwhile, Barry and Joe grab some quick information about Shawna's boyfriend. Cisco lets Hartley out and he leads him to a bomb shadow that was caused by the accelerator explosion.

The shadow happens to be Stein's shadow. Cisco is attacked by Hartley and puts up a pretty good fight, he is able to gain the upper hand through technology and threatens Hartley to tell him what happened to Hartley.

Caitlin analyzes the particles from Shawna but Barry notices that she is biting her lower lip that means something is wrong. Barry lectures her about the lack of social life between them, but the next thing they know, Barry has to go ruin a robbery attempt by Shawn a and her boyfriend.

Shawna is greeted by Flash. As he tries to stop her, she uses her powers to teleport out of his reach and manages to escape when her boyfriend Clay fires a shot at barry.

Barry was lucky to escape with just a flesh wound. Wells was able to figure out that she has the ability to teleport and Caitlin is actually the one who coins the name Peek-A-Boo. Barry meets Iris to see if she needs help with the story but she is busy having dinner with Eddie's parents leaving his night free.

He calls Caitlin and and asks her what bars Shawna and Clay frequent and the two set out on a night out at the Karaoke bar.

barry is astounded by Caitlin's outfit and she says that she wants to look for someone new while they work. After they analyze their relationship woes, Caitlin throws back a drink and elects to start a tab.

Hartley and Cisco continue to dig for more information on Stein and it looks like Ronnie and Stein have merged together. Just then, Hartley reveals that Ronnie is gone and Stein is all that exists before a surprise attack on Cisco.

Meanwhile, a drunk Caitlin assigns herself and Barry to do a little Karaoke and Grant Gustin gets a chance to show off his real life singing skills.

After the performance, Barry meets Linda at a bar and she helps him close out his tab while paying him plenty of compliments on her singing.

Linda is intrigued by Barry and asks if he is with Caitlin he denies it and Linda cleverly gives him her number. Barry whisks Caitlin away because she's had a little too much to drink.

Clay gives his old boss the money but things are not squared away at all.

Shawna shows her skills and Clay's ex-boss makes a proposition but before they could answer the police storm in to break up the scene hitting Clay in the process. Before Joe could get to Shawna she teleports with Clay.

This episode is definitely one of the better ones as of lately. The ante is turned all the way up and now Cisco has some very bad news to deliver to Caitlin who is just trying to move on with her life. Barry races Caitlin home and sees her to her room.

Caitlin asks him if he is going to call Linda and she tells him that he shouldn't let her slip away.

She gives some great drunk advice when Barry finishes helping her change and being the good guy he is, Barry stays with her until she falls asleep.

The next day, Barry greets a very hung over Caitlin but more importantly, Cisco has to admit that he let Hartley out of captivity and also that he sealed Ronnie into the accelerator before it blew. Cisco was clearly struggling with the fact that he was the one who caused Ronnie to be trapped, but Caitlin easily forgives him and tells him that it wasn't his fault.

The team gathers themselves and prepares to catch Shawna.

Wells reveals that Shawna needs to see where she is going before she teleports exposing a weakness. Barry receives a phone call telling him that his father has been stabbed in prison.

Barry visits his dad in the hospital after the incident to find that he is okay. He is upset that both of his father figures didn't tell him that they were working together but his father says that helping gave him a sense of importance. Barry asks who beat him up and his father says it was Julius. Flash breaks Julius out of jail and threatens him to tell him where his boss is going to be.

Flash leaves Julius out in the cold to catch the shipment in progress. Shawna and Clay catch up to it first and steal their cut back.

Shawna approaches Barry when he catches up to her and Clay and they begin a battle of speed and wits. Clay is done watching and drives off with Shawna entering the car.

Barry uses his new found knowledge to stop Shawna who has been left by Clay. Shawna is the newest prisoner in the teams collection of meta-humans. Barry tries to convince Shawna that Clay is bad news but she is still in love with him.

Caitlin apologizes for being a drunken mess. Barry tells her hey both need to move on and Caitlin comes to terms with Ronnie being gone. They have a slight moment showing signs of a possible love interest besides Linda.

Flash pays Iris a visit and helps her with her story by handing her a file for Clay and a she is able to snap a quick photo. Barry tells Iris that he isn't at her job to see her but pick Linda for a date.

Barry quickly hurries off with Linda and there is a tinge of jealousy on Iris' face.

Barry visits his dad who is picking up on his real identity but Barry tries to shake it off but his father knows the truth and pours a whole lot of emotion on him.

He tells him to be careful, stay safe and that he is so proud of him.

In the tunnels of Central City some construction workers are greeted by GORILLA GRODD! That's right fans finally get to see Grodd after the preview earlier this season and it all awesome! Fans will now have the privilege to see one of DC's smartest and toughest villains.

The Peek-A-Boo was yet another interesting character that "The Flash" had to face but even she is no match for the speedy superhero. Dr.

Wells evil is showing more by the week and it seems like the battle between he and Barry might be waning closer.

As Barry continues to reach new heights of his power only time will tell whether or not he can defeat the Reverse Flash.

The first season of "The Flash" continues to impress this week but fans will need to tune in next week on The CW to find out what happens next.