'The Flash' Recap: 'Back To Normal' Season 2 Episode 19, The Flash V.S. Griffin Grey

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Now that Barry is back to normal there is no telling what's next on CWTV's The Flash.

In "Back To Normal," episode 19 of season two, Barry has a run in with a meta-human named Griffin Grey, the only problem is he has no super powers to help him.

Griffin Grey, holds Wells captive in search for a cure for his powers. What Grey doesn't know is that Earth-1 Wells is no more and that he is demanding answers from Earth-2 Wells. While Wells has been trying to keep his daughter out of trouble, Jesse is the one that Barry and the team turns to to help locate Grey and figured out how they can save him.

After seeing what went on at S.T.A.R. Labs and being kidnapped, Wally is seeking answers from Joe as to what is going on between him and The Flash.

Zoom is still holding Caitlyn hostage and Cisco has to help Barry in anyway that he can.

The episode begins as Barry narrates what it's like for the people of Central City on a normal day. It was all a dream of him speeding through life, however, when he wakes up it's the bus and waiting in line for coffee. He is truly a normal guy.

Cisco is trying to Vibe with Jay's old helmet and he sees Caitlyn in Zoom's lair. He says she is scared and Barry wants to help her however he can't without his powers.

Wells blames Barry for everything that has happened and decides that he is going to try to find Jesse before Zoom does. He explains how he tracked Jesse and Iris asks what he plans on doing with a gun.

He says he will need protection incase someone spots him.

Barry is already feeling guilty and Cisco goes to his lab to try to find more possible solutions. Barry tells Joe he is going to go work in his lab because it's the only way he can fight crime.

Meanwhile, Hunter is trying to offer Caitlyn food and he says he cares about her but she only thinks that he cares about himself. Hunter says he knows she thinks he is a monster but it will change. Caitlyn asks why he is keeping her there and he says she is being kept because he loves her and maybe one day she will remember that she loves him too.

Caitlyn is not shackled and starts moving around the lair, that's when she finds the other prisoner in the cell. She also finds her doppelganger Killer Frost in another cell.

Wally meets Joe at work and he wants answers when it comes to The Flash. He noticed that The Flash is always showing up. Wally believes that his father knows who The Flash is and he wants a meeting set up between the two.

Joe says maybe one day but not now. Wells arrives at an apartment and he is greeted be a girl she doesn't recognize. He says he is looking for Jesse and Jesse comes out.

Wells explains how he found her and then tells her that they need to go. Jesse says she is going to pass and Wells tells her they need to leave once more but Jesse says she is not going anywhere with him again.

She blames everything that has happened on him, she tells Wells that he killed a man and that she is just as afraid of him as she is Zoom.

Wells leaves but he is stopped by Griffin Grey who hits the car and kidnaps him.

Barry watches reports of violence helplessly but Cisco tells him he shouldn't watch it. Just then an alarm goes off and Cisco says it's the camera from Wells' van. It shows the kidnapping of Wells but they have a location.

Barry decides to go out and check the location and Cisco decides to analyze information from the video. Barry says Wells may have visited Jesse first and calls Iris for a favor.

Caitlyn gets acquainted with Killer Frost who seems annoyed with her fellow prisoners. Both Caitlyn and Frost have no idea why she is there. Frost tells Caitlyn that she is going to help her get out and in return she will help her down the mountain.

It looks like Caitlyn and her doppelganger might be working together. Barry examines the van as Iris keeps a lookout. Barry believes that it could be a meta from Earth-2 and they decide to find Jesse fast.

Wells is trying to communicate using his watch but it won't work. Wells is approached by Grey who says he should know him. Grey claims to be one of Wells' mistake.

He wants Wells to fix what the particle accelerator did to him. He shows off his super powers and Wells thinks that it is impressive.

Wells says there shouldn't be anything wrong with super strength, however, Grey reveals that he is supposed to be 18-years-old and he is aging rapidly.

Wells says there is nothing he can do to fix it and Grey threatens Wells' life unless he can fix him.

Jesse, Iris and Barry arrive at the lab and Jesse is feeling guilty already. Cisco presents them with the evidence of Grey and they realize that he has aged thanks to a blood sample. Jesse says she could help fill in for Caitlyn and the team is surprised when they realize Jesse had five majors. Everyone splits up to save Wells.

Meanwhile, Caitlyn is trying to get Killer Frost out of her cell and asks for a back story in the meantime. Frost revealed she flunked out of med school and got hit by dark matter.

They realize that their mothers were pretty alike but Frost had a brother and Caitlyn didn't. Caitlyn explains how her makeshift invention works and Frost seems delighted to get out.

Back on Earth-1, Wally visits Joe again to ask about The Flash. Joe says it's not happening and it's impossible. Wally says he owes The Flash a thank you for saving his life.

Wally says he has been reckless his whole life, however, it wasn't until Zoom took him that he really thought he was going to die. He says The Flash gave up his powers to save him and he needs to tell him how much that means to him.

Joe tells Wally to give him some time to see what he can do.

Cisco returns to the lab and Barry tells them that facial recognition picked Grey up. Barry says regardless of his powers he needs to try to help.

Cisco goes along for back up and they urge Jesse to stay behind. Joe, Barry and Cisco are moving through the holding area when they come across Grey.

Grey denies letting Wells go and begins flexing his power on everyone. Barry tells them to keep him distracted and takes off.

Barry tries to be a hero but Grey hurls a barrel at him and knocks him down. Grey takes off and Barry says he thinks he needs some medical attention.

Barry is being treated by Iris and Jesse reveals how Grey's power works and how he is aging. They need to get him to exert too much energy. Cisco decides that he is going to try to alter Barry's suit to gain some advantages.

Barry and Iris have a chat and he tells her that she is the first person he saved when he got his powers.

He revisits the moment and now he says he doesn't know who he is anymore. Iris tells him is supposed to be the guy that he has always been, a hero.

Grey presents Wells with everything he asked for in order to try and reverse the effects. Grey asks him how he sleeps at night and reveals that he had someone in his life that he cared about.

He talked about his girlfriend Jenny who he was going to marry. He says all of his dreams ended and his girlfriend doesn't even recognize him.

Grey says he was robbed of her and Wells tells him to be quiet so he can concentrate. He says that the City was ruined when the particle accelerator exploded. Caitlyn manages to break Killer Frost's cell and the other prisoner continues to pound on the glass.

Frost says she doesn't think he is going to get out and neither is she.

Frost begins attacking Caitlyn and realizes that Zoom didn't kill her because they looked just like each other.

Before Frost could kill Caitlyn, he kills Killer Frost. Hunter warns Caitlyn that if she tries this with the other prisoner, he will die as well.

They locate Wells and Cisco reveals that they upgraded the internal lining of the suit. They couldn't get much so they only covered the chest part of the suit and it will also only absorb one punch.

Wells has finished a serum that should cure Grey and asks him to be optimistic.

Grey realizes that Wells was just diluting a compound for a half hour and Wells says there is no helping him. Grey begins his attack on Wells when he sees Team Flash on the screen.

Iris, Cisco and Jesse are in the van while Joe and Barry are getting ready to attack. On Cisco's mark, Iris hits the lights and Barry does his best to attack Grey. Joe and Cisco are attacked when they try to help and Barry causes a distraction to lure Grey away.

Grey lands the only punch Barry can take and Barry now has to dodge all of the punches. Barry takes a final punch and Grey has completed exerted himself.

The entire team rushes to free Wells and Jesse apologizes to her father who apologizes to her as well. Wells and Jesse make themselves at home in the new holding and Jesse says she left him because she is the reason he killed someone.

Wells says what he has done is unforgivable but when her mother died, something inside of him broke.

He swore on her grave that he would protect Jesse and when she was taken he snapped.

Jesse understands why he did everything but she needs to know that it's not going to happen again.

Wells promises to be the kind of father she can be proud of if she promises never to run away from him again.

Joe brings Wally to a rooftop to meet the The Flash and Wally is pretty nervous. The Flash arrives and Wally thanks him for saving his life. Wally says he knows it came at a huge price and he doesn't know how he could ever repay him.

Wally says he will not waste the chance that he was given. Back at Zoom's lair Hunter tries to talk to Caitlyn but she just tells him to stay away.

He says that Killer Frost tried to kill her and he should thank her. Caitlyn says she just wants to leave and asks him to take her back to her Earth. Zoom says if she wants to go home they can go, he plans on conquering Earth-1. Barry is in the lab early and Wells meets him there.

Barry says he has no idea how to get Caitlyn back without his powers and Wells says he can't. Wells says Grey kidnapped him because he thought he was Harrison Wells.

He says he can't help but think he still hasn't paid for what he did.

Barry asks him what he meant and Wells says he can't forget about what he has done, Wells says he is going to help Barry get his speed back by creating another particle accelerator explosion.

"Back To Normal" finds Barry in a pretty peculiar and helpless situation.

The Flash continues to raise the bar when it comes to their high intensity and ever-growing problems that revolve around other speedsters.

Fans who want more "The Flash" extras can head over to The CW to find out more about their favorite super hero and his team.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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