'The Flash' Recap 'All Star Team Up' Season 1 Episode 18, The Flash & Atom V.S. The Bug-Eyed Bandit

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As Barry is now aware of the threat Dr.

Wells poses, "The Flash" story line is heats up. This week in, "All Star Team Up," the eighteenth episode of the first season, The Flash recieves a visit from his old friend Felicity and Ray Palmer.

Felicity Smoak and Ray Palmer visit Central City, but they aren't here to see Barry at work. They head over to S.T.A.R. Labs so that Ray can have some finishing touches done on his Atom suit. When an evil meta-human named Brie Larvin or the Bug-Eyed Bandit, lets hundreds of robotic bees loose to attack and kill innocent coworkers, "The Flash" and the Atom have to join forces to take her down.

It seems odd that Barry would need help after all he's accomplished but the Atom is in the right place at the right time.

While in Central City the crew decides to have a group dinner with Barry, Felicity, Ray, Iris and Eddie but it goes very sour as expected with that group of names.

The crossover episode kicks off as a group of evil doers tries to escape Joe and Eddie. They call upon Barry and it looks like he's been racing around the city. It's spectacular to see them work as a unit and they are able to take down a ton of suspects. Meanwhile a doctor is leaving her hospital when she is attacked by a swarm of robotic bees.

The next day, Eddie, Joe and Barry inspect the crime scene. When Barry says he will work on the DNA samples on his own, Joe talks to him about heading over to S.T.A.R. Labs despite his feelings against Wells. They need to lay low with their information and not even Cisco or Caitlin.

The S.T.A.R. Labs crew begin discussing possibilities to on how the bees work when they are interrupted by Felicity for a show.

Ray/The Atom has a bumpy landing in his Atom suit but he manages to introduce himself in a wholesome manner.

The partnership between Joe, Thawne and Barry is a bit unsettling seeing as Eddie's dad was the one who practically possessed Wells.

For now, fans will give him the benefit of the doubt, but how long until he is let in on the truth?

Barry and Felicity discuss her untimely visit but before they can, Cisco and Caitlin are already helping Ray find a name for his superhero form. Ray wants some help on trying to make his suit more comfortable. Barry is reluctant with all of the underground investigation that he is doing on his own against Wells. Meanwhile, Iris approaches Eddie about his efficiency on the job and asks whether or not he's working with the Flash.

Eddie is beginning to crack and doesn't want to lie to Iris any longer but Joe talks him down. Barry is having a hard time opening up to Felicity about what's going on and before he can, Eddie interrupts.

He is nervous that the secret of Barry's identity is bridging a gap between he and Iris. Felicity proposes a dinner date where Barry will be the fifth wheel.

Brie Larvan is getting ready for a new attack while Ray and Cisco are bonding about the new suit. Cisco blacks out for a second and it looks like he remembers his death at the hands of Wells.

Caitlin calls for Cisco and Ray as she sends Barry on a mission to save Larvan's victims.

Barry arrives and it's not too long until he comes face to face with a swarm of bees. Before Barry could escape he is attacked and he goes into cardiac arrest.

Joe calls Cisco in a panic and he begins the process of jump starting Barry's heart. They are able to save Barry and Joe is in both disbelief and relief. Cisco made a costly mistake and Barry almost died because of it and when Felicity jokes about it Barry becomes defensive.

One of the bees has penetrated the lab and despite a warning from Wells about Barry heading out to dinner, he insists. The five friends have an entire restaurant to themselves and things are sure to get very awkward.

Joe and Cisco are going over the files of the victims who fell at the hands of the bees. Cisco actually stopped by to talk to Joe about Barry and asks if there is something going on with him, something he isn't telling him and Caitlin.

Joe makes up a bunch of excuses about Barry's concern with the Reverse Flash. Upon the mention of the Reverse Flash, Cisco has another flashback of his death in the future.

The dinner begins and Felicity and Ray tell the story of how they met. It actually makes Iris a bit jealous of how close they are. Eddie tries to side with Ray on keeping secrets but Iris still seems angry with him. Barry becomes uncomfortable and has to leave the table. Felicity follows him and Barry finally reveals that Wells is the man that killed his mother.

Barry doesn't know if Cisco and Caitlin are on his side or working with Wells. Ray comes in and interrupts the chat but things are going downhill with Eddie and Iris.

They have a fight and Iris walks out on dinner.

There is an emergency at the lab as one of the bees managed to leak in. Barry saves his friends from the little bee and they learn the bee is in fact a robot.

Cisco marvels at the technology in the bee. The team does a little research and find that the victims of the attacks have something in common. Joe, Barry and Wells receive the name of their suspect and the team begins working on finding Brie.

Felicity reassures Barry that Caitlin and Cisco are trustworthy. Barry pushes back scared that it could backfire if he lets Caitlin and Cisco in.

They are so close to Wells that they could be working against Barry. Felicity tells Barry a story about the first time she met Oliver and puts things into perspective for him.

Barry goes home to find Iris on the couch. She asks him if he things Eddie is cheating on her and Barry has to help Eddie out as much as it pains him. He assures her that Eddie is out there in the darkness doing a job that takes a toll on him.

He says that Eddie just wants her to stay in the light and Iris is surprised that Barry actually made her see things through Eddie's perspective. The bee is reactivated and Felicity trace the bees back to Mercury Labs.

Dr. McGee is in danger and it's up to Wells and his team to save his friend.

The team works effortlessly to figure out a way to save Dr. McGee and it looks like Ray is the only one equipped to handle Brie. Just as the bees begin breaking into Mercury Labs, Ray come sin and saves the day. Barry races over to Brie's hideout to apprehend her, however, he ends up running for his life.

Felicity manages to hack into Brie's computer system and regains control of the bees. Cisco instructs Ray to take a dip into the water so he can kill the bugs.

The Atom manages to do so but makes an emergency landing into the back on the van. Felicity outsmarts Brie and disables all of the remaining bees. They restrain Brie and allow the police to do the rest.

Cisco is bitten by a stray bee and is going into shock. Barry shocks him back to life and it actually works. Barry looks to have a new trust in his team as he calls Cisco a hero. Dr. McGee pays Barry a visit and apologizes for refusing his protection. Barry asks her about the tension between her and Dr.

Wells and she says that 15 years ago they were extremely close. After Wells' wife died she says he became a completely different person. Joe and Barry realize that they can trust Cisco and Barry says goodbye to Ray and Felicity.

Eddie receives a visit from Iris and she tells him how Barry was able to make her understand Eddie's secrets. Iris says it doesn't matter and that she needs to know the truth or they are done.

Cisco and Caitlin are invited to discuss information gathered on the Reverse Flash. Barry breaks the news to them that Dr.

Wells and the Reverse Flash are the same people.

Caitlin is questioning all of it but Cisco is deep in thought and reveals that he's been having dreams of dying at the hands of Dr. Wells and that Wells is the Reverse Flash.

"All Star Team Up," is yet another successful crossover between "The Flash" and "Arrow." It also eludes to the fact that the Atom could be having his own spin off series as well. The truth looms over Barry and now he has some very strategic choices to make.

The Bug-Eyed Bandit ran into some bad luck as she had to face not one but two superheroes looking to take her out.

The end of the season draws near and an epic battle is coming. Fans will need to tune in next week on The CW to find out what happens next.