The Flash 'The Flash Is Born' Recap, S1 EP6, Flash vs. Girder

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Barry and Iris decided to take some time away from each other in last weeks episode of "The Flash," this week in "The Flash Is Born," the sixth episode of the shows first season, Flash must face one of the toughest villains thus far.

Tonight Flash takes on Tony "Girder" Woodward another one of Central City's meta-humans that were affected by the accident that turned Barry into the speed demon superhero. Cisco becomes instrumental as the team struggles to find a way to take down the super-villain with incredible strength.

Iris finds herself in hot water because of her "Red Streak Blog," but bigger issues come up when her boyfriend Eddie sees the destruction that Girder is capable of.

Iris starts writing her blog and thanks the streak for the work that he is doing for the city and just then she is whisked up to the roof by Flash. Flash tries to convince Iris that she needs to stop writing her blog but she just continues to question him.

Flash questions Iris on the motives about her and her blog, but she just says that she and Barry are not on the same page.

In the meantime, trouble strikes and Flash has to rush out on his conversation to follow a hijacked Humvee. As Joe and Eddie fire at the Humvee Eddie notices that he is hitting the target but nothing is happening.

Flash catches up with the villain Girder and he tries to punch him however, he breaks his hand in the process and is put out of misery pretty fast. Back at the lab Cisco and Caitlin are arguing until they see Barry in his state after battle.

His hand is fractured in 13 places and it appears that Barry thinks that he somehow knows Girder. Back at the precinct, Joe is looking over footage of a young Barry trying to explain what he saw when his mother died.

Joe tells Barry that he needs to work with Eddie because he saw something he can't explain. Barry looks to notice the criminal as a big bad bully from his younger days in school. Eddie wakes Barry up from a daydream and tells him that it looks like the bullets sparked off of him when he fired at him.

Iris comes to see Eddie and it is completely awkward between her and Barry. Joe pays Dr. Wells a visit and seeks his help to solve the murder of Barry's mother.

Barry tells Caitlin and Cisco that he knows who the villain is and Cisco has the answer its name is Girder. Barry is still struggling even against the mock metal meta-human, after getting his shoulder put back into place Barry meets his new partner Eddie. Eddie continues to question Barry about he and Iris and tells him that he was once threatened by him.

Barry remembers training against Iris as Joe watched on and Joe told him that it's okay to run the other way if he meets someone he can't fight.

Barry is trying to keep Eddie off the trail and picks up a sample of his own.

Joe continues to seek advice from Dr. Wells and asks him if he believes that someone with the same abilities could have existed being the explosion and Wells denies it.

Barry does something a little dangerous by using his powers while he and Eddie chased a lead.

They catch up with the worker who says that Tony snapped after getting his pink slip and had an accident, meanwhile, Tony pays Iris a visit.

Tony clearly shows up to hit on Iris and also to question her about her blog. Tony tells Iris that he knows that The Flash is a coward and asks her if she knows who The Flash is. When a newsflash shows that tony is wanted Iris rushes to dial the police, however, Tony picks up and crushes her cell.

While Barry and Cisco find out Tony's whereabouts, Caitlin comes in with a cryptic message from Iris asking to speak to The Flash.

When Barry shows up to meet Iris she fills him in on everything and he scolds her about the blog which led Tony to her.

Barry takes off to try to find out more about Tony by checking the accident site and learns his hiding place. Just then he is attacked by Girder. Barry is trapped underneath the rubble after the fight and Caitlin and Cisco find him and bring him back to very upset Dr. Wells.

Cisco tells him that he would have to hit mach one in order to do some damage to Girder. If Barry does not hit the speed he needs, he could shatter every bone in his body.

Joe gives Barry a pep talk just before Eddie comes in asking him to help his relieve his frustration in the gym.

Eddie gives Barry the rundown on how life was like and he even inspired Barry to hit harder than he's ever hit before. Joe and Dr. Wells are continuing to meet about the murder of Barry's mother and Joe stumbles upon the idea that there was another particle accelerator before the one that caused the explosion. Just then, Joe asks him what he was doing before he created the first particle accelerator.

He realized that Dr. Wells opened his labs just one month after Barry's mother was murdered. The conversation goes awry and Dr. Wells takes off.

Tony comes back to Iris once again putting her in grave danger. Meanwhile, Barry and Eddie are working on some boxing moves when an officer tells them that Iris is missing. Cisco and Caitlin are still tampering with the numbers for Barry's top speed. Tony has kidnapped Iris and told her that "The Streak" is dead.

Iris asks him why her and he says because he always liked her, she tries to escape but she is caught by Tony. Joe and Barry get a tip on Tony's whereabouts and Barry is right on the trail.

Flash shows up just in time to save Iris and now a battle ensues between The Flash and Girder. Barry plays to the bullies emotions and looks promising, however, things turn and The Flash is getting hurt pretty bad.

Barry remembers Joe's words about running the other way and gets pretty far in an injured state.

He is 5.3 miles away from the school and starts to run fast enough to make a dent on Tony, however, Iris ends up being the one to deliver the final blow, both suffering broken hands.

This weeks showdown was a little disappointing compared to the first few in the season, however, the sonic boom punch was pretty awesome to watch and fans have got to be happy with The Flash continuing to reach higher speeds week by week.

Tony is locked up by Barry in the meta-human holding cell. Barry reveals who he was to Tony and gives him a speech on using his abilities for the better. He then turns his effort to Cisco and Caitlin to let them know how thankful he is for their help. Joe shows up to Dr.

Wells' office and apologizes for jumping to conclusions. He also apologized and tells Wells how sorry he is for the loss of his wife.


Wells is emotional as he speaks about his wife and how he lost her and Joe still wants Wells' help nonetheless.

Barry finally pays a visit to Iris and it looks like the days of the two not being in each others life is over.

Iris has been following the other meta-humans and she fills Barry in on the ones she has heard of so fast. At that moment Barry finds the perfect word while Iris while she describes "The Flash" and the name is now solidified.

Joe continues to do some more digging and he is confronted by the same meta-human that killed Barry's mother. The meta-human threatens Iris' life if Joe doesn't stop digging.

"The Flash" encountered his toughest villain yet and it looks like he is learning more and more about his abilities with every fight he encounters. After last weeks preview of Gorilla Grodd, is it possible that fans will be able to see Flash take on one of the most famous villains in DC Comics? Fans who want more can head over to or tune in next week at 8 P.M. on The CW.