The Flash 'City of Heroes' Recap, S1 EP1, Flash Meets His Super Mentor A Hero Emerges

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Following the success of the CWTV show "Arrow" another DC Comic hero arises in "The Flash" as it makes it's first season premiere tonight as Barry Allen awakens to his new supersonic powers.

The first glimpse of Barry (Grant Austin) came from "Arrow" in "The Brave and The Bold" episode and as his time on the show ended he was caught in a horrible Star Labs explosion.

Now Barry has awoken nine months after the accident and becomes known as the Fastest Man Alive.

The show begins as Barry is zooming across the entire city with him telling his life story before the accident. He was bullied as a kid and was always concerned because he was never fast enough.

He remembers his parents and witnessed an atomic anomaly that took them away.

The intro continues with Barry running late for his job as a CSI investigator. He appears to be very good at his job and it is a comical start to what will be an epic episode.

He is working for Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) and happens to be best friends with his daughter Iris (Candice Patton).

It appears as if a romance is building and there is ever a reference to twerking.

Barry solved the issue within a few minutes time and he and Iris head to Star Labs. He tires to tell her that he might be interested in him but she friend zones the crap out of him, sorry Barry.

The witness Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) speech about the work that goes on at Star Labs Industries. A thief steals Iris' bag and Barry tries to catch him but ends up on the wrong end of the chase.

Iris' bag is rescued by Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) who also captures her attention with his looks.

Meanwhile, the Detective and his partner check out a farm to find the stolen car parts that were being investigated at the tope of the episode. They are caught in a shoot out and it doesn't end well.

Barry is watching the news about the particle accelerator becoming unstable and while at the lab he notices some dangerous changes, next thing you know he is struck by a huge bolt. He is then rushed to the hospital as Iris tries to get past the doctors and screams for him. Now nine months later Barry awakens from his coma to Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) and Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) at Star Labs.


Wells greets him from his room and explains what happened as the particle accelerator became unstable, creating a storm cloud, which created a lightening bolt which struct Barry.

He explains to Barry that he has had anomalies in his heart rate and he rushes to see Iris despite the warning.

Iris greets him with a huge hug and tells him that she watched him die over and over again. He first notices things are different when time slows down in the coffee shop, but he doesn't say anything to Iris. instead the two get ready to see Detective West. Meanwhile, there is a bank robbery at Gold City bank and it looks like human storm is the one responsible.

There is also a strange exchange between Iris and Thawne that suggests that something happened while Barry was in a coma. Barry starts to notice that he is changing and begins to feel his power and tells Iris he will call her later.

He takes off at what can only be referred to as light-speed to test the powers after damaging two police cruisers by accident.

He returns to Star Labs and with the help of Caitlin, Cisco and Dr Wells where they prepare him to test exactly how fast he really is. Barry notices that Caitlin doesn't smile much and she tells him why. Her career is in turmoil and her husband was killed in the explosion that he lived through. Barry takes off and the three watch in awe as he reaches astonishing speeds until coming to an very unexpected end barreling into the barricade.

Thawne and Detective West investigate the bank robbery and find a match to the description of the robber from surveillance video. Meanwhile, Barry tells Mr.

Wells that his mother was murdered and the memory distracted him which caused him to lose focus and crash.

He tells Mr. West that he saw a man in the ball surrounding his mother that killed her and that his father was wrongfully accused.

Thawne and iris are now an item and Barry finds out by stumbling upon them kissing. She tells Barry he needs to keep it a secret and their conversation is interrupted by a car chase.

Barry enters the chase on foot and the robbers car crashes, then out of nowhere human storm raises the cloud of smoke and causes an explosive distraction to escape.

The first real villain is introduced in this episode and the build up is extremely exciting.

Barry and the Detective talk and he tells him that Clyde Mardon is the robber, upon hearing this the Detective becomes angry and shouts at him reliving the past, which angers Barry. Barry heads to Star Labs and confronts Mr. West giving him a lecture and the two go back and forth.

Wells tells Barry that he does not want to jeopardize anything because Barry wants to be a hero but Barry's tragic past catches up with him and he visits an old friend, The Arrow (Stephen Amell). Arrow tells Barry that the bolt of lightening chose him and that he can be better than The Green Arrow and inspire people, watch over the city, make a difference and save people in a flash.

After some key advice from an old friend which included "wear a mask," Barry takes off and even the Arrow is impressed by what he sees, now this was one of the most epic meetings of the show even though it was very brief.

Barry meets with Caitlin and Cisco and tells them that he has done research and figured out that there were others like him who have been up to no good. Cisco unveils the incredible suit of The Flash and the build up continues. Detective West and Thawne find Mardon and approahc him he tells them that he is god and attacks them with his powers. Mardon starts a twister and the Detective watches helplessly but then Barry comes in to save the day. He has to stop the twister by running in the opposite direction and reach up to 700 MPH. His first try is a failure but Mr. Wells joins his other two helpers and tells him that he is the one that will save everyone. Barry takes off on his second try and busts the twister apart. Barry is approached by Mardon but is saved by the Detective and the Detective actually sees that Barry is the one responsible for saving him. The special effects in this scene are amazing and the show is actually visually ahead of any other on The CW right now.

With the full team of Mr. Wells Cailtin and Cisco assembled something incredible is brewing. West makes Barry promise him that he won't tell Iris about his powers and he finally believes everything that Barry has told him. Barry visits his dad in jail and tells him he got into a fight and won, it is symbolic as the start of the show was similar.

It now takes an emotional turn and Barry tells his dad that he knows he is innocent and that he will find them and stop them. His dad encourages him to let it go and live his life but fans know that this is only the beginning of his journey.

Barry and his father share a very emotional moment as the episode concludes while Cisco puts the finishing touches on the suit Barry is running through the city and and he says "I am Barry Allen and I'm the fastest man alive." Mr.

Wells gets up from his wheelchair showing that he too has a gift which adds to the mystery of the entire season ahead.

The episode has been explosive from the start and already looks to be a top contender for best superhero show on TV. However, it is just the first episode and fans would be better off waiting it out a few episodes before deciding.

It was exciting and adds a completely different feel than "Arrow." Grant Gustin does an excellent job portraying the personality and overall look of The Flash.

Fans who want more can head over to or tune in next week at 8 P.M. on The CW.