FKA Twigs Enchants in the Alluring LP1 : Album Review

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FKA twigs shines in her stellar debut full album, LP1.

A multi-talented visionary artist, she complements her music with stunning and surreal visuals. (Watch Water Me and Two Weeks.) The beginning track titled, "Preface", transports you to the realm of FKA twigs through her ethereal, angelic voice and futuristic sound. Avant-garde and minimalist, LP1 defies and transcends pop conventions and the standard genres.

For example, throughout her songs one hear clicking sounds and sirens. Hard to pinpoint, the sounds are erratic and fragmentary, but blend lucidly.

Her lyrics evoke vulnerability and heartbreak.

As in the track "Pendulum", she asks, 'How does it feel to have me thinking about you? / Wishing my words were enough to consume you.' With that vulnerability, FKA twigs is clear cut: "I can fuck you better than her" ("Two Weeks").

Her music also speaks of sensual desires and fantasies, "I can kiss you for hours" ("Hours").

Under her spell, she slithers place to place like a mesmerizing and sultry snake. FKA twigs is the creator, and she is in control.

LP1 is out now via Young Turks.