Five Unique Websites For Finding New Music To Listen To

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So you're bored with your music library? Overplayed your current playlist to the point of no return? Keep hearing the same songs over and over again on Pandora? Boy, have we got a fix for you!

1. Songza

This website is the sh**, dude. Songza curates a playlist for you based on the time of day, and how you happen to be feeling.

As of writing, it is Wednesday afternoon, and Songza suggests: "Brand New Music" (ding, ding, ding!), as well as music for "Having Fun at Work," "Working (No Lyrics)", "Working to a Beat" and "Keeping Calm & Mellow." A pretty decent line-up for mid-work day, mid-week.

Check it.

2. 8tracks Radio

8tracks Radio is awesome. Depending on what you're looking for, you narrow down what you want to listen to, and are greeted with playlists curated by users on the site.

Playlists are automatically organized by trending status, but you can search by popularity and freshness.

It's refreshing to find music to your taste chosen by actual human beings with similar style. And you can create your own playlists to share as well!

3. The Nostalgia Machine

Technically, this is old music, but it's coming at you in the new age.

All you do is choose a year, such as your birth year, or perhaps the peak of high school, and instruct the Nostalgia Machine to "hit you!" When I chose 1999, I was greeted with Cher's "Believe" and TLC's "No Scrubs" before I even touched the scroll.


4. Musicovery

This site is really cool for finding new music. On the front page, you're greeting with a diagram displaying four moods: Energetic, Positive, Calm, and Dark.

The space is covered with a variety of multi-colored dots, each related to a specific genre.

You can opt out of certain by clicking on it's corresponding, color-coded block, and you can also filter by decade and music popularity. Then you just search around the colorful nodes until you find a tune you enjoy, and click!

5. Neverending Playlist

It's exactly what it sounds like. Type in the name of an artist, or choose a genre, and Never-ending Playlist curates a never ending playlist, primarily from YouTube. Choose "I'm Feeling Lucky" for the ultimate random selection.