Five MTV 'Teen Wolf' Fails

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Approaching its fifth season, "Teen Wolf" is in for a bumpy ride. Ratings took a hit last season, barely making it to 1.5 million views by the end.

The Plot Line

With any show there is bound to be a few holes in a plot because of character changes, or the story shifting in another direction.

With "Teen Wolf", an episode could be really cool and interesting but then never ties into the over arching plot in a way that makes sense.

Or a plot point that seems really kick-ass is dropped like a hot potato that rolls into a deep, dark crevice, never to be seen again.

"Teen Wolf" Cast

This show cannot seem to hold onto actors. At the end of the second season, one of the male leads, Colton Haynes, announced that he would not be reprising the role of Jackson in the upcoming seasons. Soon after, leading lady Crystal Reed, asked to be written off at the end of the third season. Since then actors have been jumping ship.

Beloved characters Isaac Lahey and Danny, played by Daniel Sharman and Keahu Kahuanui, disappeared with only a throw away sentence of explanation. While other small characters, like Mr.

Harris, were killed off. Male lead, Tyler Hoechlin, reported that Derek Hale was no longer a series regular.

Poor Character Development

With all of those actors leaving, a lot of storylines are being dropped and characters aren't being used to their fullest potential. Danny, a known hacker, was said to have no more to add to the show before the show proceed to air an entire season with computers. Cora Hale, Derek's long lost sister, appeared as quickly as she disappeared with the same amount of explanation.

None. Let's just say that if anyone goes on a trip at the end of a season, one of them is not returning. And three brand new characters will be signed on in their place.

Too Much, Yet Not Enough

Since the second season, the plot of the show has revolved around a main bad guy and some mystery villain that is revealed towards the end. That process has been acceptable and even interesting to watch them come together, audience members can often get lost in the mystery.

Seasons are jam-packed with new characters, some like Boyd, Erica, and Cora, are left under-developed and yet central plot points. There's too much on the top layer for anything to be fleshed out on a deeper level.

Loss of Connection

In an attempt to engage the audience and perhaps bring back viewers, Teen Wolf's social media handle announced a contest. Fans were invited to design the main villain of the next season.

Which then turned into this idea that the show had lost so much direction that even the writers were no sure of what to do next.

The promo stunt of talking to dead characters was not received well either. There's not as much build up for this coming season via social network as there was for other seasons.