The Five Best World Cup Goals of 2014 (so far)

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This world cup has been the most exciting in recent memory. Several heavy-weights like Italy, England, and Portugal got knocked out in the first round and teams like Costa Rica and Columbia have been dominating.

In addition to the upsets, the goal count has been astounding with many games having at least two goals in the final score.

One thing we all love to see in the beautiful game is the finesse of a seemingly perfect goal.

We chose not to rank the best goals so far and instead we're focusing on just listing the five best, which is still subjective, but once you see these you will understand why:

James Rodriguez - Columbia vs. Uruguay

James seems to be the darling of the tournament so far and the ladies go wild for him on Twitter.

Jermaine Jones - U.S vs. Portugal

Look at that bend.

Tim Cahill - Australia vs. Nederlands

Amazing one-timer.

Lionel Messi - Argentina v.s Iran

He just makes it look so easy.

Robin van Persie - Nederlands vs. Spain

This is tempting to call the best out of all of these, and you can see why.

One Extra...

Christiano Ronaldo - Ridiculous Moves vs. U.S

There's a reason he's so famous.