Fitness Trainer Massiel 'Mankofit' Arias Motivates Her Instagram Followers: Glutes On Point

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She is known as Mankofit on her social media accounts but Massiel Arias is not joke when it comes to training and her body speaks volumes for the amount of training she does.

"Massiel 'Massy' Indhira Arias is the 25-year-old exuberant Certified Personal trainer also known as Mankofit who is changing lives and inspiring anew generation of trainers," according to her online personal training site.

"Born in the Dominican Republic, Mankofit has been an American resident since the age of 14 and currently resides and trains out of New York City."

Yes her body is indeed built like a goddess, but she is more than just tight abs, a nice booty and over beautiful appearance.

She also makes it a mission to inspire all of her over 1.65 million Instagram followers and and almost 70 thousand Twitter followers.

According to her Instagram page she is also an LA Celebrity personal trainer and from from her social media outlets, viewers can tell that while fitness is important, so is God and goofing around.

#tbt Shoulders shoulders shoulders: here are three of my favorite exercises to round and tone those shoulders . Around the world shoulder raises, lateral raises into front raises, and standing single arm Arnold press. I want to focus on the standing single arm Arnold press! When was the last time you challenged your body? Trying to increase difficulty and progress into your training? Try challenging your balance standing on one leg while doing this press. Not only will you develop a few motor skills) you didn't have before (working on your stabilizing muscles) but you Will specially work your core muscles . Try these exercises and focus on well performed repetitions . Don't rush the burn FOLLOW THE CHALLENGE ON @Mankofit_challenge #misbehave #Godschild _________________________________ #tbt hombros, hombros y mas hombros. Aqui les dejo con tres de mis ejercicios favoritos para hombros. Elevaciones de hombros "alrededor del mundo", elevaciones de hombros laterales seguidos por frontales, y presadas de hombro estilo Arnold parado en una pierna. Quiero enfocarme en las prensadas estil Arnold parados en una pierna . Quieres progresar en tu entrenamiento y retar tu cuerpo? Trata este ejercicio porque no solo vas a desatollar habilidades motoras Que no tenias antes pero trabajaras en tus musculos estabilizadores especialmente tus musculos abdominales. Tratenlos siempre enfocandose en repeticiones pausadas y con buena forma. Sigue el reto en @mankofit_challenge #misbehave #hijadecristo

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"I want to set a great example for people my age, so i will work hard, i will lead by example and show the world my generation is SMART!" tweeted Arias last week.

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According to her website, Arias had a lot of rough patches to overcome in her life and turned to fitness to help her through it.

"Fitness saved Massy's life. Just less than two years ago, Massy hit rock bottom and was drowning in depression. But, Massy refused to succumb to a negative mentality.

She used fitness as her drug to rediscover positivity and happiness in her life, and now she's committed to help you rediscover your happiness.

She doesn't believe in fad diets and quick slimming results. Massy believes in a healthy diet and an active lifestyle in order feel good not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well," says her website.

Arias is one of the few of a new breed of fitness experts on social media. Her Instagram page is not mean to boast or brag about her body.

It is created to motivate others who want to make a lifestyle change.

She serves as a good role model for anyone whether you want to make that lifestyle change or just need some advice, Arias proves that her body and her mind are one and that she will use her outlets to help anyone else she can touch.