Is Twitter And Instagram Star Jen Selter More Than Just A Good Booty?

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The title of "model" has lost a little luster since it has become something every wannabe with an Instagram and Twitter account can claim after posting some glamour shots.

Jen Selter, however, has managed to turn looking good and having a famous rear end into a business.

She has amassed over 700,000 Twitter followers and, unlike many, she's not simply pushing herself, she actually delivers some positive messages on her @JenSelter account.

Selter also shares healthy recipes.

On Instagram, however, fans not looking for fitness tips will be please to see Selter mostly posts picture of her booty, with a few breast shots thrown in to break things up.

Even there though her emphasis seems to be on fitness. Nothing is too revealing and, while the clothes are tight, she is mostly dressed (though her Twitter profile pic is a little risque, it's pretty tame by Internet "model" standrards.

Selter may actually be a good role model. She's fit, not a cartoon, and appears to work hard for what she has.

She also posts sensible advice and does not seem overly in love with herself. Her social media posts are playful and sometimes inspiring. People looking to get into shape could certainly find worse examples online.