First Father & Daughter YouTube Video is Absolutely Adorable

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A YouTube channel called "The Ellie Show" has emerged with a father and daughter team that is pretty hilarious.

YouTube has paved the way for artists and a number of "YouTube Celebrities." It's been such a great means for teens and adults to make some money off of ad revenue that many are opting in to create their own channels.

(Video Below)

"Five-year-old Ellie and I have been doing little household science experiments for years, and for about a year she has has been asking to make videos 'for the YouTubies,'" according to the caption of the video.

"So I finally bought a camera and we decided to release the first video to the world. Hope you enjoy it! We will be adding more content soon, including going over how this experiment works!"

In the video there is the obvious hint of dad humor through false interruption as well as a dad joke. The video is all about Ellie's science experiment which is titled, "The Pepper... Thingy... Experiment." We're sure the titles will only get better with time, after all, this is the first video from the duo.

The experiment involves a bowl of water filled with pepper and soap. It's trying to show how to break up water's high surface tension by introducing soap.

The video was clever, cute and for fans out there could be the start of something pretty cool for parents and kids to enjoy.

Check out the first episode of "The Ellie Show" below.

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