The Fine Bros. React Channel Releases 'Elderly People Playing Grand Theft Auto V' Video

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Picture your grandmother or grandfather sitting down to watch you play "Grand Theft Auto V," then imagine if they started playing it. The new video from The React Channel shows "Elders Playing Grand Theft Auto V."

(Video Below)

Some of the elderly folks featured in this video know about the storyline of Grand Theft Auto V, which is pretty much to be a very successful criminal while evading being caught.

They also mentioned that they have heard of the game that has been very controversial in mainstream media. The Fine Bros. have always done a pretty cool job with capturing the funniest reactions and this video was no exception.

The funny thing about this video is the comments about the graphics. One man says, "the graphics are gorgeous." Trying to get into the car also became a little bit of task.

They actually seemed to have a lot of fun playing the video contrary to what some may think.

The fact that you can do anything that you want in "Grand Theft Auto V" seems to appeal to everyone who has ever played the game.

If you're looking for some fun reactions from some pretty cool elderly people check out the video below.

Watch Elders Playing Grand Theft Auto V Below