Finding Carter 'The Long Goodbye' Recap, S1 E11, Carter's Loyalty is Tested

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On tonight's new episode of MTV's "Finding Carter" the relationships between Carter, her family, and her friends were seriously tested as the intensity and drama increased to an ultimate level.

Everyone, from the characters in "Finding Carter" to fans of the show are, for lack of a better word, dying to know Max's condition. The last episode concluded with Carter and the Wilsons in the hospital waiting to hear Max's condition after taking a gunshot from Crash. Tonight they learned that Max survived the risky surgery and in a desperate attempt Carter begged a comatose Max to wake up.

Max's condition worsened, however, and his heart still isn't functioning as it should.

Max underwent another successful surgery to fix this issue but its still in a coma.

The doctors say that Max can make a full recovery, and at the very end it shows a close up of Max batting his eyes open for the first time since he was shot.

The hunt for Crash is on, and Liz is part of the team that is assigned to apprehend him. In an abandoned warehouse where Crash is located Liz shows up and unsuccessfully tried to get him to give himself up with desperate and cliche remarks about turning one's life around. He tried to call Carter multiple times throughout the show, and in the few times they talked she tried to get him to turn himself in while he begs to see her before he leaves for good.

Carter finally agreed to meet him before he leave, and she immediately confronted him as to why he ran after shooting Max. Crash revealed to Carter that he wasn't so sure it was a mistake that he shot Max, admitting that professionals told him he has triggers that induce violence.

While admitting his love for Carter the police show up and Liz cuffs Crash right in front of Carter.

The members of the Wilsons took a serious toll directly following Max's shooting. However over the course of the episode things seemed to improve between them. David did his best to really connect with Carter and Grant, sharing personal moments with his children. The family was able to share a nice moment in the hospital as David told them that he got a good job he interviewed for earlier in the episode. Liz and Carter grew closer after Crash's arrest.

Liz admitted that she tracked Carter to where Crash was, and Carter said she was banking on that happening. In a touching moment Carter finally told Liz that she is, in fact, her mom and the two embraced and shared their first "I love you" moment.

Taylor showed nothing but aggression towards her sister the first 95 percent of the episode.

Taylor tells Carter flat out that she is a, "mess," and Carter responds with an emotional explanation, saying how her situation is very messed up and that she is trying to make it all better.

However at the end of the episode the sisters talk and bond over the optimism that Max can make a full recovery, even hugging at the end of his bed while his eyes flutter.

Carter's relationships with her friends were also seriously tested. Bird and Carter still have a rocky relationship ever since Bird had her sent to jail, but she had to show Carter that Crash had been calling her nonstop.

Carter and Bird later share a private conversation where the two bond.

On her way to go see Crash she is interrupted by Bird, Ofe and Gabe, who tell her that she has to let Crash go.

This only added more pressure onto Carter as she realized that there are even more people that want her to choose them over Crash.

The first season of "Finding Carter" has been nothing short of intense for viewers. The drama has increased with each episode as audiences have been let into the stess-filled lives of Carter, her friends, the Wilsons, and Lori.

The season finale of "Finding Carter" airs Tuesday Sept. 16 and should leave viewers and fans breathless. For more information and content from the show visit