Female Wrestler Eva Marie Finally Leaves The WWE

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Eva Marie was hired in the WWE four years ago, but now she has parted ways with the professional wrestling company.

Her time in the company was brief, although it wasn't without controversy. Many fans are probably happy she is gone.

WWE.com made the announcement earlier today.

It was a mutual agreement between the two parties so she wasn't outright fired. She was off television for a long time and she became more interested in venturing out to other things outside of wrestling.

Eva Marie was initially hired to be a pretty face to feature in the Total Divas reality TV show.

This was years before actual female wrestling took center stage. Many fans didn't like the fact she was hired in the first place even though she had no experience inside the wrestling ring.

For a brief moment, she was on the main roster and fans booed her out of the building. If you have seen her "wrestle", you'll know how bad she is.

She was then brought down to NXT and she crafted her skills training with Brian Kendrick. Even with the additional training, WWE fans still resented her.

The last time she featured on Smackdown Live was last year prior to her getting a 30 day suspension. Marie herself isn't too sad about her departure.

She is sure to find some success elsewhere in the entertainment world. Fans of the WWE are probably happy she is gone for good now...

To be fair, women's wrestling in the WWE has changed over the last couple of years.

In-ring ability and experience took center stage over just being good looking. Marie simply didn't have the skills to keep up with the other women on the roster.

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