Farrah Abraham Did NOT Give Her Daughter Weight-Loss Tea - Find Out What It Was

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Earlier this week, Farrah Abraham was widely criticized for posting the Instagram photo below, showing her daughter drinking weight loss tea. Well it turns out that what she was drinking was something entirely different. What was it? Strawberry milk.

Farrah Abraham Tries To Get Her Daughter To Lose The Halloween Weight

After Halloween, Abraham posted this on Instagram:

This immediately drew a ton of criticism, including comments like this:

I sincerely hope you're kidding...You truly can't be that stupid, can you? #WTF #parentingfail

and this:

This woman's parents clearly failed at raising her. She clearly has no respect for them, her daughter and herself.

But the truth is, it wasn't tea at all.

What Did Farrah Abraham Give Her Daughter?

So what did she give her daughter? According to The Daily Star it was strawberry milk.

Why would she fake that photo? Well we don't know, but there are rumors that it was a publicity stunt to promote the tea.

We don't have any specific evidence of this, so take it with a grain of salt, but Abraham has been known to go to great lengths to make some cash, so who knows.

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