Fans Rave About Jon Bellion's 'Beautiful Mind' Tour

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As he continues to rise up the ranks of emerging artists and make his way towards mainstream status, Jon Bellion is continuously hard at work giving his all with each performance.

How do we know? Well the outpouring of fan support pretty much proves just how good he is.

The Visionary Music Group artist has been slaying it on stage from what we can tell from the recent posts by fans. From killing it on an MPC to delivering energetic performance with the Beautiful Mind crew.

The crew on tour with bellion consists of, Travis Mendes, Blaque Keyz and his friend and co-producer, Mylon Haydes. Together the crew continues to deliver high energy shows and by the end of them Bellion's shirt is soaking in sweat.

Bellion is a highly versatile artist.

Though he might tend to steer mostly to the Pop genre, don't be fooled, Bellion can lay down a pretty mean Rap verse, such as his verse on Blaque Keyz's "Witness Protection." From writing for huge names in music such as Eminem and Jason DeRulo to appearing on Zedd's "True Colors" album, Bellion continues to personify what it means to be a true artist.

Check out some more fan reactions to the "Beautiful Mind" tour below.

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