Fans Eagerly Await Kid Cudi's 'Speedin Bullet To Heaven' Release Date

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Last week Kid Cudi gave the internet and some fans some advice on purchasing his upcoming album Speedin Bullet To Heaven.

He also promised that the release date for the album would be here in less than a week and fans are eagerly awaiting the big release date announcement.

A simple smiley face tweet from Cudi garnered some questions on whether or not the release of the album or the release date for that matter was coming. Speedin Bullet To Heaven is an extension and progression of the sound that Cudi has developed.

He encouraged his fans who were more supportive of his hip-hop albums to save their money because he doesn't plan on making another Hip-Hop album.

The sound of his first three singles seem deeply rooted in the grunge spectrum of music. So far fans have been given "Confused," "Wedding Tux" and "Judgemental Cu*t", all of which have deep rock tones.

Despite his warning to Hip-Hop fans, some of his fans continue to crave collaborations between Cudi and Kanye West. Unfortunately for those fans, Cudi has said his piece when it comes to future pieces. The new edgy sound that Cudi is using isn't bad, it's just a different direction.

Often times when artists take these unforeseen turns in their music fans are caught off-guard. Cudi believes that his "alternative hip-hop albums" won't be topped by anything he makes in the future so he's moving on with his creative process.

That being said, fans are still in full support of the new movement on Speedin Bullet To Heaven.

Fans should look for an announcement from Cudi in the next week and a half, according to the deadline for the announcement that was set by Cudderman.