Fans Ask J. Cole To Post More Photos: Latest Tour Update

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With the increased use of social media, fans have become reliant on sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep up and in contact with their favorite celebrities, not all celebs are active and fans are urging J. Cole to post more.

J. Cole isn't exactly the most active rapper on social media and that very might well be because he's more about the craft and the actual face to face interaction that comes from touring and performing for those who enjoy his craft.

While that's enough for some fans others are urging Cole to be more active on Instagram.

His last post to Instagram was six months ago where he previewed the playlists projects that ranged from "Truly Yours 4" and "Revenge Of The Dreamers 2" to a project that looks to be titled, "A Cole Chance," from what appears in the photo.

Within this post you will see multiple comments from fans asking Cole why he doesn't post a lot and some outright asking him to post more.

It's a process

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This is an interesting conflict here because Cole is undeniably adored for his musical talent and he's played numerous sold out concerts. In fact he will be entering Act Three of the "Forest Hills Drive Tour" in July where those shows are also sold out. So, J. Coles presence on social media clearly hasn't hurt him when it comes to fan support. However, as an artist should you be held responsible for posting and keeping interacted with fans outside of the tour as well? Judging from the amount of interactivity Cole has with his fans, social media doesn't mean a thing to him.

Meanwhile, Cole is set to start Act Three of the "Forest Hills Drive Tour" pretty soon after ending Act Two in Europe on May 18 via London.

The splits between tour runs give Cole a good break so that he could possibly continue to work on the music previewed in his Instagram photo.

After an extremely successful album release and reception fans are in for quite a treat when they see Cole live during the remaining acts of the "Forest Hills Drive Tour."